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Re: SHA-1 collision in repository?

From: Myria <myriachan_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2018 12:58:26 -0800

During rep_write_contents_close, there is a call to get_shared_rep.
get_shared_rep calls svn_fs_fs__get_contents_from_file, which has the
code pasted below.

  /* Build the representation list (delta chain). */
  if (rh->type == svn_fs_fs__rep_plain)
      rb->rs_list = apr_array_make(pool, 0, sizeof(rep_state_t *));
      rb->src_state = rs;
  else if (rh->type == svn_fs_fs__rep_self_delta)
      rb->rs_list = apr_array_make(pool, 1, sizeof(rep_state_t *));
      APR_ARRAY_PUSH(rb->rs_list, rep_state_t *) = rs;
      rb->src_state = NULL;
      representation_t next_rep = { 0 };

      /* skip "SVNx" diff marker */
      rs->current = 4;

      /* REP's base rep is inside a proper revision.
       * It can be reconstructed in the usual way. */
      next_rep.revision = rh->base_revision;
      next_rep.item_index = rh->base_item_index;
      next_rep.size = rh->base_length;

      SVN_ERR(build_rep_list(&rb->rs_list, &rb->base_window,
                             &rb->src_state, &rb->len, rb->fs, &next_rep,

The bug is occurring because build_rep_list is being called with
first_rep->expanded_size set to zero. Well, the reason it's zero is
because first_rep is the second to last parameter to build_rep_list,
and the above code initialized expanded_size to zero:

representation_t next_rep = { 0 };

Does the code just need this? I don't know this call >.<

next_rep.expanded_size = rb->rep.expanded_size;


On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 9:02 AM, Nathan Hartman <hartman.nathan_at_gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mar 5, 2018, at 10:54 PM, Myria <myriachan_at_gmail.com> wrote:
>> Final email for the night >.<
>> What's clobbering the expanded_size is this in build_rep_list:
>> /* The value as stored in the data struct.
>> 0 is either for unknown length or actually zero length. */
>> *expanded_size = first_rep->expanded_size;
>> first_rep->expanded_size here is zero for the last call to this
>> function before the error. In every other case before the error, the
>> two values are equal.
>> Then this code executes:
>> if (*expanded_size == 0)
>> if (rep_header->type == svn_fs_fs__rep_plain || first_rep->size != 4)
>> *expanded_size = first_rep->size;
>> first_rep->size is 16384, and this is why rb->len becomes 16384,
>> leading to the error.
>> I don't know what all this code is doing, but that's the proximate
>> cause of the failure.
>> Melissa
> Has it been possible to determine what is setting expanded_size to 0 before that last call? I wonder if there is specific logic that decides (perhaps incorrectly?) to do that?
> Alternatively is it being clobbered by some out-of-bounds access, use-after-free, or another such issue?
> Is it possible in your debugger setup to determine the address of that variable and set a breakpoint that triggers when that memory is written? (It may be called a watchpoint?)
> Which leads me to another thought: if you can set such a breakpoint / watchpoint and it does not trigger, then this expanded_size might not be the same instance in that final call. Perhaps a shallow copy of an enclosing structure is made which leaves out the known size and sets it to 0 for some reason, and that final call is given that (incomplete) copy.
> Caveat: I am not familiar with the codebase but these are my thoughts based on adventures in other code bases.
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