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Re: make check FAILURE

From: Kenny Miller <kenny.miller_at_ekb.atmel.com>
Date: 2004-11-25 16:59:57 CET

Thanks for your response, ./basic_tests.py -v returned the following output :
[SKIPPED] at least Python 2.0 is required

We had 1.5 installed as the default although 2 and 2.1 were present, I switched to 2.1.

Unfortunately, the 'make check' still failed at the basic_tests.py test :

./basic_tests.py -v
CMD: svnadmin "create" "local_tmp/repos" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.443750>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 1: basic checkout of a wc
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-2" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.363284>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 2: basic status command
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-3" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.352891>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 3: basic commit command
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-4" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.428501>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 4: basic update command
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-5" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.472671>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 5: basic mkdir URL
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-6" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.428909>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 6: basic corruption detection
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-7" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.365537>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 7: receiving text merges as part of an update
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-8" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.348083>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 8: basic conflict creation and resolution
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-9" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.396872>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 9: basic cleanup command
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-10" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.262583>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 10: basic revert command
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-11" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.307800>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 11: basic switch command
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-12" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.345814>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 12: basic delete command
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-13" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.356819>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 13: checkout a path no longer in HEAD
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-14" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.382827>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 14: attempt to change node kind
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-15" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.298729>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 15: basic import of single new file
CMD: svnadmin "create" "local_tmp/repos" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.390097>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 16: basic cat of files
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-17" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.335319>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 17: basic ls
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-18" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.276914>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 18: basic import of executable files
CMD: svn "log" "file:///nonexistent_path" "--config-dir" "/home/kennym/subversion-1.1.1/subversion/tests/clients/cmdline/local_tmp/config" <TIME = 0.327498>
PASS:  basic_tests.py 19: 'svn log file:///nonexistent_path' should fail
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-20" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.409306>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 20: basic auth caching
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-21" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.353402>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 21: ignored files in added dirs should not be added
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-22" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.347725>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 22: do not import ignored files in imported dirs
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-23" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.251691>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 23: make sure URI syntaxes are parsed correctly
CMD: svnadmin "create" "local_tmp/repos" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.292137>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 24: trying to check out a file should fail
CMD: svnadmin "create" "repositories/basic_tests-25" "--bdb-txn-nosync" "--fs-type=bdb" <TIME = 0.458003>
SKIP:  basic_tests.py 25: verify that 'svn cat' traces renames

Any other advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

kfogel@collab.net wrote:
"Kenny Miller" <kenny.miller@ekb.atmel.com> writes:
I was able to configure and compile subversion on a Fedora Core 3
system without issue however, when I ran a 'make check' for version
subversion-1.1.1 on a Redhat7.2 system the 'make check' returned
FAILURES for basic_tests.py onwards.

I looked in the tests.log and saw that these tests used svnadmin :

When everything from basic_tests.py onward fails, that's almost always
a sign that some basic piece of functionality is missing.  Try doing

   $ cd subversion/tests/clients/cmdline
   $ ./basic_tests.py -v

What is the output?

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