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Re: Bug in cvs2svn?

From: Gili <junk_at_bbs.darktech.org>
Date: 2004-11-28 10:17:10 CET

        Running "run-tests.py" I get this output:

$ "c:/Program Files/Python23/python.exe" run-tests.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\5\cvs2svn-1.1.0\svntest\testcase.py", line 105, in run
    rc = apply(self.pred.func, args)
  File "run-tests.py", line 429, in show_usage
    out = run_cvs2svn(None)
  File "run-tests.py", line 104, in run_cvs2svn
    return run_program(sys.executable, error_re, cvs2svn, *varargs)
  File "run-tests.py", line 90, in run_program
    raise RunProgramException
RunProgramException: <__main__.RunProgramException instance at 0x009F9C10>
FAIL: run-tests.py 1: cvs2svn with no arguments shows usage
SKIP: run-tests.py 2: detection of the executable flag
FAIL: run-tests.py 3: conversion of filename with a space
FAIL: run-tests.py 4: two commits in quick succession
FAIL: run-tests.py 5: prune, but never too much
FAIL: run-tests.py 6: two interleaved trunk commits, different log msgs
FAIL: run-tests.py 7: simple trunk commits
FAIL: run-tests.py 8: simple tags and branches with no commits
FAIL: run-tests.py 9: simple branch commits
FAIL: run-tests.py 10: mixed-time tag
FAIL: run-tests.py 11: mixed-time branch, and a file added to the branch
FAIL: run-tests.py 12: a commit affecting both trunk and a branch
FAIL: run-tests.py 13: branch some trunk files, and later branch the rest
FAIL: run-tests.py 14: conversion of invalid symbolic names
Test failed because no error matched '.*cannot also have name 'vendorB''
FAIL: run-tests.py 15: ignore a file with a branch with two names
FAIL: run-tests.py 16: convert a branch file rooted in a 'dead' revision
FAIL: run-tests.py 17: handle a control char in a log message
FAIL: run-tests.py 18: handle tags rooted in a redeleted revision
FAIL: run-tests.py 19: ensure that trunk doesn't get pruned
FAIL: run-tests.py 20: file deleted twice, in the root of the repository
FAIL: run-tests.py 21: branch created from both trunk and another branch
FAIL: run-tests.py 22: resyncing should not misorder commit groups
FAIL: run-tests.py 23: allow tags with mixed trunk and branch sources
FAIL: run-tests.py 24: never use the rev-in-progress as a copy source
FAIL: run-tests.py 25: do use the last completed rev as a copy source
FAIL: run-tests.py 26: correctly handle deletion as initial branch action
SKIP: run-tests.py 27: non ascii files converted incorrectly
FAIL: run-tests.py 28: avoid spurious changes for initial revs
FAIL: run-tests.py 29: handle default branches correctly
FAIL: run-tests.py 30: compose a tag from three sources
FAIL: run-tests.py 31: reserve a svn revnum for a fill only when required
FAIL: run-tests.py 32: make sure that filling prunes paths correctly
FAIL: run-tests.py 33: don't break when the trunk is empty
FAIL: run-tests.py 34: ensure that we don't create any spurious commits
FAIL: run-tests.py 35: verify correct revs are copied to default branches
FAIL: run-tests.py 36: run each pass individually
FAIL: run-tests.py 37: reveal a big bug in our resync algorithm
FAIL: run-tests.py 38: reveal a bug in our default branch detection code
PASS: run-tests.py 39: die if a file exists in and out of the attic
FAIL: run-tests.py 40: reveal a big bug in our SymbolicNameFillingGuide
FAIL: run-tests.py 41: test eol settings and mime types together
FAIL: run-tests.py 42: test setting of svn:keywords property among others
FAIL: run-tests.py 43: test setting of svn:ignore property
FAIL: run-tests.py 44: test that CVS can still do what RCS can't
FAIL: run-tests.py 45: test that we can handle weird symbolic names
XFAIL: run-tests.py 46: reveal a bug that reorders file revisions
FAIL: run-tests.py 47: test that exclude really excludes everything
FAIL: run-tests.py 48: add trunk file that was deleted on vendor branch

        Looks like something is seriously busted. I am running this under cygwin and Python 2.3.


On Sun, 28 Nov 2004 03:49:37 -0500, Gili wrote:


> Using cvs2svn it always fails at the same point. The output is:

>Starting Subversion commit 143 / 985
>Committing 15 CVSRevisions
> Changing trunk/com/shadowcraft/eggshell/Client.java
> Changing trunk/com/shadowcraft/eggshell/ChannelModel.java
> Changing trunk/com/shadowcraft/eggshell/Channel.java
> Changing trunk/com/shadowcraft/eggshell/EggShell.java
> New Directory trunk/com/shadowcraft/eggshell/oc2
> Adding trunk/com/shadowcraft/eggshell/oc2/NickList.java
> Adding trunk/com/shadowcraft/eggshell/oc2/ChannelModel.java
>ERROR: error executing CVS: status None, error output:
>ERROR: The command 'cvs -q co -r1.1 -p "com/shadowcraft/eggshell/oc2/NickModel.j
>ava,"' failed with exit status: 1
>and the following output:
>cvs checkout: cwd=c:\5\cvs2svn-1.1.0 ,current=c:\5\cvs2svn-1.1.0
>cvs checkout: cannot find module `com/shadowcraft/eggshell/oc2/NickModel.java,'
>- ignored

> Notice how cvs2svn is passing a comma at the end of the filename, which is incorrect. The CVS repository is
>actually CVSNT. My command-line is: $ "c:/Program Files/Python23/python.exe" cvs2svn --existing-svnrepos --
>tmpdir="c:/temp" -s "/Program Files/Subversion/scp" --use-cvs -v "/Program Files/cvs/scp"

> Any ideas?


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Received on Sun Nov 28 10:19:12 2004

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