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RE: building subversion from tar ball

From: Tena Sakai <tsakai_at_gallo.ucsf.edu>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 13:09:08 -0700

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your response. While I feel this
is a legitimate and important issue and I hope the
thread will be picked up by someone else (so that
in the future there will be one fewer stone to
turn over), I found a good enough work-around.

I downloaded the latest tar ball for apache httpd
(v 2.2.14) and installed it. I wanted to avoid
doing this because the working httpd (v 2.0.59)
had a huge conf file and making sure every line
of which would work for the new apache was way
too much work for me at the moment. As I started
the new apache, the subversion's ./configure went
without a single complaint and on to "make install".

Finally, I tested the subversion with the same

 $ svn import -m "initial import" ~/Projects/pivot/ http://vixen.egcrc.org:8099/svn/tsakai

and got:

 svn: OPTIONS of 'http://vixen.egcrc.org:8099/svn/tsakai': could not connect to server (http://vixen.egcrc.org:8099)

That was an improvement?! I hadn't seen that before.
I contemplated on it a bit and decided to switch the
apache back to the old one. As I did so, I also
checked the status of collabnet_subversion and it
reported failure. I turned it on and came back to the
shell where I ran svn import before and hit up-arrow.
Here's the rest of what happened:

 $ svn import -m "initial import" ~/Projects/pivot/ http://vixen.egcrc.org:8099/svn/tsakai
 Authentication realm: <http://vixen.egcrc.org:8099> Subversion repository
 Password for 'tsakai':
 Authentication realm: <http://vixen.egcrc.org:8099> Subversion repository
 Username: subversion
 Password for 'subversion':
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/lofOLD
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/moomoomoo
 Adding (bin) /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/pivot
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/OLDpivot.c
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/currentTime.c
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/pivot.c
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/pivot.c.v1.0
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/pivot.c.jic
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/pivot.c.v1.1
 Adding (bin) /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/optionProcess
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/pivot.c.v1.2
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/optionProcess.c
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/simple.c
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/trunk/pivot.c.v0.9
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/branches
 Adding /home/tsakai/Projects/pivot/tags
 ATTENTION! Your password for authentication realm:
   <http://vixen.egcrc.org:8099> Subversion repository

 can only be stored to disk unencrypted! You are advised to configure
 your system so that Subversion can store passwords encrypted, if
 possible. See the documentation for details.

 You can avoid future appearances of this warning by setting the value
 of the 'store-plaintext-passwords' option to either 'yes' or 'no' in
 Store password unencrypted (yes/no)? no

 Committed revision 4.

With that, I went home to catch some sleep. I have
more checking to do and report to write, but all in
all I am in a pretty good place. The only thing I
wish I knew at this point is that if it is working
solely because of my switching back to the old appache
or solely by getting collabnet_subversion turned on
or becaue of both. I should have thought of it as
I was doing and tested it. But that's water under
the bridge, I am afraid. What I do know is that the
apr that came with the apache is in place and subversion
is happy with that (and so am I).

I will report more if there is anything else worth
contributing. Many thanks for your assistance for
last 3 days and nights.


Tena Sakai

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From: Ryan Schmidt [mailto:subversion-2009b_at_ryandesign.com]
Sent: Fri 10/16/2009 8:30 AM
To: Tena Sakai
Cc: users_at_subversion.tigris.org
Subject: Re: building subversion from tar ball
On Oct 15, 2009, at 23:30, Tena Sakai wrote:

> Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> On Oct 15, 2009, at 22:19, Tena Sakai wrote:
>> > In terms of running configure script, how would I
>> > tell I want apr 0.9.x be used (instead of 1.2.x)?
>> > Ie., how would I ask:
>> > $ ./configure --please-use-apr-0.9.x
>> $ ./configure \
>> --with-apr=/path/to/apr-config \
>> --with-apr-util=/path/to/apu-config
> $ ./configure --with-apr=./apr --with-apr-util=./apr-util
> checking for APR... configure: error: the --with-apr parameter is
> incorrect. It must specify an install prefix, a build directory, or
> an apr-config file.
> configure failed for serf
> $ ./configure --with-apr=./apr/apr-1-config --with-apr-util=./apr-
> util/apu-1-config
> checking for APR... configure: error: the --with-apr parameter is
> incorrect. It must specify an install prefix, a build directory, or
> an apr-config file.
> configure failed for serf
> In the first case, I am specifying a build directory, am I not?

I would think so, but I have not done it this way myself before.

> And in the second case, I am sapecifying an apr-config file, am
> I not? So, I fail to understand what it's upset about.

Well, yes... Now, what I showed you was how MacPorts installs
Subversion, but in that case, apr and apr-util have already been
installed into the system separately. I don't know how to build
Subversion and apr and apr-util and all the other dependencies all
directly out of the single Subversion distribution directory so I
should let someone else respond.


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