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Re: Repository re-organisation / moving files

From: Toby D. Watson <t.d.watson_at_durham.ac.uk>
Date: 2004-11-24 18:57:54 CET

Replying to myself here as I may have found a solution.

If I create a new directory in the repository called trunk and then do:

svnadmin load --parent-dir trunk /svn/hs < /tmp/hs-dumpfile

this appears to work with the caveat that the repository was
inaccessible and I have to run svnadmin recover. However, this then
*seems* to be ok. Bit worried about having to recover it straight off
like that - do you think I am safe with using the repository now?



Toby D. Watson wrote:
> Thanks the David's advice I tried out dumping the repository, altering
> the dumpfile and then loading it into a fresh repository.
> Unfortuanately, this seems to fail:
> [root@mozart svn]# svnadmin load /svn/hs < /tmp/hs-dumpfile
> <<< Started new transaction, based on original revision 1
> * adding path : trunk/data ...svn: File not found: transaction '1',
> path 'trunk/data'
> Now, I presumed that this was because the trunk directory did not exist
> so I attempted to add a new directory in the first revision, adding the
> creation of "trunk" to the dumpfile. However, I appear to have been
> thwarted as this fails:
> [root@mozart svn]# svnadmin load /svn/hs < /tmp/hs-dumpfile
> <<< Started new transaction, based on original revision 1
> * adding path : trunk ... done.
> * adding path : trunk/data ... done.
> * adding path : trunk/data/datx.dat ...svn: Checksum mismatch, rep
> '3':
> expected: e2d02b210abba3a8582dc95b7abc1909
> actual: 5a7d0fa08b8f68d6c3dc116f892df400
> Would it be possible that anyone could give me some pointers here please?
> Many thanks for any assistance,
> Toby.
> David Kramer wrote:
>> On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, Toby D. Watson wrote:
>>> In an earlier post that I dug up it was suggested - if I read it
>>> right! - that one solution was to dump the repository then recreate
>>> it after "hacking" the dumpfile. Having examined the dump files
>>> produced I am a little unclear about what this means.
>>> If anyone could put me right on this that would be very helpful.
>> I think I was the one to post that.
>> What I did was edit the dump files in emacs. For each directory and
>> file, there's a section of headers defining the properties. One of
>> the lines should say "Node-path:". What I did was do a global search
>> and replace so the files and directories were laid out the way I
>> wanted. Then I set up the empty repository and loaded the dumpfile
>> into it. All the files were laid out in the new arrangement, and I
>> had the full history of each file and directory intact.
>> Ferinstance, let's say I had
>> myproject/bar/branches
>> myproject/bar/trunk
>> myproject/bar/tags
>> myproject/baz/branches
>> myproject/baz/trunk
>> myproject/baz/tags
>> myproject/foo/branches
>> myproject/foo/trunk
>> myproject/foo/tags
>> and I wanted mypoject/branches/bar
>> mypoject/branches/baz
>> mypoject/branches/foo
>> mypoject/trunk/bar
>> mypoject/trunk/baz
>> mypoject/trunk/foo
>> mypoject/tags/bar
>> mypoject/tags/baz
>> mypoject/tags/foo
>> I would search and replace
>> "Node-path: myproject/bar/branches"->"Node-path: myproject/branches/bar"
>> "Node-path: myproject/bar/trunk"->"Node-path: myproject/trunk/bar"
>> "Node-path: myproject/bar/tags"->"Node-path: myproject/tags/bar"
>> "Node-path: myproject/baz/branches"->"Node-path: myproject/branches/baz"
>> "Node-path: myproject/baz/trunk"->"Node-path: myproject/trunk/baz"
>> "Node-path: myproject/baz/tags"->"Node-path: myproject/tags/baz"
>> "Node-path: myproject/foo/branches"->"Node-path: myproject/branches/foo"
>> "Node-path: myproject/foo/trunk"->"Node-path: myproject/trunk/foo"
>> "Node-path: myproject/foo/tags"->"Node-path: myproject/tags/foo"
>> You could use sed, perl, an editor, or whatever you're comfortable with,
>> to do the search and replace.
>> Just don't forget to include the "Node-path: " part in your search and
>> replace to guarantee you don't change any text in your source files.
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> DDDD David Kramer david@thekramers.net
>> http://thekramers.net
>> DK KD Some people have told me they don't think a fat penguin really
>> DKK D embodies the grace of Linux, which just tells me they have
>> never seen DK KD an angry penguin charging at them in excess of
>> 100mph. They'd be a DDDD lot more careful about what they say if
>> they had. Linus Torvalds

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