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Re: Maintaining a list of files that have this one property

From: Ryan Schmidt <subversion-2006q2_at_ryandesign.com>
Date: 2006-06-10 15:28:06 CEST

On Jun 9, 2006, at 04:19, Dave_Thomas mailing lists wrote:

> I have a constraint on subversion that files across the repository
> containing a certain property must have unique names (this is a
> business rule for our app... don't ask).
> For example, suppose Trunk/src/foo.txt has the property must-be-
> unique=*. I have a hook in place that will prevents Trunk/conf/
> foo.txt having the same property from being committed.
> The problem? The hook now makes this call:
> pysvn.Client().ls(reposurl, recurse = True)
> then traverses to find its friends.
> Our repository is soon to grow to 20k files, and that call alone
> will take minutes.

Yes, I can see how that would be a problem.

> I couldn't find another function that implemented something like
> UNIX 'find' checking properties as well.

Yes, Subversion has no find command (yet; I'm not sure if one is
planned or, if so, how far along it is).

> The best solution I can come up with is to maintain a list of all
> files with that property already but I have concerned questions
> about how to do this in a hook.
> Here's the idea. On every commit transaction, I would read in a
> flatfile list, or better yet, a pickle containing an array. Then,
> if I need to add an entry, I would somehow add the pickle to the
> transaction (so changing it is atomic), and reserialize it.

I don't know what a pickle is in this context, but I could understand
the flatfile solution, and agree that this should be faster than
having Subversion list all files at each commit.

> Would I need to be creating a subtransaction (does that exist)? Or
> is this something as easy as attaching a couple of lines of DIFF to
> the transaction? (I feel like a homeless guy holding a sign "any
> spare code appreciated. God bless")

You should never modify a transaction that's in progress (as in, in a
pre-commit hook). There is no sub-transaction that I'm aware of. If
you want to commit a change to a repository (in a post-commit hook,
for example) you can certainly do so, but your post-commit hook would
have to maintain its own working copy, update it, make the change in
it, and commit it, making sure that the post-commit hook then does
not attempt to act on the transaction it is itself in the process of

I'm not sure what you want to commit though. So far, everything
you've described is just a pre-commit hook that either allows or
denies the user's commit, via some algorithm, depending on whether
the filename is unique, given the presence of the must-be-unique
property. What are you wanting to commit at this point? Are you
talking about the list of filenames? That could be useful, but it
should also work (more simply) to just have the flatfile somewhere on
the repository server's hard drive.

> Here's an alternative but I think you're going to say this is a bad
> idea. Doesn't subversion use a database internally? Isn't it
> transactional? I could keep a table with all files with this
> property. Or maybe manage an index on this property or create a
> view on the database? Will I be able to do this within a hook or do
> I need to go deep into the subversion API to support this kind of
> thing?

Subversion can use BerkeleyDB or FSFS as a backend. BDB is of course
a general-purpose a database system, which can be used for anything,
but I'm not sure how good an idea it is to try to use a Subversion
repository BDB database for your own purposes. FSFS is a format
developed specifically for Subversion and I wouldn't want to try to
store arbitrary data in that either.

If a flatfile for these filenames is not fast enough or you dislike
it for other reasons, there's no reason why you couldn't set up your
own relational database (MySQL or whatever) and use that. It would
not be connected to Subversion, except by any connections you devise
in your hook script, but does that matter?

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