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Re: how to get a list of unmerged revisions?

From: Jan Stürtz <jan.stuertz_at_contact.de>
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 12:36:43 +0200

I have written a python (pysvn) script for myself to detect unmerged revs.
Maybe its somehow helpful to you.

I use it like this:
python svn_check_merges branches/<name> /trunk


#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- python -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
# $Id$
Check if we have all revisison merged in given svn tree, and notifying
the the users, who have still some things to do.

call with:
  svn_check_args <svnfrom> <svnto>

where svnfrom and svnto are relative pathes to svnroot

(c) Jan Stürtz js_at_contact.de

import optparse
import pysvn
import sys
import time

SVNROOT = "http://svn.acme.org/svn/src"

def get_mergedrevs(mergedfrom, path):
    """get svn:merginfo Property for a certain path,
    and get all revs from there as a set"""
    svnwc = pysvn.Client()
    props = svnwc.propget("svn:mergeinfo", path)
    # Mergeinfo is only one key/val pair, convert to a usable dict
    mergeinfo = dict([(tuple(pathitem.split(":")))
                      for pathitem in props[path].split("\n")])
    result = []
    if mergedfrom.startswith(SVNROOT):
        mergedfrom = mergedfrom[len(SVNROOT):]
    for key, val in mergeinfo.items():
        if key == mergedfrom:
            revs = [(rev.strip().rstrip("*")) for rev in val.split(",")]
            for rev in revs:
                if rev.find("-") < 0:
                    revs = [int(r) for r in rev.split("-")]
                    # increase by one due to logic of range
                    revs[1] += 1
    return set(result)

def get_branchrevs(branch):
    """get all revs from the branch"""
    svnwc = pysvn.Client()
    logs = svnwc.log(branch)
    result = dict([(log.revision.number, log) for log in logs])
    return result

def log2str(log):
    msg = ""
    author = ""
    if "message" in log and log.message:
        msg = log.message[0:log.message.find("\n")]
    if "author" in log and log.author:
        author = log.author
    return ("%(rev)6s | "
           "%(date)10s | "
           "%(author)-6s | "
           "%(msg)s" %
            {"rev": log.revision.number,
             "date": time.strftime("%d.%m.%Y", time.localtime(log.date)),
             "msg": msg,
             "author": author})

def _main():
    parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage=__doc__)
        "--svnroot", default=SVNROOT,
        help="Use a different svnroot (default: %s)" % SVNROOT)
    (options, args) = parser.parse_args()

    if len(args) >= 2:
        svnfrom = SVNROOT + args[0]
        svnto = SVNROOT + args[1]
        parser.error("Missing arguments")
    mergedrevs = get_mergedrevs(svnfrom, svnto)
    branchrevs = get_branchrevs(svnfrom)
    missingrevs = list(set(branchrevs.keys()).difference(mergedrevs))
    per_author = {}
    for rev in missingrevs:
        log = branchrevs[rev]
        print log2str(log).encode(sys.getdefaultencoding(), "replace")
        if "author" in log:
            if log.author in per_author:
                per_author[log.author] = [log]
    if missingrevs:
        print "Nonmerged revisions: %d" % len(missingrevs)

if __name__ == "__main__":

- Jan

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Jan Stürtz
Software Architect

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Am 20.06.2011 00:23, schrieb B Smith-Mannschott:
> I've got a trunk and a maintenance branch. I periodically merge
> changes from the maintenance branch to trunk.  Merge tracking is a
> help here.
> Commits on the maintenance branch begin with an ID identifying the
> issue, backlog item or user story. When I merge changes to trunk, I'd
> like to merge those belonging to the same ID together, but I don't
> want to mix different IDs in the same merge.
> To do this, I explicitly name the revisions I want to merge on the command line.
> Now, how do I get Subversion to tell me which revisions of <branch>
> have not been merged to <trunk>?
> What I've been doing is either (1) firing up TortoiseSVN, which shows
> already merged revisions in grey when you start a log viewer from the
> merge dialog box or (2) actually doing the merge and then meditating
> over the diff of the svn:merge-info property before reverting the
> merge again and doing it properly.
> Both of these approaches are awkward in the extreme. Surely I'm
> overlooking something obvious.
> // Ben

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