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RE: Apache 2.2.14 keeps seeing a 2.0.x svn module

From: Tena Sakai <tsakai_at_gallo.ucsf.edu>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 21:17:02 -0700

Hi Jez,

> I will try the suggestions but my problem is not
> that I want to run 2.0 but I want to run 2.2,
> in fact I was already running 2.2.8.

You may very well be running 2.2.x, but somewhere
on your system (unbeknownst to you?) there is 2.0
which your subversion build is picking up. If you
accept that, then there are a couple of things you
can do: (a) get rid of 2.0, if you know where it
is and you are sure it is not used by anybody,
(b) alter the path subversion is using to look for
apr, or (c) hide the current httpd and build afresh
and let subversion see that. I didn't know how to
do (a) or (b). Actually, I couldn't be sure if
I did either, then subversion would agree with my
view. Therefore I resorted to (c). I don't think
it is terribly large rock to turn over.

> Some how the subversion build thinks it is building
> against 2.0 and I've no idea why.

Yeah, I was there too. It is a pretty large code
and you will waste lots of time attacking that why.
Unless you are able to get into the code writer's mind,
you should treat the code as a black box and devise
means to observe its behavior to gain the insight.

I am only running 2.0 apache because I havn't had time
to test stuff with the new apache. In the meantime,
my 2.0 web server works and my subversion works. I
have a happy boss and I am a happy worker/coder.

If you want to look at what I have done, you should
search this mailing archive with the following two
subject lines:
 svnadmin: Expected repository format '3' or '5'; found format '4'
 building subversion from tar ball

Tena Sakai

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From: Aston Jeremy [mailto:jeremy.aston_at_realitylogic.com]
Sent: Mon 10/26/2009 7:56 PM
To: users_at_subversion.tigris.org
Subject: Re: Apache 2.2.14 keeps seeing a 2.0.x svn module
Thanks Tena,

I will try the suggestions but my problem is not that I want to run
2.0 but I want to run 2.2, in fact I was already running 2.2.8. Some
how the subversion build thinks it is building against 2.0 and I've
no idea why.

Can anyone give me any pointers as to what I should be looking for in
my configuration or logs that would tell me why I am getting a 2.0
signature in the SVN modules and not a 2.2? I am sure this is
something simple but I cannot find it and at the moment I have had to
disable subversion from within Apache.

I am getting desperate now - is there anyone there who can provide
any help at all please?

Many thanks


On 26 Oct 2009, at 18:04, Tena Sakai wrote:

> Hi Jez,
> I am not an expert at subversion, but your case
> interests me because I had similar symptom as
> yours a week or so ago.
> I had apache server 2.0 running and what I wound
> up doing was to download the latest httpd and
> compiled it, stopped the 2.0 apache, and started
> 2.2 apache. Then recompiled the subversion from
> ./configure which went smoothly and subversion
> started working. Since the binding to apr is
> already done, I stopped the apache server and
> started the 2.0 apache and all is well. (Of
> course, I had to do this all at wee hour of the
> day...)
> I emphasize that your situation is probably
> different from mine in lots of ways, but the
> symptom sounds suspiciously similar. So, if
> I were you, I would try the following experiments:
> 1) Hide all apache tree. Maybe chmod 000 the-tree.
> or rename it. Stop apache and recompile
> apache under a virgin directory. Test the
> apache only.
> 2) If the step 1 above goes well, I would do
> ./configure and the rest of it in subversion
> source directory and see what would happen.
> Don't just do it. Give enough thoughts in advance
> so that you can recover to the point before the
> experiment if the result proves undesirable.
> Hope this helps.
> Regards,
> Tena Sakai
> tsakai_at_gallo.ucsf.edu
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> From: Jeremy Aston [mailto:jeremy.aston_at_realitylogic.com]
> Sent: Mon 10/26/2009 7:32 AM
> To: users_at_subversion.tigris.org
> Subject: Apache 2.2.14 keeps seeing a 2.0.x svn module
> Hi,
> I have been trying to upgrade my subversion to 1.6.6 and having some
> problems.
> Originally I was running Apache 2.2.8 and svn 1.4.6. I am on a VPS
> on a
> Redhat 4.1.1-53 on a Intel E5320 (64 bit) platform.
> I then download the source for svn 1.6.6 and dependencies and compiled
> it. When I restarted Apache it failed with a signature exception
> on the
> svn modules. The signature on the modules were for Apache 2.0 and not
> 2.2 which is weird given I was already running on 2.2.x. The
> server did
> already have Apache 2 on it as the base install so I think somehow
> it is
> finding the 2.0 Apache even though the last time I built Apache and
> svn
> it worked fine.
> I then thought I would rebuild Apache so I got 2.2.14 and built that
> then rebuilt svn - same problem.
> Since then I have tried LOADS of things. I have used --with-apr,
> --with-apr-util and --with-apxs (in various combinations). This
> caused
> a fail on libexpat not being found. I have removed the svn
> dependencies
> and built from newly download apr/apr-util/expat. I have reloaded the
> ld cache with library paths all over the place. I've done
> everything I
> can think of to sort the problem but to no avail.
> The only way I got subversion to compile against my fresh apr/apr-util
> and expat was to compile apr-util with a --with-expat-builtin
> config option.
> What do I need to do to force svn to compile against my Apache 2.2.14?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Jez
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