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Re: Doubts

From: David Weintraub <qazwart_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 02:04:22 -0500

Answers below.

David Weintraub
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On Mar 5, 2010, at 12:29 AM, An Me <annminz_at_gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> These are my doubts.
> (1)  When we checkout the project from svn,a new hidden folder .svn  
> also cmes in to picture.When I opened the folder, I saw these sub  
> folders prop-base, text-base,props, tmp and files namely,dir-prop- 
> base and entries.What is the significance of these subfolders and  
> files and how svn is able to track changes with this hidden folder.  
> I tried googling but couldn't find useful results.
Subversion uses these .svn folders to track your working copy. They  
tell Subversion what URL was checked out, version, etc. Do not touch  
anything in these .svn directories. CVS does something similar with  
CVS directories.
> (2)  Where actually svn keeps the pristine copy..is it in .svn  
> hidden folder?
Yes. That's why Subversion can tell you what files were changed and do  
diffs without talking to the server. It makes Subversion pretty fast.
> (3)  Can we set image file as a property value...But as i tried  
> opening from command prompt (Windows) using propget command...it  
> didn't work..I also tried retreiving value using subclipse also...it  
> din't work...What can be the reason?
Property values are text strings. You can have the text string be  
equal to an image file's name. You can attach a property to Amy file  
or directory -- even image files.
> (4) In subverson 1.7 , every article is talking about next  
> generation working copy...what exactly does it do..please explain  
> such that a new-bie like me can understand.They all are talking  
> about centralized meta-data storage...what does it mean...??..is it  
> a single .svn folder for the whole project instead of one per folder/ 
> subfolder..??
I don't do Subversion development, so I don't follow the development  
roadmap too carefully.  It sounds like they're redoing the working  
copy meta-data (the stuff in the .svn folders you're not suppose to  
touch to add features like off line commits and shelving.
At one time the developers were discussing the possibility of taking  
the .svn directories out of the working copy, but that was difficult  
to do. There is one .svn directory per checked out directory for  
programming reasons. You don't have to search an entire directory tree  
to find that info or talk to the server.
> (5) While comparing svn and cvs, it is said that branchin & taggin  
> is faster in svn than in cvs...I haven't used cvs...Can u explain  
> vat could be the possible reason...??..svn uses svn copy to branch/ 
> tag...bt vat does cvs use??...& why is it slow?
Most source control systems including CVS tag each individual file in  
the repository with a tag. If you have 30,000 files in your release,  
you have to tag 30,000 files on the server  Subversion tags the entire  
release with a single tag. What use to take 30-40 minutes to tag in  
CVS now takes a frction of a second.
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