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Re: Required reqistration

From: Jan Hendrik <list.jan.hendrik_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2008 09:37:21 +0200

Concerning Re: Required reqistration
Mark Phippard wrote on 8 Aug 2008, 12:28, at least in part:

> On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 12:11 PM, Jan Hendrik
> <list.jan.hendrik_at_gmail.com> wrote: > Concerning Re: Required
> reqistration > Karl Fogel wrote on 8 Aug 2008, 10:54, at least in
> part: > >> Anyone is free to build binaries from Subversion's source,
> and to >> distribute those binaries any way they want (including with
> >> registration). I'm glad CollabNet is making these binaries
> available, >> but they're not any more "official" than any other
> binary someone >> chooses to make. You could make binaries too, and
> they'd be just as >> legitimate as the ones CollabNet is making! > >
> Karl, > > what about this "certified" business?
> That means CollabNet has tested the binaries and packaging. This is
> something CollabNet's customers have asked for. The binaries are also
> provided for convenience to the community in general. Would you
> prefer that they only be available to our paying customers?

Ok, makes sense. Sorry if I had misunderstood things due to
circumstances, the close connection between CollabNet &
Subversion, and me not being familiar with the interiors of this.
> > In my humble understanding
> > before long any request on this list or other places which has a
> > buggy smell will be put down until the poster confirms it with the
> > binaries from CollabNet.

It seems I had a direct hit into a hornet's nest. ;)

> That is complete FUD. When has anyone on any of the mailing lists
> EVER asked this as a pre-req for answering a question? There is no
> relationship between what CollabNet or any other company does around
> Subversion and the help you can receive here in this community.

I wrote *before long*. I have noticed a few things and put them
together. When Frisk announced the end of F-Prot/DOS some
time ago I was rediculed on another list for saying that *before
long* the format of the sig files would be changed to deliver it the
final blow. Now go and see if there are still current sig files for F-
Prot/DOS around.

> There is no relationship at all between the installers and binaries
> posted on Tigris and the ones posted by CollabNet. There have been
> plenty of periods in the past when that has not been an installer
> available. You are free to organize and lead a group that takes
> responsibility for developing and maintaining this. It is not as easy
> as it sounds. My understanding is that the delay happened because the
> volunteer that took this on has tried to make a lot of enhancements.
> He probably made a mistake in not releasing the existing installer
> first and then working on the enhancements. Feel free to pick up the
> ball and run with it.

OK, I have been on this list again for only a couple of months and
remember only one byline reference to some discussion about the
Windows installer on the dev list. Searching the dev archive I found
not very much, and that was back with 1.4 version. And then those
certified CollabNet installers came virtually simultanously with the
release of 1.5.

> > Personally I can live quite well with DJH's binaries package (thanks
> > to him for still providing them!) though from time to time I liked
> > the installer to get a more recent version of the SVN book in CHM
> > format, IMHO easier to handle and on resources than PDF, and more
> > comfortable to use than HTML (e.g. index, search) as found at
> > red-bean.com.
> >
> > What bothers me with the CollabNet binaries even more than the
> > registration (and almost always registration is followed by spam of
> > some sort) is them forcing the use of particular versions of Apache
> > and Python and probably other stuff. But I don't want to change
> > from the Python.org binaries to ActivePython, nor do I like being
> > pressed into changing to Apache 2.2 at this time. Yet I don't need
> > just the SVN client, I run a local repository ... That's what I get
> > from both the CollabNet download & requirements pages and from
> > comments on this very list, haven't had the time and inclination to
> > give their binaries an actual test run - that is after a proper HDD
> > clone to get back onto my feet in the suspected case of mungings
> > with my Apache & Python setup.
> That was a choice CollabNet made in order to be able to support its
> paying customers and provide the SLA they ask for. The binaries are
> provided as a convenience to the community. If you want to maintain
> your own Apache and Python setup, great. Use DJ's binaries.

I do.

> Subversion compiles just fine using Microsoft's free compilers.

I didn't know there are any. I did some research on the web though
and read some notes someplace in Subversion - I am not a
programmer - and what I came up with was MS VIsual Studio.
Checking that superficiously I ended with a price range of 400-600
European bucks (about 1000 US$) and the assurance that
compiling would be easy - once everything was setup. Which was
quite a lot with some hurdles even for professionals. A specific
search for compiling Subversion with gcc on windows had no
tangible result.

> > And when they require registration I know quite
> > well they do so to prevent me from using their stuff with four hands
> > -
> > and for selling me additional maintenance ...
> Poor you. How awful that someone might offer to provide you support
> if you want it, or a training course. Or worse, perhaps get notified
> that there was a bug and a new version has been posted.

Any product that comes with a mandatory maintenance contract is
dropped, no matter what its other benefits may be. Likewise if after
a purchase of something the vendor starts pestering about add-ons
of any kind he won't have any more business from me. I want to
know where I can get support and when I need it I buy it, probably
even an annual contract, but at my discretion. It's just too regular
that registrations on the web, for whatever purpose, result in a
permanent stream of spam. In which even the notification about a
bug becomes just that - spam. And believe me, I am quite tolerant
about monthly or bi-monthly stuff in this regard.

> Thanks

Your're welcome.

Jan Hendrik
Freedom quote:

     It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.
               -- Eleanor Roosevelt

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