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Re: svn commit usage survey

From: Duncan Murdoch <murdoch_at_stats.uwo.ca>
Date: 2006-09-19 12:57:19 CEST

On 9/19/2006 12:09 AM, Troy Curtis Jr wrote:
> On 9/18/06, Duncan Murdoch <murdoch@stats.uwo.ca> wrote:
>> On 9/18/2006 1:17 AM, Troy Curtis Jr wrote:
>>> I am in the process of writing a wrapper script for 'svn commit' that
>>> will allow me to delete paths from the log message that I do not want
>>> to commit. I got the idea of this functionality from SVK and
>>> immediately saw the usefulness. Several ":q!", <answer "a" to abort
>>> questions> later I decided that I HAD to have that functionality.
>>> My questions to the list are:
>>> How do you typically use 'svn commit' when you have some files you do
>>> not want in the commit?
>> In a case like that I'd almost certainly use TortoiseSVN. It lists all
>> the files that it will commit, and allows you to uncheck those which you
>> don't want to commit. (There are various convenient ways to select what
>> goes in that list in the first place, too.)
>> It sounds as though you're not using Windows, but I'd suggest taking a
>> look at a Windows machine running tsvn before writing your own script:
>> they've done a really good job on the user interface.
>> And if you *are* using Windows, then use TortoiseSVN, don't waste time
>> writing a script to do what it does.
>> Duncan Murdoch
>>> Do you often run into an issue where you have one file that you do not
>>> want to commit, directly beside several that you do?
>>> Is the only option in this case manually specifying every file you
>>> *do* want to include in the commit? Or am I missing something?
>>> It seems to me that this would be a common occurrence and so it really
>>> surprises me that a similar wrapper script has not already been
>>> written. But perhaps I am using Subversion in an atypical manner?
>>> What are your thoughts?
>>> Troy
> I am not currently using Windows (thank goodness! :-) ), but I do like
> the TortoiseSVN client, at least for browsing and occasional commits.
> However, I certainly wouldn't want to fire up a GUI for every commit
> (I'm a command line kinda guy).
> Grant: The situation that I am refering to is one where you actually
> work on two seperate tasks in the same working copy and then need to
> commit one as a set, but not the other AND the files are interspersed
> throughout the code.
> So I actually just finished a rough, working version of my script. I
> need to go through and clean it up before I release it for all the
> world to see (hopefully sometime tommorrow). It was a great feeling
> to delete a file out of a commit within vim! It is written in perl
> and currently uses system calls to interact with svn. I would really
> have liked to use the perl bindings, but they do not currently support
> locking relative to the repository :-(, and it is a feature that I
> need.

Can you describe what your script does? The things I like about tsvn
for a big commit are:

  - the ability to review and edit the list of files to commit after
asking for the commit, but before committing

  - the ability to get information on what changes are in each file
before making the include/exclude decision. This lets me recognize when
files contain only whitespace changes, etc.

I'm a GUI sort of guy so I find tsvn's way of offering these options
very nice, but I can imagine there are other ways.

Duncan Murdoch

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