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Re: Feature request(s) about svnserve?

From: Marc Haisenko <haisenko_at_webport.de>
Date: 2004-10-12 09:59:14 CEST

On Saturday 09 October 2004 10:46, Peter Valdemar Mørch wrote:
> Hi,
> ******************
> Request(s)
> ******************
> * Allow configuration of umask and -r option for svnserve globally for
> all users on a server. E.g. in an optional configuration file under /etc

Yes, this would be a nice thing... telling people to write wrapper scripts
that set the umask is not a Good Thing(tm), IMHO...

> * document environment variable SVN_SSH_SVNSERVE in svnbook and 'man
> svnserve' (See thread "Using svn+ssh")
> * At least SVN_SSH_SVNSERVE could be put in /etc/profile. But it still
> doesn't allow configuration of the umask. If environment variables are
> the way to go, then I request a -u, --umask option to svnserve that
> allows me to put the umask into SVN_SSH_SVNSERVE

Having SubVersion edit the /etc/profile is a no-no, this has to be left to the
distributors and admins. This file is so important that SubVersion shouldn't
edit it, and may be so complex that SubVersion can't edit it :-)

> I just want to use svn+ssh sanely without hacking files in /usr/bin or
> requiring pr. user settings (e.g. umask).
> I see an issue "svnserve configuration"
> http://subversion.tigris.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=1143
> But it explicitly mentions daemon mode and questions tunnel mode (I use
> tunnel mode only), and the umask issue is not mentioned.
> Which feature request(s) should I file / modify?
> Unless I hear otherwise, I'll append most of this to 1143 and then file
> separate ones for the "-u, --umask option to svnserve" and documation
> request for SVN_SSH_SVNSERVE. OK?
> Peter
> ******************
> Background
> ******************
> In the svnbook, I see this example:
> "svn list svn+ssh://host.example.com/repos/project"
> How has host.example.com been configured to allow this?

If you're logged in as user "foo" on your machine, then this line will allow
you access if you have an account named "foo" on host.example.com which has
read-access rights to /repos/project (and for which you have the password or
set up public key SSH authentification).

> To do this, svnserve must have an -r option. Also, in "The svn+ssh://
> server checklist" in the svnbook, it is simply said that:
> "Make sure that svnserve (/usr/local/bin/svnserve, or wherever it lives
> in $PATH) is actually a wrapper script which sets umask 002 and executes
> the real svnserve binary."
> So, I've renamed svnserve to svnserve.real and then created a new svnserve:
> #!/bin/bash
> # Change this to reflect where your repository really is
> repos=/home/svnrepos
> umask 002
> /usr/bin/svnserve.real -r $repos "$@"

The "-r $repos" part is unnecessary, AFAIK. That's what you've already passed
in the URL.

> It is nasty to have to rename a file from a standard package and create
> another file with the same name. But is there any other way to do this?
> Hence my request for a configuration file or some other way to configure
> this globally.
> In the "Using svn+ssh" thread, this came up. It isn't in the svnbook or
> in man svnserve 1.0.6...
> export SVN_SSH_SVNSERVE="svnserve -r /var/scm"

Marc Haisenko
Webport IT-Services GmbH
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