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Unable to import a read-only directory to a http: repository

From: stephen white <steve_at_cs.adelaide.edu.au>
Date: 2005-03-01 14:29:45 CET

Checking the existing issues shows a few of similar, but not the same,
kind of problem... so here's another data point:

        --> You are now talking on #svn-dev
        <spoob> need to enter a bug report, but thought I'd check here first.
        <spoob> we're creating 3500 subversion repositories for computer
science, but have run into a very minor problem.
        <spoob> it's not possible to import into subversion from a read-only
directory (handout), because subversion insists on creating a temporary
file in the read only area.
        <spoob> eg: svn import -m "initial import"
        <spoob> will result in "unable to create tempfile.tmp"
        <spoob> so, bug or not?
        <ringstrom> which version of svn?
        <spoob> 1.1.1 and 1.1.3
        <ringstrom> that sounds like a bug, but I can try it here on trunk
just to be sure
        <ringstrom> what is cwd, btw?
        <spoob> ok, to invoke the bug, you should not have write access to the
directory being imported
        <spoob> cwd is the student home directory, which is not
        <spoob> so something like /users/students/a1234567
        <ringstrom> ok, thanks. gimme a couple of minutes.
        <ringstrom> thanks
        <ringstrom> I can't reproduce the bug with trunk.
        <ringstrom> let me check 1.1 too just to be sure I'm testing the same
        <ringstrom> hmm, I can't reproduce it with 1.1.2 either
        <spoob> Hm. OK, let me reproduce here.
        <spoob> steve@hon15 handout $ ls -ld test_05_s1_assign1
        <spoob> drwxr-sr-x 2 brad teaching 4096 Feb 14 16:34
        <spoob> steve@hon15 handout $ touch a test_05_s1_assign1/
        <spoob> touch: setting times of `test_05_s1_assign1/': Permission
        <spoob> steve@hon15 handout $ cd test_05_s1_assign1/
        <spoob> steve@hon15 test_05_s1_assign1 $ echo hello > a
        <spoob> -bash: a: Permission denied
        <spoob> steve@hon15 steve $ svn import -m "initial"
        <spoob> Authentication realm: <https://repos.cs.adelaide.edu.au:443>
Subversion repository
        <spoob> Password for 'steve':
        <spoob> Adding
        <spoob> svn: Can't open
'/users/teaching/handout/test_05_s1_assign1/tempfile.tmp': Permission
        <spoob> a factor that may be relevant is that /users/teaching is an
NFS mount
        <ringstrom> what if you run:
        <ringstrom> mkdir i i/d ; chmod -R a-w i
        <ringstrom> rm -rf repos ; svnadmin create repos
        <ringstrom> svn import -m "" i file://`pwd`/repos
        <ringstrom> ?
        <ringstrom> do it in a temp dir
        <ringstrom> or any repos will be removed
        <ringstrom> i.e. any dir or file named "repos" will be removed
        <spoob> steve_at_hon15 tmp $ svn import -m "" i file://`pwd`/repos
        <spoob> Adding i/d
        <spoob> Committed revision 1.
        * ringstrom is obviously missing something
        <spoob> relevant lines from an strace
        <spoob> stat64("/users/teaching/handout/test_05_s1_assign1/notes.txt",
{st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=102, ...}) = 0
        <spoob> write(1, "Adding /users/teaching/h"..., 68Adding
   /users/teaching/handout/test_05_s1_assign1/notes.txt) = 68
        <spoob> open("/users/teaching/handout/test_05_s1_assign1/
tempfile.tmp", O_RDWR|O_CREAT|O_EXCL, 0666) = -1 EACCES (Permission
        <spoob> stat64("/users/teaching/handout/test_05_s1_assign1/
tempfile.tmp", 0xbfffef3c) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
        <ringstrom> it could be that it needs non-file:
        * ringstrom tries again with http
        <spoob> that sounds like a distinct possibility. if the repo is
remote, it may need a local file and attempts to put it in the
originating area.
        <ringstrom> ok, got it
        <ringstrom> trunk has the problem too
        <ringstrom> please file an issue

Hope this helps.


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