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Re: Configuration tips - hierarchical repositories

From: Ryan Schmidt <subversion-2006Q1_at_ryandesign.com>
Date: 2006-03-26 01:21:39 CET

On Mar 25, 2006, at 22:46, Mauricio Culibrk wrote:

> svn ls http://url.to.svn/repos/groupX IS working...
> The real problem is that I would like to have the list of
> repositories available in TortoiseSVN when issuing the svn list on
> the "root" repository... otherwise there is no "nice" way to know
> what repositories are available....
> So, yes, the SVNListParentPath on is nice in a browser - this just
> lists the files in the "parent" folder...
> So, basically, the problem is the same - how to setup a FUNCTIONING
> <Location>/<Directory> setup in Apache without having to define the
> <Location> directive for each and every (new) repository under the
> "virtual root" repository???

Ah yes, I had forgotten that SVNListParentPath only works in a web
browser, not from a Subversion client like TortoiseSVN or the command
line client. I consider that a bug, or at least a missing feature,
but I can't find anything filed in the issue tracker (no results
searching for SVNListParentPath). I'd like to file a bug report for
this issue... Anyone object?

Quite frankly, my Apache crashes when I try to svn ls the root when
using SVNListParentPath (Apache 2.2.0, Subversion 1.3.0, Mac OS X
10.4.5 PPC) though that could be a separate problem.

$ svn ls http://www.example.com
svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/'
svn: PROPFIND of '/': Could not read status line: connection was
closed by server. (http://www.example.com)

[Sun Mar 26 00:57:58 2006] [notice] child pid 27961 exit signal Bus
error (10)

There's also the issue where SVNListParentPath doesn't work unless
the path in the <Location> directive ends with a slash, though I'm
not sure if that's really still an issue or not.


There's also the one where the XML produced when using SVNIndexXSLT
doesn't tell you which repository it's for, though I guess that's
kind of this:


> if I setup something like this
> <LocationMatch "^/repos$">
> SVNPath /mnt/svn/root
> </LocationMatch>
> <LocationMatch "^/repos/.+">
> SVNParentPath /mnt/svn/root (or /mnt/svn becaouse of links)
> </LocationMatch>
> or anything with regular expression or any other form of
> "wildchars" the mod_dav_svn is throwing errors as "not found"
> because uses EXACT STRING specified in Location/LocationMatch!
> For example:
> URL /repos/.+/repos/!svn/bc/20/PM: No such file or directory

I've also encountered that. Subversion doesn't like LocationMatch.
Last month someone wrote a patch to address this somewhat:


I'm not sure if that patch will help in your case but you could try it.

Admittedly I don't know the Subversion code, but I don't understand
why this patch had to introduce a new configuration directive. Seems
to me like Subversion should just be able to figure it out on its own.

> So, the Apache setup should be such that there is no "special
> characters" in the Location directive.... ok, then I tried with
> Rewrite and Redirect to "separate" the requests for the "root"
> repository to get the "repository list" and access to the real
> repositories but... again... no fun! :(

On Mar 25, 2006, at 23:01, Mauricio Culibrk wrote:

> Doing the thing with redirects (redirectmatch, rewrite...) works
> within the web browser almost like the SVNListParentPath but NOT
> with svn...
> svn list http://url/repos/ gives request failed on "/repos" - 405
> Method not allowed but works with the repositories
> svn list http://url/repos/group1 shows the directories....
> Seems the svn client won't accept any redirects or such
> "instructions"...

Yes, I've also encountered that the Subversion client doesn't obey
redirects and even barfs at mod_rewrite attempts. I've given up on
trying to use such tricks with Subversion.


This is perhaps a Subversion bug, but I think the Subversion team
should first concentrate on giving us the ability to configure it the
way we want without needing to resort to tricks like redirecting or

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