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Subversion 1.3.0 Release Candidate 4 released.

From: David Anderson <david.anderson_at_calixo.net>
Date: 2005-11-30 03:29:41 CET

I'm happy to announce Subversion 1.3.0 Release Candidate 4, available from:


The MD5 checksums are:

  32bd8a7ff6855151704ae5d5773f7028 subversion-1.3.0-rc4.tar.bz2
  435143e0a71947481187c1133a595c29 subversion-1.3.0-rc4.tar.gz
  9f7370a40e74900f3156ba5a170599e1 subversion-1.3.0-rc4.zip

The SHA1 checksums are:

  08a8b119fc5fb57494ba55bf069aeaa0cecca115 subversion-1.3.0-rc4.tar.bz2
  19bed768fcb3b9b15741615944bed075cf2bd0cb subversion-1.3.0-rc4.tar.gz
  07a06f5c1340ae9956a7f938e4e212d93feb03da subversion-1.3.0-rc4.zip

PGP Signatures are available at:


For this release, the following people have provided PGP signatures:

  Erik Huelsmann [1024D/96B3F539] with fingerprint:
   261D D45F EBBA 0993 2693 3CCB 8B93 B412 96B3 F539
  Garrett Rooney [1024D/9BCFCE2F] with fingerprint:
   075F EDE9 4293 944E 4B56 F75C C91D B8DA 9BCF CE2F
  Karl Fogel [1024D/DB00A248] with fingerprint:
   B77E 8FB2 112F 9637 2E3E 3F08 BC9D BB13 DB00 A248
  Branko Cibej [2048R/C8628501] with fingerprint:
   8769 28CD 4954 EA74 87B6 B96C 29B8 92D0 C862 8501
  John Szakmeister [1024D/C0D70C12] with fingerprint:
   58B2 77C0 D208 F7AC 460C 07C8 4548 B3A8 C0D7 0C12
  C. Michael Pilato [1024D/1706FD6E] with fingerprint:
   20BF 14DC F02F 2730 7EA4 C7BB A241 06A9 1706 FD6E
  Peter N. Lundblad [1024D/BAD621B6] with fingerprint:
   AEC9 19DB 3B19 AEB8 D21B 16DD E861 6329 BAD6 21B6
  Jani Averbach [1024D/16D8B41C] with fingerprint:
   3A1F 5A74 ADF2 5B0C 62E2 1F6A D6C6 2497 16D8 B41C
  David Anderson [1024D/EE506461] with fingerprint:
   21DF EE01 0E07 B970 CBD1 F75A 09BC 35E3 EE50 6461
  Ben Collins-Sussman [1024D/EC6B5156] with fingerprint:
   9FBF BEB7 409D D55F 6946 5CC6 5348 1A68 EC6B 5156
  Max Bowsher [1024D/C0F2C580] with fingerprint:
   2388 5E64 C64E 981E 4884 834D 7C53 5299 C0F2 C580

This is the first public Release Candidate for Subversion 1.3.0, as
problems were found with the previous three release candidates before
they were made publicly available.

The term 'release candidate' means the Subversion developers feel that
this release is stable and ready for production use, so we encourage
people to test this release thoroughly. The final stable 1.3.0 release
is scheduled for late-December, in order to provide plenty of time for

The changes between 1.2.3 and 1.3.0-rc4 are listed below,
New 1.3 features are explained in detail in our release notes, located at:


Questions, comments, and bug reports to users@subversion.tigris.org.

