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Subversion admin (was: Problems with hot_backup.py on Windows XP)

From: McKenna, Simon (RGH) <Simon.McKenna_at_rgh.sa.gov.au>
Date: 2005-04-08 08:44:29 CEST

Hi David,

-> As a result I've fallen back on what I know best ... Ant.
-> Here is the script I've written to backup the repository,
-> keeping seven days worth of backups. If there have been
-> no change-set commits since the last backup I do nothing
-> - no backup or clean up. Hope this is of interest to someone.
-> The usual use at your own risk statements apply. I'm open
-> to questions and suggestions.

One small comment, I've seen some emails that suggest
repositories can change without revisions being committed,
although it's never be needed on ours.

I do like your idea of using Ant, as I've also been working on
a similar system using NAnt, but a little more wide reaching
(backup,migration,hooks,config) and designed for folks who
have to manage multiple (dozens) of repositories in a fairly
consistent manner (eg. at a software house or busy hospital:)

It's GPL FOSS, unstable, no website (yet) but details here:

At this stage its got to the point where hotcopy+verify and
dump+zip is working against any number of repos under a
common location (last nights emailed log is attached), default
configuration for repository creation, email notification
and tracking of actions (cycled log history) is mostly working,
hooks are also partially implemented (post-commit diff emails).

Have started on the incremental backup, but at the moment real
life crunches at work and at home (baby.sshnug.com:) means it's
not getting much attention...so if anyone feels the stated goals
of the project in the README.txt could benefit them and want
to help out, please feel free to dig in.


attached mail follows:

