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Re: XDG Base Directory Specification support?

From: Wolfram Nyaa~ <wolfram_at_ritsuka.org>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 14:51:16 +0700

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On 20.04.2012 14:28, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
>>> the default lookup order of config from: /etc/subversion,
>>> $HOME/.subversion (as modified by --config-dir) to some other
>>> sequence of directories, obtained from $XDG_* envvars?
>> I think that the following sequence should be used: 1)
>> /etc/subversion 2) --config-dir (if set) 3)
>> $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/subversion (if XDG_CONFIG_HOME set and not
>> empty) 4) $HOME/.subversion
> Not quite; --config-dir overrides/replaces $HOME/.subversion/.
> (This is how it works today, and I don't see why introducing $XDG_*
> support should change that part of the semantics.)
No problem.

>>> Is it safe to use those envvars whenever they are set?
>> According to FDO specification, [snip part of the spec describing
>> how to handle missing/empty envvars]
> Doesn't answer my question. Perhaps there is a competing spec that
> also uses the XDG_* vars in another manner?
I don't know about alternative specs.

> Perhaps using those envvars would break backwards compatibility
> somehow? (How could that be? Perhaps a recent Linux distro decides
> to make bash set the XDG_CONFIG_HOME whenever it starts; this will
> cause pre-commit hook scripts to inherit that envvar.)
And what will happen? If you are talking about old configs already
stored in ~/.subversion, SVN may just check their existence if
XDG_CONFIG_HOME is set and move them into new location
(many software acting like so, midnight commander for example)

>>> Is it possible for them to be set but for the user not to want
>>> them used to find config files?
>> In such case user should redefine or clear them I think
> Not all users have root on the boxes they use svn on. Perhaps
> someone uses a box where their admins set XDG_* envvars for them
> but for some reason they don't want use those (for svn)? Can that
> happen?
Why not to just export XDG_CONFIG_HOME=""/set XDG_CONFIG_HOME=""/etc?
Such actions are never require administrative rights.

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