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SVN Status information

From: Brooke Benjamin Oehm Smith <brooke_at_tintuna.com>
Date: 2004-09-11 06:10:37 CEST

Howdy all,

I've done alot of reading of SVN-Users, and now its time to do some

One thing I've been meaning to ask is why the Status information (such
as the five columns from svn status) use spaces, instead of "." or "-"?
  I reckon that the following looks better than what svn status would
normally return and is a lot easier to read:

$ svn status
..L.. abc.c # svn has a lock in its .svn directory for abc.c
M.... bar.c # the content in bar.c has local modifications
.M... baz.c # baz.c has property but no content modifications
X.... 3rd_party # this dir is part of an externals definition
?.... foo.o # svn doesn't manage foo.o
!.... some_dir # svn manages this, but it's either missing or
~.... qux # versioned as dir, but is file, or vice versa
I.... screenrc # this file is ignored
A..+. moved_dir # added with history of where it came from
M..+. moved_dir/README # added with history and has local modifications
D.... stuff/fish.c # this file is scheduled for deletion
A.... stuff/loot/bloo.h # this file is scheduled for addition
C.... stuff/loot/lump.c # this file has conflicts from an update
....S stuff/squawk # this file or dir has been switched to a branch

And what about 'svn status -v' also returning 5 header titles saying
what these are?

I guess one answer is that many people will use GUI clients that can do
all this. However as someone who likes to use the command-line, I can
say that I like Unix dir's use of "-' in permissions and would find it
very difficult to know what is what at a glance if there were only

Not meaning to complain, just refine what is otherwise a very nice
piece of software that puts CVS to shame.



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		-- Robert Frost
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