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Re: Help Getting Started

From: Ryan Schmidt <subversion-2006d_at_ryandesign.com>
Date: 2006-10-25 21:24:34 CEST

First of all: have you read the book? It should explain everything
you need to know. Take a weekend and read as much of it as you can.


If you don't like reading online documentation, it can be purchased
in hardcopy from O'Reilly. There are also other books available.
Several are listed on the Subversion web site.

On Oct 25, 2006, at 13:23, A. Alfred Ayache wrote:

> I've been expounding the benefits of source control for years.
> I've even used it on a few projects, but it's mostly been supported
> by others. I'm now running my own project and need to implement it
> for local as well as network (i.e. Internet) access. I've chosen
> Subversion (of course).
> So, I've installed the latest version of svn 1.4.0, and have
> TortoiseSVN 1.3.5, but I understand that's outside the scope of
> this list. I'm running all this on a Win2K workstation, which has
> XAMPP installed. So to recap:
> Win2K
> svn 1.4.0
> Apache 2.2.2
> PHP 5.1.4
> etc...
> Because of the version of Apache, I can't use the DAV modules,
> which I understand were built for 2.0, and won't work with 2.2 (I
> tried and it didn't work). So I'll have to use svnserver for
> network access to my repository.

You can either use svnserve or direct file access at this point. I
recommend setting up svnserve.

> I was able to create a repository on my G: drive like so:
> G:\>svnadmin create svnrepo
> That's where I ran out of luck... Here are the next few lines and
> their errors:
> G:\>svn import cityfax E:\Websites\cityfax\site
> svn: Invalid URL 'E:/Websites/cityfax/site'

If you want to use svnserve, your repository URL would begin with
"svn://"; if you want to use direct file access, your repository URL
would begin with "file://".

According to "svn help import", the syntax is "svn import [PATH] URL"
where PATH is the path to the local items you want to import, and URL
is the URL to the repository.

> G:\>svn import cityfax file://E:\Websites\cityfax\site

What is cityfax? Is that the local directory you want to import into
the repository? It is in the current directory? If so, you would say:

svn import cityfax file://G:/svnrepo

I'm not 100% sure about how to specify Windows file system paths in a
file:// URL; I don't use Windows.

> svn: Could not use external editor to fetch log message; consider
> setting the $SVN_EDITOR environment variable or using the --message
> (-m) or --file (-F) options
> svn: None of the environment variables SVN_EDITOR, VISUAL or EDITOR
> is set, and no 'editor-cmd' run-time configuration option was found

You either need to provide a log message with the -m parameter or set
one of the indicated environment variables to specify an interactive
editor in which you would write the log message. I do not know what
appropriate values for those variables would be on Windows.

> G:\>svn ls
> svn: '.' is not a working copy

True. After importing, you would have to check out a working copy
before you can do anything like that.

> G:\>svn checkout cityfax
> svn: Client error in parsing arguments

According to "svn help checkout", the syntax is "svn checkout URL
[@REV]... [PATH]" where URL is the URL of the repository and PATH is
the local path to the working copy you want to have created. So you
need to say where your repository is.

svn checkout file://G:/svnrepo wc

> G:\>svn checkout svn://cityfax
> svn: No repository found in 'svn://cityfax'

Have you started svnserve?

I'm assuming "cityfax" is the hostname of this computer?

> So, a few questions:
> - How do I check what's currently in the repository?

svn ls URL

where URL is the URL to your repository, e.g.

svn ls svn://localhost


svn ls file://G:/svnrepo

Since you just created your repository, it is empty.

> - Did my import work?

No; it printed an error message. Nothing was imported.

> - If my import did not work, how can I make it work?
> That's it for now. Baby steps. Thanks for your help!

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