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RE: Strange behavior

From: John Maher <JohnM_at_rotair.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 18:03:02 +0000

Thanks Andrew, I started going through your steps and discovered something.

My repository is called either iERP85_v2 or iERP85_V2. Visual SVN reports the latter but the former works with the client. Don't know which nor why one product chooses one over the other. My mistake was assuming I make a mistake with the repository. The mistake I actually made was trusting visual svn server. Although svn did report the smaller v it can be difficult to notice.

So I created two branches for two new features I am working on. I'll see how they go.

Thanks again

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From: Andrew Reedick [mailto:Andrew.Reedick_at_cbeyond.net]
Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2013 10:27 AM
To: John Maher; users_at_subversion.apache.org
Subject: RE: Strange behavior

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> From: John Maher [mailto:JohnM_at_rotair.com]
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> Hi Thorsten
> A good response to a less than good post. People could take lessons
> from you.
> Actually, its been a frustrating week. Sometimes subversion accepts
> the wrong slash in a path, other times it does not. Sometimes it
> enforces case sensitivity in a url other times it does not.

Sounds like normal windows-unix interaction issues. They're not that bad if you have experience with UNIX systems. In the Windows CMD shell, if you wrap your pathnames in double quotes, you can use forward slashes instead of backslashes for directory separators, e.g. dir /s "c:/program files/subversion", which helps when feeding paths between CMD commands and svn commands.

> Follow the
> book on how it instructs to import a project then it becomes
> impossible to merge and branch.

That's odd. Very odd. It's much more likely that you're not grokking some paradigm or missed a step when creating the branch. You might want to post your branch/merge test process (especially the commands) and have the list vet it.

> And now for the second time I must discard my repository along with
> all the history I've accumulated. Yes you can say frustrating,
> bordering on maddening.

Why? If you have a good initial import checked in, then create a new test branch, or even roll trunk back to the initial import. Example:
Revision 10 of /trunk is your "200 commands" to import the initial baseline.
1. Create a new test branch from rev 10: svn copy svn://server/trunk svn://server/branches/new_test_branch_at_10
Or if you want to roll trunk back to rev 10:
1. svn rm svn://server/trunk
2. svn copy svn://server/trunk_at_10 svn://server/trunk 3. create new test branch: svn copy svn://server/trunk svn://server/branches/new_test_branch

The original trunk branch (with revisions 11+) is still available via peg revisions, but peg revisions are a topic for later.

Or if you really want a fresh repo, then you can use 'svn export -r' to export the initial working baseline and then import those files into your new test repository. Meaning, if revision 10 represents your initial "200 commands" of importing files, then export revision 10 using 'svn export -r 10 ...'. This lets you start a new repo without having to re-do the import from scratch. I would tell you about 'svnadmin dump', but given your current mental state, that's probably not a good idea.

> I got a good laugh from:
> "Of course it can, just copy your 200 commands line by line one after
> another into a batch file."

I know it was a humorous comment, but...

Anyway, dealing with new software with new paradigms/assumptions can be very frustrating (e.g. going from ClearCase to 1.3 SVN, *grrrr*) but you need to take a step back and relax. Importing and branching and merging in svn 1.8 really isn't (shouldn't be) that difficult. Plus, svn 1.8 is pretty robust and a mature product, so you shouldn't be fighting with it that much.
Good luck, and keep up the perseverance. "That which doesn't kill you, probably leaves you crippled and weak" (or something to that effect.)
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