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Re: Subversion with Slackware 10

From: Andrew Bolander <a.bolander_at_mchsi.com>
Date: 2005-02-07 23:04:09 CET

Jani Averbach wrote:
> On 2005-02-07 11:51-0600, Andrew Bolander wrote:
>>Can no one shed any light on this issue? I really am at a loss on this
>>one. I tried compiling Subversion from scratch and had the same problems.
>>Andrew Bolander wrote:
>>>Hey guys,
>>>I am trying to setup a Subversion repository on my slack 10 box. I have
>>>upgraded to apache 2.0.52 using the package at linuxpackages.org. I have
>>>installed the Subversion 1.1.3 package from there as well.
>>>I can create the repository, and access it locally just fine. I added
>>>this to my httpd.conf:
>>>LoadModule dav_svn_module lib/apache2/mod_dav_svn.so
>>>LoadModule authz_svn_module lib/apache2/mod_authz_svn.so
>>>DavLockDB /var/DavLock
>>><Location /svn>
>>>Dav svn
>>>SVNPath /var/repository/
>>>AuthType Basic
>>>AuthName "Subversion Repository"
>>>AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/passwd/subversion-access
>>>Require valid-user
> ....
>>>I can access my local webpages via apache just fine. I can access
>>>regular DAV sites just fine, (I use the Firefox Bookmark Syncronization
>>>extension) using DAV On.
>>>When I have the authz_svn_module loaded, and try to access one of my
>>>normal (non-dav) pages that use Auth Basic authentication, they fail. I
>>>just get a blank page. When I don't load authz_svn_module, my pages load
> Where have you defined your
> AuthzSVNAccessFile /path/to/config/file
> config line?

I don't have it defined. I have had no need to use the AuthzSVN, I just
loaded the module in case I decided to use it later and thought it was
odd that it interferred with my Auth-Basic locations. I will add a file
and see if it fixes that issue. This is the minor issue really, I can
live without authzSVN loaded.

>>>When I try to access my (url)/svn using subversion, Apache segfaults.
>>>my doc-root is /var/www/htdocs.
>>>Looking at the strace output, it seems like apache is looking for
>>>/var/www/htdocs/svn instead of following the Location tag and enabling
>>>the DAV handler. Here is the strace output:
> ...
>>>I am hoping that I just forgot to do something in my httpd.conf. I don't
>>>understand why, #1, apache is still looking at /var/www/htdocs/svn, #2,
>>>it is segfaulting, or #3, why mod_authz_svn would affect auth-basic
>>>authentication in any way.
> Have you tried to compile Apache HTTPD by yourself? Does it still
> segfault? Is the httpd linked against correct libraries?
> Have you check what your /server-info says? Does it reveal anything weird?

I have not compiled Apache from scratch yet. I guess that is my next
step. I wanted to eliminate any configuration issues before I went that
route first.

I checked the server-info for the mod_dav_svn.c module and came up with

Module Name: mod_dav_svn.c
Content handlers: none
Configuration Phase Participation: Create Directory Config, Merge
Directory Configs, Create Server Config, Merge Server Configs
Request Phase Participation: none
Module Directives:
     SVNPath - specifies the location in the filesystem for a Subversion
repository's files.
     SVNSpecialURI - specify the URI component for special Subversion
     SVNReposName - specify the name of a Subversion repository
     SVNIndexXSLT - specify the URI of an XSL transformation for
directory indexes
     SVNParentPath - specifies the location in the filesystem whose
subdirectories are assumed to be Subversion repositories.
     SVNAutoversioning - turn on deltaV autoversioning.
     SVNPathAuthz - control path-based authz by enabling/disabling
Current Configuration:
     <Location /svn>
       SVNPath /var/repository/

I think that the "Content handlers: none" line might be indicitave of
something wrong, but I don't know what.


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