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yet another "can't read length line"

From: Razvan STANESCU <pappy_at_signumcreative.com>
Date: 2006-10-09 07:24:56 CEST

Hi there,

I have a problem with a broken version in my SVN repository.

Since I was preparing to upgrade to subversion-1.4, I tried
to dump the repository and I got the following message:

svnadmin: Can't read length line in file '/srv/svn/db/revs/12425'

I checked the list, but no solution I've tried worked.

A. trying to dump everything but not 12425 gave me the message
above, here is my session

> # svnadmin dump /srv/svn -r 0:12424 --incremental > D-1
> ...
> # svnadmin dump /srv/svn -r 12426:HEAD --incremental > D-2
> * Dumped revision 12426.
> ...
> * Dumped revision 12434.
> svnadmin: Can't read length line in file '/srv/svn/db/revs/12425'

B. trying to fix the repository with "fsfverify" failed also, here
is my session (the full output is in the attachment)

> # ./fsfsverify/fsfsverify.py -f /srv/svn/db/revs/12425
> ...
> NodeRev Id: ja7.1bp.r12425/57145
> type: file
> pred: ja7.1bp.r12414/38823
> text: INVALID 12425 0 31 1749 b393e94d5f878cd0288f5174a2100d62
> cpath: /trunk/java/avmob/jboss-hello/sms-profile/bin/build.xml
> copyroot: 11933 /trunk/java/avmob
> Invalid rep header found at 0 (^@^@^@^@^@)!
> Found problem in NodeRev ja7.1bp.r12425/57145 (57145)
> text: INVALID 12425 0 31 1749 b393e94d5f878cd0288f5174a2100d62
> At offset 0
> Original text rep located at 0
> Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "./fsfsverify/fsfsverify.py", line 756, in ?
> copy_len = 4096 + header_len
> NameError: name 'header_len' is not defined

I'm using
        - svn, version 1.3.1 (r19032)
        - neon, version 0.24.7
        - libapr1/libaprutil1, version 1.2.7
        - FSFS format

As an additional information, one month ago I reorganized the
repository, meaning I changed the tree moving several projects
from one directory to another...

Could anybody help me to recover the repository? I'm not tied to the
version 12425, but now we are at version 13293 which represents about
one month of work.

If someone needed it, I could provide a link to the broken revision

Thank you for any help!


NodeRev Id: 0.0.r12425/67574
 type: dir
 pred: 0.0.r12424/27494
 text: PLAIN 12425 67447 114 114 a18dd98156792dc46f409de900c5d841
 cpath: /
 copyroot: 0 /
 dir contents:
  cvs-tags: [dir, 9x7.qi.r10336/0]
  trunk: [dir, c.pl.r12425/67282]
  tags: [dir, a85.0.r12384/559]

NodeRev Id: c.pl.r12425/67282
 type: dir
 pred: c.pl.r12424/27201
 text: PLAIN 12425 67105 164 164 b5a211e219d6339ffb4f4b115c29010c
 cpath: /trunk
 copyroot: 10247 /trunk
 dir contents:
  signum-site: [dir, 9yf.pl.r10258/611]
  c: [dir, 9yb.pl.r12060/2901]
  java: [dir, 9ya.pl.r12425/66931]
  interviews: [dir, far.pl.r11680/8220]

NodeRev Id: 9ya.pl.r12425/66931
 type: dir
 pred: 9ya.pl.r12424/26849
 text: PLAIN 12425 66572 346 346 90b5d3300e8df5aaa910c25a1b7da521
 cpath: /trunk/java
 copyroot: 10247 /trunk
 dir contents:
  customers: [dir, 9yc.pl.r12146/1972]
  eclipse-plugins: [dir, hhg.pl.r12173/5979]
  avmob: [dir, e9c.1bp.r12425/66318]
  build-1.0: [dir, 9yk.pl.r10261/338908]
  research: [dir, 9yd.pl.r12191/1594]
  portlets: [dir, 35a.pn.r10249/498]
  titulus-1.0: [dir, ani.sa.r12095/20904]
  projects: [dir, 9yg.pl.r11880/652]