- The Subversion Team

   - Client:
     * 'svn ls -v' now shows remote locks (issue #2291)
     * 'svn status' speedup (r15061, r15103)
     * 'svn blame' speedup on files with long history (issue #1970)
     * 'svnversion' now assumes default argument of '.' (r14892)
     * support for neon 0.25.x, which fixes http:// control-c bug (issue #2297)
     * support for more ISO-8601 date formats, compatible with GNU date (r14428)
     * support for single-digit date components (r15459)
     * on Windows, '_svn' admin dir now toggled by runtime env. variable (r16244)
     * working copy size with empty propfiles reduced (r16855, see releasenotes)
     * new switches added:
        - 'svn blame --xml [--incremental]' (r14690)
        - 'svn status --xml [--incremental]' (issue #2069)
        - 'svn info --xml [--incremental]'
        - 'svn add/import --no-ignore' (issue #2105)
        - 'svnlook tree --full-paths' (r13976)
        - 'svnlook diff --diff-copy-from' (r14855)
        - 'svnlook changed --copy-info' (r16681)
     * fixed: 'svn copy wc URL' might include deleted items (issue #2153)
     * fixed: 'svn copy wc wc' allows cross-repository copies (issue #2404)
     * fixed: 'svn up/merge' major property-merging bugs (issue #2035)
     * fixed: 'svn merge' insisting on write access to '.' (issue #2411)
     * fixed: 'svn merge' cross-device move problems (r16293, -329, -330)
     * fixed: 'svn diff' outputs headers in wrong encoding (issue #1533)
     * fixed: 'svn proplist/add/cat' dies on unversioned items (issue #2030)
     * fixed: 'svn add' not honoring svn:ignore property (issue #2243)
     * fixed: 'svn log -rN:M --limit X' error over http:// (issue #2396)
     * fixed: 'svn switch --relocate' failure on 'deleted' dir (r16673)
     * fixed: 'svn info' not always showing repos lock (issue #2276)
     * fixed: 'svn info' might show lock on wrong path (r16626)
     * fixed: 'svnlook' chokes on logs with inconsistent newlines (r14573)
     * fixed: 'svnlook propget --revprop -t' failure (r15203)
     * fixed: 'svnversion' wrongly traverses into externals (r15161)
     * fixed: incorrect URI encoding passed to svn+ssh:// (issue #2406)
     * fixed: properly handle filenames containing '@' (issue #2317)
     * fixed: '--non-interactive' now suppresses launch of $EDITOR (r15277)
     * fixed: conflict markers not in current encoding (r14621)
     * fixed: commands ignoring extraneous -m or -F switches (issue #2285)
     * fixed: poor error-checking when using revprops (r15542)
     * fixed: non-interruptible OS X socket connection with svn:// (r15909)
     * fixed: stack-smashing bugs (r15948, r16037)
     * translation updates for all languages

   - Server:
     * svnserve improvements:
        - can now restrict read/write access by path (see releasenotes)
     * mod_dav_svn improvements:
        - 'SVNListParentPath on' shows all repositories in web browser (r16158)
        - ability to log high-level client operations (see releasenotes)
        - sets svn:mime-type on autoversioning commits (r14359)
     * 'svn log' performance improvement (r14722)
     * fixed: fs history algorithm might return wrong objects (issue #1970)
     * fixed: repos deadlock when hooks output too much (issue #2078)
     * fixed: mod_dav_svn displays errors with sensitive paths (r14792)
     * fixed: anonymous reader could create empty commits (issue #2388)
     * fixed: possible segfault to callers of trace_node_locations() (r16188)
     * fixed: BDB-style locking actions on FSFS repositories (r16295, r16297)
     * fixed: numerous bugs running BDB commands on FSFS (issue #2361, r16388)
     * fixed: svndumpfilter incorrectly remapping dropped revs (issue #1911)

   - Both:
     * faster multiple (un)locks in a single svn:// request (issue #2264)

* reorganization of automated tests, including ability to run on ramdisk
* lots of Doxygen/API documentation cleanup
* numerous improvements to gen-make.py build system, especially on win32
* working copy is now storing repos_root as separate field (issue #960)
* keywords are now stored in an internal hash (issue #890)
* client status APIs now makes more server-side info available (r16344)
* new public APIs:
    - new transfer progress callback for DAV (r15948)
    - svn_ra_initialize(), svn_client_open_ra_session()
    - svn_fs_closest_copy(), svn_fs_type()
    - several rev'd APIs, see doxygen docs
* SWIG bindings: No more compile-time or runtime SWIG dependencies
     - SWIG/python bindings:
        - automatic memory management: APIs no longer require pool arguments!
        - improved stability, as shown by our new testsuite
        - better error messages
     - SWIG/ruby bindings:
        - complete API coverage!
        - automatic memory management
        - greatly expanded test suite
     - SWIG/perl bindings:
        - new accessors for svn_lock_t, svn_fs_access_t
        - a number of bugfixes
* javahl bindings:
     - add streamy API for fetching file contents (r15584)
     - fixed: let tests run before bindings are installed (issue #2040)
     - fixed: lock command not raising errors properly (issue #2394)
     - fixed: ignored errors from svn_client_blame2() (r16434)

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