Subnant started 04/07/2005 21:00:05

Hotcopied repository doctor (1.64)
Verified repository doctor (0.25)
Dumped repository doctor (4.3394MB) (0.28)
Compressed doctor.dump.zip (0.9823MB) (1.52)
Hotcopied repository ice (2.08)
Verified repository ice (3.42)
Dumped repository ice (35.3568MB) (3.78)
Compressed ice.dump.zip (9.9168MB) (9.67)
Hotcopied repository imaging (2.84)
Verified repository imaging (1.41)
Dumped repository imaging (30.1987MB) (1.8)
Compressed imaging.dump.zip (18.393MB) (7.36)
Hotcopied repository install (6.11)
Verified repository install (3.28)
Dumped repository install (86.3327MB) (4.59)
Compressed install.dump.zip (42.8988MB) (27.16)
Hotcopied repository medchart (0.16)
Verified repository medchart (0.05)
Dumped repository medchart (0.0013MB) (0.05)
Compressed medchart.dump.zip (0.0005MB) (0.02)
Hotcopied repository medclaim (8.42)
Verified repository medclaim (12.36)
Dumped repository medclaim (168.2774MB) (13.95)
Compressed medclaim.dump.zip (51.9937MB) (64.59)
Hotcopied repository microreader (1.53)
Verified repository microreader (0.58)
Dumped repository microreader (5.458MB) (0.62)
Compressed microreader.dump.zip (2.3875MB) (1.45)
Hotcopied repository msb_filter (1.81)
Verified repository msb_filter (10.62)
Dumped repository msb_filter (39.5349MB) (10.66)
Compressed msb_filter.dump.zip (14.8242MB) (10.16)
Hotcopied repository nant (0.44)
Verified repository nant (0.08)
Dumped repository nant (0.0928MB) (0.09)
Compressed nant.dump.zip (0.0088MB) (0.02)
Hotcopied repository oacis_startup (1)
Verified repository oacis_startup (0.84)
Dumped repository oacis_startup (7.7639MB) (0.88)
Compressed oacis_startup.dump.zip (3.9767MB) (2.16)
Hotcopied repository opd_events (2.7)
Verified repository opd_events (12)
Dumped repository opd_events (61.2341MB) (12.45)
Compressed opd_events.dump.zip (23.5577MB) (16.89)
Hotcopied repository orthonet (12.19)
Verified repository orthonet (8.34)
Dumped repository orthonet (177.0625MB) (10.33)
Compressed orthonet.dump.zip (61.1188MB) (114.94)
Hotcopied repository rhapsody (1.83)
Verified repository rhapsody (1.36)
Dumped repository rhapsody (22.0607MB) (1.58)
Compressed rhapsody.dump.zip (21.9579MB) (2.77)
Hotcopied repository rhapsody2 (1.25)
Verified repository rhapsody2 (1.28)
Dumped repository rhapsody2 (10.8482MB) (1.36)
Compressed rhapsody2.dump.zip (7.7194MB) (2.11)
Hotcopied repository si (0.53)
Verified repository si (0.08)
Dumped repository si (0.3313MB) (0.11)
Compressed si.dump.zip (0.05MB) (0.05)
Hotcopied repository sql (0.78)
Verified repository sql (3.83)
Dumped repository sql (10.9007MB) (3.97)
Compressed sql.dump.zip (2.5127MB) (3.48)
Hotcopied repository surveillance (1.11)
Verified repository surveillance (0.14)
Dumped repository surveillance (0.6908MB) (0.12)
Compressed surveillance.dump.zip (0.1149MB) (0.44)
Hotcopied repository transport (0.61)
Verified repository transport (2.16)
Dumped repository transport (8.8674MB) (2.22)
Compressed transport.dump.zip (3.4521MB) (2.66)
Hotcopied repository web_alerts (0.84)
Verified repository web_alerts (0.05)
Dumped repository web_alerts (0.0521MB) (0.06)
Compressed web_alerts.dump.zip (0.007MB) (0.02)
Hotcopied repository web_chart (0.83)
Verified repository web_chart (0.05)
Dumped repository web_chart (0.0111MB) (0.05)
Compressed web_chart.dump.zip (0.0025MB) (0.02)
Hotcopied repository web_clinician_central (0.84)
Verified repository web_clinician_central (0.11)
Dumped repository web_clinician_central (0.4916MB) (0.14)
Compressed web_clinician_central.dump.zip (0.0537MB) (0.06)
Hotcopied repository web_common (1.23)
Verified repository web_common (0.14)
Dumped repository web_common (0.5815MB) (0.16)
Compressed web_common.dump.zip (0.2403MB) (0.09)
Hotcopied repository web_dashboard (1.16)
Verified repository web_dashboard (0.17)
Dumped repository web_dashboard (0.8765MB) (0.17)
Compressed web_dashboard.dump.zip (0.1225MB) (0.11)
Hotcopied repository web_dischsum (0.8)
Verified repository web_dischsum (0.16)
Dumped repository web_dischsum (0.9876MB) (0.2)
Compressed web_dischsum.dump.zip (0.1732MB) (0.14)
Hotcopied repository web_dqa (0.86)
Verified repository web_dqa (0.05)
Dumped repository web_dqa (0.1189MB) (0.08)
Compressed web_dqa.dump.zip (0.0191MB) (0.03)
Hotcopied repository web_events (0.78)
Verified repository web_events (0.22)
Dumped repository web_events (2.1985MB) (0.28)
Compressed web_events.dump.zip (0.3553MB) (0.3)
Hotcopied repository web_exso (0.81)
Verified repository web_exso (0.05)
Dumped repository web_exso (0.0373MB) (0.06)
Compressed web_exso.dump.zip (0.005MB) (0)
Hotcopied repository web_gfr (1.03)
Verified repository web_gfr (0.17)
Dumped repository web_gfr (0.9354MB) (0.19)
Compressed web_gfr.dump.zip (0.2326MB) (0.22)
Hotcopied repository web_ice (1.8)
Verified repository web_ice (0.34)
Dumped repository web_ice (3.8814MB) (0.39)
Compressed web_ice.dump.zip (2.2515MB) (0.64)
Hotcopied repository web_iv (2.45)
Verified repository web_iv (4.52)
Dumped repository web_iv (44.5817MB) (4.84)
Compressed web_iv.dump.zip (14.47MB) (9.7)
Hotcopied repository web_oos (0.89)
Verified repository web_oos (0.83)
Dumped repository web_oos (9.1753MB) (0.89)
Compressed web_oos.dump.zip (1.6895MB) (1.39)
Hotcopied repository web_providers (0.84)
Verified repository web_providers (0.11)
Dumped repository web_providers (0.3799MB) (0.11)
Compressed web_providers.dump.zip (0.0428MB) (0.05)
Hotcopied repository web_region (0.94)
Verified repository web_region (0.06)
Dumped repository web_region (0.2711MB) (0.08)
Compressed web_region.dump.zip (0.041MB) (0.05)
Hotcopied repository web_reports (0.33)
Verified repository web_reports (0.08)
Dumped repository web_reports (0.2188MB) (0.11)
Compressed web_reports.dump.zip (0.064MB) (0.03)
Hotcopied repository web_rgh_internet (19.88)
Verified repository web_rgh_internet (22.3)
Dumped repository web_rgh_internet (266.5775MB) (26.48)
Compressed web_rgh_internet.dump.zip (207.4006MB) (65.83)

Subnant finished 04/07/2005 21:10:46 (641.48 seconds)

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