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Re: multiple svn repositories on apache without a /svn/ path ?

From: Matthew Kerle <matthew.kerle_at_sra.com.au>
Date: 2006-11-09 00:34:55 CET

Thanks for your quick reply Ryan! You solved my main issue!

Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Nov 7, 2006, at 19:01, Matthew Kerle wrote:
>> Is there a way to host a collection of repositories from the root of
>> a website (apache virtual host) without using a /svn/ (or other)
>> context?
> First off: it should be possible. It's not recommended, but it should
> be possible to make it work.
> The reason it's not recommended is that it causes problems with
> /favicon.ico, /robots.txt, and other URLs which by de-facto standard
> must be at the root of the URL space, only now they can't be if you
> set up Subversion like this. Also, if you ever decide that you want to
> use the XSLT styling for the browser view of these repositories (with
> the SVNIndex directive), you'll need a place to put the XSLT and CSS
> files, and if you map your entire namespace to Subversion
> repositories, you either have to host the XSLT and CSS files on a
> different virtual host with a different hostname, or you have to put
> them in one of your repositories. The latter is however not such a bad
> idea anyway.
Thats ok, we're a small development group (< 10) and we've only recently
moved to svn from source safe, so I don't think we'll be looking at
setting up XSLT transforms etc for a while yet, the team is still
adjusting to branching and merging...;-p Also as you say, it'd probably
be good to keep those files in their own repo (really good idea actually!)
> [snip]
>> I'd prefer to use a single location tag and the SVNParentPath directive
>> instead, like this:
>> NameVirtualHost *:80
>> <VirtualHost *:80>
>> DocumentRoot C:\svn
>> ServerName svn
>> <Location />
>> DAV svn
>> SVNListParentPath on
>> SVNParentPath C:\SVN
>> AuthType Basic
>> AuthName "Subversion repositories"
>> AuthUserFile C:\Apache\Apache2\passwd
>> Require valid-user
>> </LimitExcept>
>> </Location>
>> </VirtualHost>
>> but I've run into some problems. When I setup the Virtual host
>> I can browse the repo ok with Firefox, and if I go to a url lower than
>> /trunk in the Tortoise repo browser it's fine (checkout,commit are ok),
>> but when I try to browse the repo root I get a '301 Moved Permanently
>> error on PROPFIND'.
>> According to the faq this happens when the svn repo overlaps with an
>> existing website or a file of the same name exists. The Server also
>> hosts our wiki, but that has a completely different document root
>> and when I try this I comment out all the other <Location>'s. There's
>> also definitely no file/folders in the other web root that have the
>> same name as the repositories, so I'm not sure whats happening.
> Your VirtualHost looks mostly reasonable to me. The only thing I'd
> change is the DocumentRoot, which should definitely not be C:\svn,
> since there are no files in that directory that you would ever want
> Apache to serve out directly; you want everything in there to go
> through mod_dav_svn, which is taken care of with the SVNParentPath
> directive. Point the DocumentRoot at any other directory, even an
> empty directory you've created somewhere. Possibly you can even leave
> the entire DocumentRoot directive out in this case; I'm not sure.
100% right! I removed the DocumentRoot declaration and the 301 errors
stopped straight away! I guess apache was getting confused between
trying to serve the root itself or handing over to mod_dav_svn. It's now
using the apache global doc root (C:\www) which is empty. The only
caveat is that now I can't get the "Collection of Repositories" view
from browsing the root, but this has solved my major issue, which was
having to add a <Location> tag for each repository.
> I must admit I've also never understood the LimitExcept bit, and could
> only suggest leaving that out to see if it makes any difference.
It's just there so I can browse the source in FireFox without having to
authenticate. If anything LimitExcept would make the repository more open.

Funny thing, this may have been occuring before, but I've noticed now
that if I type
svn list http://svn/
then on the server the apache service crashes and is automatically
restarted (I can tell because I'm VNC'd in, and a box pops up informing
me that "apache.exe has generated errors and will be closed by

I find the following in the apache error log:
[Thu Nov 09 09:54:49 2006] [notice] Parent: child process exited with
status 3221225477 -- Restarting.
[Thu Nov 09 09:54:49 2006] [notice] Apache/2.0.55 (Win32) DAV/2
mod_jk/1.2.15 PHP/5.0.3 SVN/1.3.1 mod_auth_sspi/1.0.3 configured --
resuming normal operations
[Thu Nov 09 09:54:49 2006] [notice] Server built: Oct 9 2005 19:16:56
[Thu Nov 09 09:54:49 2006] [notice] Parent: Created child process 976
[Thu Nov 09 09:54:49 2006] [notice] Child 976: Child process is running
[Thu Nov 09 09:54:49 2006] [notice] Child 976: Acquired the start mutex.
[Thu Nov 09 09:54:49 2006] [notice] Child 976: Starting 250 worker threads.

It looks like mod_dav_svn is crashing and taking apache with it. Does
anyone know if this is a known bug with this version of svn (1.3.1)?

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