NodeRev Id: e9c.1bp.r12425/66318
 type: dir
 pred: e9c.1bp.r12424/26235
 text: PLAIN 12425 64813 1492 1492 6bb8c6df3e88ad469e5ba63a84e6cb6a
 prop: UNKNOWN 11861 1199426 149 0 4ce5f86ed6f48329cbb801d685ba04ce
 cpath: /trunk/java/avmob
 copyroot: 11933 /trunk/java/avmob
 dir contents:
  state-machine-ui: [dir, f1w.1bp.r11936/9228]
  oswego: [dir, f6d.1bp.r12199/283415]
  base-libs: [dir, gt6.1bp.r12326/1275956]
  class-gen: [dir, hc9.pl.r11931/3017]
  fsm-app: [dir, e8i.16d.r11629/38927]
  design: [dir, gs9.1bp.r12423/157372]
  vp-tools: [dir, f9j.1bp.r12423/143299]
  jboss-hello: [dir, izj.1bp.r12425/64552]
  send-mail: [dir, hi9.pl.r11931/2714]
  avlog: [dir, fxb.1bp.r12216/1199]
  msisdn-to-imsi: [dir, hjm.pl.r11930/2422]
  fsm-feature: [dir, eal.pl.r11629/47748]
  ignore-cvs: [file, gsc.pl.r11796/505621]
  jboss: [dir, j25.1bp.r12420/2313]
  fsm-core: [dir, e6i.16b.r11791/13718153]
  asn1-codec: [dir, fqn.1bp.r12075/361]
  jmx-agent: [dir, hp9.1bp.r12069/2578]
  smrse: [dir, fnp.1bp.r12195/652]
  packAll.sh: [file, g1n.pl.r11766/5023]
  jms-stress: [dir, hm2.1bp.r12212/175567]
  build-1.6: [dir, gyi.1bp.r12418/5756]
  avmob.eclipse.gef.examples.shapes: [dir, edg.pl.r11634/26210]
  utilities: [dir, g1t.1bp.r12423/166096]
  state-machine-5.0: [dir, exb.1bq.r12251/1912]
  link-stats: [dir, hle.1bp.r11986/192]
  ex-exec: [dir, ipe.1bp.r12168/1398]
  state-machine: [dir, exb.1bp.r12423/156507]
  fsm-ui-tests: [dir, efm.pl.r11640/3875]
  fsm-ui: [dir, e8b.16c.r11747/13737]
  ledi: [dir, cg7.1bw.r12124/170730]
  self-provisioning: [dir, hmu.1bp.r12423/169489]
  file-db: [dir, ixc.1bp.r12423/151542]
  jexec: [dir, g1u.1bp.r12423/150233]

NodeRev Id: izj.1bp.r12425/64552
 type: dir
 pred: izj.1bp.r12424/24468
 text: PLAIN 12425 63822 717 717 efa027e27182dd28f9ff3f60d02809a8
 prop: UNKNOWN 12323 32603 79 0 344b4e8ad214dcf04be89e5263fe179b
 cpath: /trunk/java/avmob/jboss-hello
 copyroot: 11933 /trunk/java/avmob
 dir contents:
  .project: [file, j6w.1bp.r12321/27134]
  jboss-guess2-web: [dir, j6y.1bp.r12423/113832]
  jboss-guess1-web: [dir, j3r.1bp.r12351/6885]
  tomahawk-samples: [dir, jd9.1bp.r12423/140591]
  sms-profile: [dir, j9p.1bp.r12425/63550]
  jboss-flow1-web: [dir, jaz.1bp.r12364/3356]
  jboss-flow2-web: [dir, jba.1bp.r12423/118867]
  jboss-seam-guess: [dir, j8t.1bp.r12351/12744]
  jsf-components: [dir, jav.1bp.r12342/5526]
  jboss-hello1-ejb: [dir, ixu.1dn.r12321/25938]
  jboss-seam-booking: [dir, jku.1bp.r12382/162976]
  jboss-hello2-web: [dir, j1h.1bp.r12331/3409]
  jboss-hello1-web: [dir, iys.1do.r12321/34000]
  jboss-hello2-ejb: [dir, j0p.1bp.r12321/26860]

NodeRev Id: j9p.1bp.r12425/63550
 type: dir
 pred: j9p.1bp.r12424/23465
 text: PLAIN 12425 63197 340 340 32a4750bca818f886740583dbc549e3b
 prop: UNKNOWN 12367 59637 57 0 3dc26492090c34e798ab42aa2c8882b8
 cpath: /trunk/java/avmob/jboss-hello/sms-profile
 copyroot: 11933 /trunk/java/avmob
 dir contents:
  .cvsignore: [file, ja0.1bp.r12341/30043]
  bin: [dir, j9r.1bp.r12425/57579]
  .project: [file, ja1.1bp.r12421/14360]
  .classpath: [file, j9z.1bp.r12414/38383]
  .settings: [dir, j9q.1bp.r12414/44268]
  etc: [dir, j9s.1bp.r12425/58516]
  web: [dir, j9v.1bp.r12425/62980]
  pages: [dir, j9t.1bp.r12425/56924]

NodeRev Id: j9r.1bp.r12425/57579
 type: dir
 pred: j9r.1bp.r12414/39259
 text: PLAIN 12425 57371 195 195 e19602dfd9aceb5c2fb2e293dfd65419
 cpath: /trunk/java/avmob/jboss-hello/sms-profile/bin
 copyroot: 11933 /trunk/java/avmob
 dir contents:
  depend.xml: [file, ja8.1bp.r12361/1797]
  build.xml: [file, ja7.1bp.r12425/57145]
  build.properties: [file, ja6.1bp.r12341/22904]
  deploy.xml: [file, ja9.1bp.r12395/42320]

NodeRev Id: ja7.1bp.r12425/57145
 type: file
 pred: ja7.1bp.r12414/38823
 text: INVALID 12425 0 31 1749 b393e94d5f878cd0288f5174a2100d62
 cpath: /trunk/java/avmob/jboss-hello/sms-profile/bin/build.xml
 copyroot: 11933 /trunk/java/avmob
Invalid rep header found at 0 (7145 (57145)
text: INVALID 12425 0 31 1749 b393e94d5f878cd0288f5174a2100d62
At offset 0
Original text rep located at 0
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./fsfsverify/fsfsverify.py", line 756, in ?
    copy_len = 4096 + header_len
NameError: name 'header_len' is not defined

Received on Mon Oct 9 07:25:54 2006

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