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RE: svn 1.8.13 test failures: wc-queries-test.exe and move_tests.py

From: Cooke, Mark <mark.cooke_at_siemens.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015 06:23:35 +0000

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> > From: Cooke, Mark [mailto:mark.cooke_at_siemens.com]
> > Sent: vrijdag 29 mei 2015 15:21
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am trying to compile svn (and httpd) with VS2008 (for python 2.7
> > compatibility) on Win 7 Enterprise and am getting some test failures:
> > {{{
> > win-tests.py --release --cleanup --parallel
> > win-tests.py -r -c --httpd-dir=d:\Apache24 --httpd-daemon
> > }}}
> >
> > [40/96] wc-queries-test.exe ... FAILED
> > [72/96] move_tests.py ......... success
> >
> > For #40 I noticed that Andreas confirmed [1] that r1672295 fixes a
> > (similar?) issue (which is more recent than the 1.8.13 tag), so can
> > I safely ignore this?
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> From: Bert Huijben [mailto:bert_at_qqmail.nl]
> Sent: 29 May 2015 16:15
> What version of sqlite do you use,

I made a mistake and took a nightly snapshot:
- sqlite-amalgamation-201505290135.zip

> and what is the error that you see?

Apologies for not being more precise earlier, I am still finding my way around the code trees. This is the summary:-

At least one test FAILED, checking D:\svn\src\Release\dav-tests.log
FAIL: wc-queries-test.exe 3: test query expectations
Summary of test results:
  1950 tests PASSED
  55 tests SKIPPED
  1 test FAILED
SUMMARY: Some tests failed.

...and from the test log:-

START: wc-queries-test.exe
DBG: Using Sqlite 3.8.11
PASS: wc-queries-test.exe 1: sqlite up-to-date
PASS: wc-queries-test.exe 2: queries are parsable
svn_tests: E200006: STMT_SELECT_EXTERNALS_DEFINED: Uses externals with only 1 index component: (wc_id=? )
SELECT local_relpath, def_local_relpath FROM externals WHERE (wc_id = ?1 AND def_local_relpath = ?2) OR (wc_id = ?1 AND (((def_local_relpath) > (CASE (?2) WHEN '' THEN '' ELSE (?2) || '/' END)) AND ((def_local_relpath) < CASE (?2) WHEN '' THEN X'FFFF' ELSE (?2) || '0' END)))
svn_tests: E200035: Additional errors:
svn_tests: E200035: |SEARCH TABLE externals USING COVERING INDEX I_EXTERNALS_DEFINED (wc_id=?)
FAIL: wc-queries-test.exe 3: test query expectations
PASS: wc-queries-test.exe 4: test schema statistics
END: wc-queries-test.exe
ELAPSED: wc-queries-test.exe 0:00:00.125000

For the `move_tests.py` crash "success" the log states:

START: move_tests.py
PASS: move_tests.py 1: lateral (rename) move of a file test
PASS: move_tests.py 2: sibling move of a file test
PASS: move_tests.py 3: shallower move of a file test
PASS: move_tests.py 4: deeper move of a file test
PASS: move_tests.py 5: test property merging on move-update
PASS: move_tests.py 6: move a missing directory
PASS: move_tests.py 7: move many and delete-on-update
W: svn: E235000: In file '..\..\..\subversion\libsvn_wc\wc_db_update_move.c' line 809: assertion failed (move_dst_revision == expected_move_dst_revision || status == svn_wc__db_status_not_present)
W: This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
W: Please contact the application's support team for more information.
W: CWD: D:\svn\src\Release\subversion\tests\cmdline
W: EXCEPTION: Failure: Command failed: "D:\svn\src\Release\subversion\svn\svn.exe up svn-test-work\working_copies\move_tests-8 --accept ..."; exit code 3
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "d:\svn\src\subversion\tests\cmdline\svntest\main.py", line 1561, in run
    rc = self.pred.run(sandbox)
  File "d:\svn\src\subversion\tests\cmdline\svntest\testcase.py", line 114, in run
    return self._delegate.run(sandbox)
  File "d:\svn\src\subversion\tests\cmdline\svntest\testcase.py", line 176, in run
    return self.func(sandbox)
  File "d:\svn\src\subversion\tests\cmdline\move_tests.py", line 1397, in move_many_update_add
    wc_dir, '--accept', 'mine-conflict')
  File "d:\svn\src\subversion\tests\cmdline\svntest\actions.py", line 865, in run_and_verify_update
    exit_code, output, errput = main.run_svn(error_re_string, 'up', *args)
  File "d:\svn\src\subversion\tests\cmdline\svntest\main.py", line 682, in run_svn
  File "d:\svn\src\subversion\tests\cmdline\svntest\main.py", line 365, in run_command
    None, *varargs)
  File "d:\svn\src\subversion\tests\cmdline\svntest\main.py", line 557, in run_command_stdin
    '"; exit code ' + str(exit_code))
Failure: Command failed: "D:\svn\src\Release\subversion\svn\svn.exe up svn-test-work\working_copies\move_tests-8 --accept ..."; exit code 3
XFAIL: move_tests.py 8: move many and add-on-update
PASS: move_tests.py 9: delete moved node, still a move
PASS: move_tests.py 10: copy, move and commit
PASS: move_tests.py 11: move to and from an external
PASS: move_tests.py 12: move conflict markers
END: move_tests.py
ELAPSED: move_tests.py 0:01:02.563000

...which I now see is an XFAIL ~ but is the test still valid with the crash?

> In most cases you can ignore the wc-query-expectations error failure, which
> only signals some performance loss. But it is hard to tell what failure you
> see if you only post the name of the .exe where one (or more) of the tests
> failed. The summary at the bottom is more valuable, and the test log
> contains the real details.
> Bert

Thanks for your reply and I hope I have provided all the necessary info now. I will look to rebuild using a proper SQLite release as this is destined for production (or should I wait for 1.9.0 with the r1672295 fix, do you have a target date for that yet?)

~ Mark C
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