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Subversion 1.2.0 Release Candidate 2 released.

From: Ben Reser <ben_at_reser.org>
Date: 2005-04-25 20:59:04 CEST

The second release candidate of Subversion 1.2.0 is ready and available


The MD5 checksums are:

   e308330a619aac4331263b19dda2a4bc subversion-1.2.0-rc2.tar.gz
   342acdc60e41232ba3b686913e1cad24 subversion-1.2.0-rc2.tar.bz2
   2d8d6d269c0567451cfc7aab2ecadbdb subversion-1.2.0-rc2.zip

The SHA1 checksums are:

   f1a6c296eba12e62b26c9060be11e3fd20e5a7d7 subversion-1.2.0-rc2.tar.gz
   8ae73653cbbe8dbd573a86eeac7e7252f1dca080 subversion-1.2.0-rc2.tar.bz2
   bdd3d2a11363710eb45b01f554633066bdcd1e72 subversion-1.2.0-rc2.zip

PGP Signatures are available at:

For this release, the following people have provided PGP signatures:
   Ben Reser [1024D/641E358B] with fingerprint:
   42F5 91FD E577 F545 FB40 8F6B 7241 856B 641E 358B
   Ben Collins-Sussman [1024D/EC6B5156] with fingerprint:
   9FBF BEB7 409D D55F 6946 5CC6 5348 1A68 EC6B 5156
   Erik Huelsmann [1024D/96B3F539] with fingerprint:
   261D D45F EBBA 0993 2693 3CCB 8B93 B412 96B3 F539
   Brian W. Fitzpatrick [1024D/F894BE12] with fingerprint:
   464F C03E 1D47 A2D0 BB7E F03C FC0F 8589 F894 BE12
   Branko \xc4\x8cibej [2048R/C8628501] with fingerprint:
   8769 28CD 4954 EA74 87B6 B96C 29B8 92D0 C862 8501

The term 'release candidate' means the Subversion developers feel that
this release is stable and ready for production use, so we encourage
people to test this release thoroughly. The final 1.2.0 release is
scheduled for early-May, in order to provide plenty of time for

The changes between 1.2.0-rc1 and 1.2.0-rc2 are listed below.
New 1.2 features are explained in detail in our release notes,
located at:


You can find the list of the changes between 1.1.4 and the 1.1.0-rc2 at:


Questions, comments, and bug reports to users_at_subversion.tigris.org.

-The Subversion Team

  - Client:
    * 'svn lock' no longer requires a comment (r14126)
    * remove the 'svn version' subcommand (r14037, r14088)
    * stop showing fs-module listing in 'svn --version' (r14223)
    * remove the svn:keywords canonicalization patch (issue #2219)
    * fixed: win32 update failures on files with svn:needs-lock (issue #2278)
    * fixed: ra_svn able to lock an out-of-date file (
    * fixed: ra_dav crash on NULL lock comment (r14057)
    * fixed: ra_dav neon lock-hook usage & memory corruption (r14295)
    * fixed: 'svn import' creating an empty revision (r14293)
    * fixed: 'svn cat -rBASE' contacts repository (issue #1361)
    * fixed: 'svn help status' text (r14064)
    * fixed: 'svn help propset' text (r14031, 14052)
    * continued improvement of localized message translations

   - Server:
    * fixed: FSFS race condition on posix platforms (issue #2265)
    * fixed: FSFS crash bug (r14333)
    * fixed: FSFS shouldn't auto-upgrade legacy 'format' files (r14131)
    * fixed: FSFS expired locks sometimes visible (issue #2262)
    * fixed: 'svnadmin help create' text (r13930)
    * make autoversioning cooperate with mod_mime (issue #2049)
    * improve post-(un)lock hook templates (r14324)

   - Both:
    * fixed: updating xml-unsafe dirname over http (issue #2268)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * fixed: broken copy_tests.py test #25 (r13978)
 * fixed: update_tests.py test #25 not working with python 2.1 (r14076)
 * fixed: test failures mixing FSFS repositories with old test data (r14048)
 * fixed: GCCisms in code (r13954, r14097)
 * fixed: uninitialized variable in libsvn_fs (r14061)
 * fixed: make ruby bindings install to correct location (r13961, r13981)
 * fixed: javahl Notify2 crash (r14183) and jikes errors (r13983)
 * API tweaks:
    - change fs lock API to use 'expiration_date' instead of 'timeout' (r14180)
    - rename SVN_ERR_FS_LOCKED code to SVN_ERR_FS_ALREADY_LOCKED (r14011)
    - svn_ra_lock_callback() doc fixes (r14241)
 * many doxygen tweaks.

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