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Re: write-thru proxy lossage

From: Ullrich Jans <ullrich.jans_at_elektrobit.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 09:46:26 +0200

On Fri, 2009-09-11 at 11:28 -0700, Steve Byrne wrote:

> To validate the write-thru behavior, I have a single server hosting
> both the master and a single slave repository, and a single Apache
> hosting both WEBDav configurations.

I think that's the mistake. See below.

> Mirroring from the master to the slave works fine. I have not
> attempted to do any kind of securing of the connection yet as that
> would introduce additional complications into an already frustrating
> set up.
> Where I am having problems is with making changes to the slave and
> having them propagate to the master without error. I've never had
> that actually work.
> Yesterday, the error involved MERGE failures (sorry, I didn't capture
> the exact text, but it was something like
> MERGE failed /svn/trunk/foo is not a child of /svn-mirror/trunk
> So, I read here:
> http://blogs.open.collab.net/svn/2007/10/yesterday-at-th.html that
> using a trailing slash on the SVNMasterURI would solve this problem.
> Indeed it solved that problem, and replaced it with a new one:
> svn: Commit failed (details follow):
> svn: At least one property change failed; repository is unchanged
> svn: Server sent unexpected return value (405 Method Not Allowed) in
> response to PROPPATCH request for '/svn-mirror!
> svn/wbl/b2d7fdeb-96bc-4fe7-999a-7a4d07ba9ac1/223'
> Note the missing slash after /svn-mirror.
> So I'm stuck. I can have MERGE failures, or PROPPATCH failures. I'd
> like to have success.
> Can someone help me please?
> Details:
> Both master and slave repositories are owned by Apache's "www-data"
> user and have group "svn" , which is common to all users of Subversion
> on this system.
> SSH is a freshly built 1.6.5, and I am encountering this error when
> operating directly on the machine hosting the repositories.
> Apache is 2.2.11 (Ubuntu), and this installation is on an Ubuntu 9.04
> Linux box.
> The master repository lives in /var/svn/testrepo
> The slave repository lives in /var/svn/web-mirror
> Here is dav_svn.conf:
> # the local, master repo
> <Location /svn>
> DAV svn
> SVNPath /var/svn/testrepo
> </Location>
> # the mirror for clients
> <Location /svn-mirror>
> DAV svn
> SVNPath /var/svn/web-mirror
> # note trailing slash here -- this leads to the PROPPATCH / mal-formed
> URL problem above
> SVNMasterURI http://localhost/svn/
> </Location>
> # the sync
> <Location /svn-proxy-sync/>
> DAV svn
> SVNPath /var/svn/web-mirror
> </Location>
[...stuff deleted...]

While I can't say anything about your exact problem, I ran into
something similar before: Master/Slave config, everything looked fine,
but svn copy would always fail on the slave. (I don't remember the
error, but I think it was 405 Method not allowed or something)

I tracked it down to the different paths on the master and the slave.

The solution:

- Set up two different Hosts (I think in your case, you could use two
different virtual hosts, two distinct machines would be better, however)
- have the same <location> on both of them for client access (the client
needs to see the same path, while the hostnames can differ)

Verbose explanation I found:

When copying, is basically sends the command to create a copy
of /svn-mirror/testrepo/path_to_source
at /svn-mirror/testrepo/copy_of_path_to_source. The slave knows it
should forward that request to the master, so it does. It even rewrites
one of the paths to match the master path. The master, however, knows
nothing about the (non-rewritten) copy source (I think it rewrote the
destination - the change sent contains a COPYFROM: ...), it doesn't know
about the /svn-mirror/ path, so it gets confused and sends an error.

I hope this helps solving your problem.



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