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RE: RE: Commit hooks malfunctioning... Bug?!

From: Crucius, Wesley <WCrucius_at_sandc.com>
Date: 2005-01-24 16:40:12 CET

I think I have an idea what your problem may be.
Try running the cscript command with "start /WAIT cscript blah.vbs",
specifically, I've done
this in the past:
"start /wait wscript //B //nologo //T:200 C:\scripts\blah.vbs"
This issue is that your command #2 and #3 are running in parallel, so #2
isn't even done
when command #3 begins executing.


From: Dassi, Nasser [mailto:NDassi@141xm.com]
Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2005 11:31 AM
To: Ryan Schmidt
Cc: Subversion List
Subject: RE: Commit hooks malfunctioning... Bug?!

Thanks Ryan,
I would agree with you 100%; however, in this particular circumstance, I
am not changing any governing settings of the working copy. All I am
doing is adding additional directives for future commits.
In particular, by way of "post-commit", instead of just updating the WC
it should be possible to add the extra non-versioned files into the
queue. So, when the next commit occurs (whenever that is) it would
already know that file "abc.txt" is to be added (from non-vers'd to
vers'd) into the repository.
Those commands do not interfere with the current transaction; they
simply prepare for the next.
Because autoversioning+locking/unlocking will be fixed in SVN 1.2, I
have opted for a scheduled task that does the same thing. It would have
been nicer, however, to simply have the start/pre/post-commit hooks make
sure the adding/removing of files happened only on-demand and not
- nasser
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From: Ryan Schmidt [mailto:subversion-2004@ryandesign.com]
Sent: Sat 1/22/2005 11:21 AM
To: Dassi, Nasser
Cc: Subversion List
Subject: Re: Commit hooks malfunctioning... Bug?!

        On 21.01.2005, at 02:57, Dassi, Nasser wrote:
> 1. svn status > random.txt (Works)
> 2. cscript blah.vbs (Runs -> creates a file,
> 3. svn add --targets random1.txt (Fails)
> 4. del random.txt (Works)
> 5. del random1.txt (Works)
        On 21.01.2005, at 21:42, Dassi, Nasser wrote:
> The "bug?" may just be my misunderstanding; here it is, in the
form of
> a
> question for the Subversion Dev Team to give a crack at it:
> Q: Is it possible for a HOOK (start/pre/post-commit) to access
> Add/Delete commands (via "svn add" and "svn delete")?
> Bkgnd: From this thread conversation with Simon Martel, it
appears that
> a HOOK *cannot* modify the working copy from which it was
> Running hook scripts *outside* of a WC "svn commit" command is
not a
> problem; but based on the WC's "commit" it seems to not
> ADD/DELETE commands. "svn up" works fine from within a hook
> though.
        Yes, that's what I understand from reading The Book:
> Warning
> Do not attempt to modify the transaction using hook scripts. A
> example of this would be to automatically set properties such
> svn:eol-style or svn:mime-type during the commit. While this
> seem like a good idea, it causes problems. The main problem
is that
> the client does not know about the change made by the hook
> and there is no way to inform the client that it is
out-of-date. This
> inconsistency can lead to surprising and unexpected
> Instead of attempting to modify the transaction, it is much
better to
> check the transaction in the pre-commit hook and reject the
> if it does not meet the desired requirements.
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