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Re: File not found: transaction 'xx' transcript

From: Michael Abele <michael.abele_at_aqcon.com>
Date: 2004-09-15 15:23:31 CEST

Ok. I've made a transcript. I can reproduce the error in our environment
with new repositories as often as I want...

Server: Windows Server 2003, Subversion 1.0.6, Apache 2.0.49, configured
for https access
Client: Windows XP Home/Pro, accessing to repository via https and
inside our LAN, Subversion 1.0.6

I've created an empty repository on the server.

And this is what I've done after that:

D:\projects\test>md fnf1

D:\projects\test>md fnf2

D:\projects\test>svn co https://our-server/svn/test/fnftest fnf1
Checked out revision 0.

D:\projects\test>svn co https://our-server/svn/test/fnftest fnf2
Checked out revision 0.

D:\projects\test>cd fnf1

D:\projects\test\fnf1>md folder1\folder2

D:\projects\test\fnf1>svn add folder2
svn: 'folder2' not found

D:\projects\test\fnf1>svn add folder1
A folder1
A folder1\folder2

D:\projects\test\fnf1>cd folder1\folder2

D:\projects\test\fnf1\folder1\folder2>echo hallo >> test1.txt

D:\projects\test\fnf1\folder1\folder2>svn add test1.txt
A test1.txt


D:\projects\test\fnf1>svn commit -m "Added folders and file1.txt"
Adding folder1
Adding folder1\folder2
Adding folder1\folder2\test1.txt
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 1.

D:\projects\test\fnf1>cd ..\fnf2

D:\projects\test\fnf2>svn update D:\projects\test\fnf2
A D:\projects\test\fnf2\folder1
A D:\projects\test\fnf2\folder1\folder2
A D:\projects\test\fnf2\folder1\folder2\test1.txt
Updated to revision 1.

D:\projects\test\fnf2>echo hallo2 >> folder1\folder2\test1.txt

D:\projects\test\fnf2>cd ..\fnf1

D:\projects\test\fnf1>svn delete

D D:\projects\test\fnf1\folder1\folder2\test1.txt

D:\projects\test\fnf1>svn commit -m "Deleted test1"
Deleting folder1\folder2\test1.txt

Committed revision 2.

D:\projects\test\fnf1>cd ..\fnf2

D:\projects\test\fnf2>cd folder1\folder2

D:\projects\test\fnf2\folder1\folder2>svn update
svn: Won't delete locally modified file 'test1.txt'

D:\projects\test\fnf2\folder1\folder2>svn update
svn: REPORT request failed on '/svn/test/fnftest/!svn/vcc/default'
svn: File not found: transaction '3', path '/folder1/folder2/test1.txt'

-- BUT : --

D:\projects\test\fnf2\folder1\folder2>svn update
svn: Won't delete locally modified file 'test1.txt'

The error does *not* occur if I do create/change/delete a file on root
of repository without folder1\folder2!

If anybody needs more information, feel free to ask!


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Subject: Re: File not found: transaction `2eb`.......

"Michael Abele" wrote
> Ok, I'll try to do...
> Please tell me what it should include beside a full transcript and our

> system configuration?

Sorry, you're asking the wrong person. I am only guessing at what will
be important. I would think the essential part is to establish a command
line recipe that works repeatably on your system, preferably with a
fresh repository and not an existing huge one. If you can do that then
any other differences can probably be tracked down later, so long as you
can continue to reproduce the problem. I would suggest for starters:
Server OS
Server program & version (apache/svnserve/file) Connection protocol
Connection method (LAN/internet) Client OS Client SVN version


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"Michael Abele" wrote

> Yes, you're right.
> So I did another quick command line test:
> ...
> svn: REPORT request failed on '/svn/test/testrepos/!svn/vcc/default'
> svn: File not found: transaction '10', path
> So full paths in folders below the root folder seem to cause the
> problem... Any comments on this?

Yes. If this recipe works reliably and you can document it fully so the
SVN devs can reproduce it as well, you are a hero :-)

Full paths had been identified as a contributory factor a few days ago
(see the issue tracker), but so far no-one has been able to reproduce it
reliably enough to debug.

You might want to include the info on server config, access protocol,
whether access is over LAN/WAN, client & server OS, etc. The difficulty
in reproducing may be due to some combination of circumstances; who
knows which ones are relevant?


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