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Re: locking down access to a repository

From: Patricia A Moss <pmoss4_at_csc.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 14:40:46 -0500

I've tried twice to reply to your first response. I am not sure why it is
not posting.
I am going to try again.

>First. LDAP (authentication) is only 1/2 of the big picture. You will
>still need configure authorization on the repo's themselves.
I have done this already. I have a separate configuration file for each
repository. That looks like this:
<Location /RepositoryName>
 dav svn
 SVNPath /disk01/home/RepositoryName
 AuthType Basic
 AuthBasicProvider ldap-FCGNET ldap-VIET
 AuthzLDAPAuthoritative off
 AuthName "CSC Subversion Repository"
 Require valid-user
 Require ldap-group CN=ADGroupName,OU=Europe,OU=Groups,DC=fcg,DC=com
 Require ldap-user pmoss

I have defined the LDAP Aliases in the very first repository configuration
file; as such:
<AuthnProviderAlias ldap ldap-FCGNET>
         AuthLDAPBindDN FCGNET\svnuser
         AuthLDAPBindPassword xxxxxxxxx
 <AuthnProviderAlias ldap ldap-VIET>
         AuthLDAPBindDN "CN=fcgvuser,OU=Service
         AuthLDAPBindPassword xxxxxxxxxxx

>Second, Its hard to help troubleshoot when you don't provide useful
>information or a direct question. Was there something you needed help
>with? I didnt see any questions other than "Can someone lend a hand in
>figuring out what I have done wrong, or need to do?"

I think that I have 2 separate issues:
1. I need to lock down access so that only the users in the associated AD
group have access to the repository.
2. I need to be able to allow just my user account access to the
repositories, without having to be added to all of the AD groups.

Right now;
All, valid, users can access all repositories, whether they are a member
of the Active Directory group or not.
When I remove the "Require valid-user" line then no one, including the
members of the Active Directory group, can access the repository.

System Engineer Sr. Professional

opensrcguru <opensrcguru_at_gmail.com>
11/09/2010 02:12 PM
Re: locking down access to a repository

On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 12:54 PM, Patricia A Moss <pmoss4_at_csc.com> wrote:

I appreciate all of the help that I am receiving. I have still not been
successful in resolving this.

I removed the line:
Require valid-user

I have tried using:
Instead of:

That is the only difference I see in my config files and the examples in
the google hits. Yet I am still not successful in accessing the
I am, apparently, quite a novice with SVN, LDAP and ActiveDirectory
because I am really confused as to how to proceed.

System Engineer Sr. Professional

Patricia A Moss/USA/CSC_at_CSC
11/09/2010 11:13 AM
Re: locking down access to a repository

Patricia A Moss <pmoss4_at_csc.com> wrote on 11/09/2010 09:41:42 AM:

> From: Patricia A Moss <pmoss4_at_csc.com>
> To: kmradke_at_rockwellcollins.com
> Cc: users_at_subversion.apache.org
> Date: 11/09/2010 09:41 AM
> Subject: Re: locking down access to a repository
> >I don't think you want the "Require valid-user" line, since by
> default it uses
> >ANY of the Require lines as matches. (And in your case valid-user
> matches all
> >users so it doesn't care you are also specifying a group and an user.)
> But if I remove that line then no one can access the repository.

I think you also may need to be less specific with your ldapurl (remove
objectclass or use * ??):
(Assuming active directory, this is like what I have used in the past)

 AuthLDAPURL "ldap://
 AuthLDAPGroupAttribute member
 Require ldap-group ...

It has been quite awhile since I used ldap groups instead of authz

This first google hit has some examples:


As does this one:


Kevin R.

Although this is probably better suited for the apache/mod_ldap list, I'll
attempt to help.

do your domain controllers support unencrypted binds (very dangerous)?
can you supply any apache/AD debug logs?
can you supply versions of apache/mod_ldap?
can you describe anything that is knows to be working?

...this should be pretty straight forward to troubleshoot if you give us
some useful information to work with.

I speak without a full understanding of the lists user base, but I bet
none of them can or ever will be able to read the minds of the end user
with a problem (let alone know how their systems are configured). If there
is such a wonderful beasty, I'd be mighty interested in meeting them.

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