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RE: More info (svn/apache playing together!)

From: bruce <bedouglas_at_earthlink.net>
Date: 2004-09-08 19:02:11 CEST


for what it's worth.. here's what seems to work for me in getting svn/apache
to play together... this is simply to provide anonymous access as a test.
it's left as an exercise to the reader to implement the access control for

Target system is a linux RH8.0 system.

Key RPMS are:

(The RPMs were found at

I've included the above RPMs as they were what were initially installed on
the box.

After running through issues, it was decided to go ahead and use the
subversion src tar file, as it gave a more up to date version of
neon/apr/apr-util/svn apps.. The same thought process was used for the

In using/building from the source files, we also removed the RPMs for the
DB/Subversion apps...

Required Src Files:

This got the system to a point where we could actually build/install the
required apps for SVN/Apache to work together.

Install RPMS:
rpm -ivh -force --nodeps httpd-2.0.50-5.i386.rpm
rpm -ivh -force --nodeps httpd-devel-2.0.50-5.i386.rpm
rpm -ivh -force --nodeps httpd-suexec-2.0.50-5.i386.rpm
rpm -ivh -force --nodeps mod_python-3.1.3-1.i386.rpm
rpm -ivh -force --nodeps mod_ssl-2.0.49-1.1.i386.rpm
rpm -ivh -force --nodeps perl-5.8.3-18.i386.rpm
rpm -ivh -force --nodeps php-4.2.2-8.0.5.i386.rpm

The default output dirs were used for the most part.

Libs: ->/usr/lib

Installing Source

Berkeley DB
./configure (no options were used)

./configure --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs --with-berkeley-db=/usr/local/Berke
leyDB.4.2 --with-dbm=db4 --with-gdbm=no

Berkeley libs from the /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.2/lib dir to the /usr/lib dir
Subversion libs were copied from the /usr/local/lib dir to the /usr/lib dir
APR libs were copied from the /usr/local/apr/lib dir to the /usr/lib dir

At this point, the system was able to load all the required files/libs and
the httpd started successfully.

Creating the SVN dirs:
A test SVN root was created with a test dir:

Creating the repository was done by:
 svnadmin create /svnroot/test

Changing permissions for the repository:
 chown -R apache:apache /svnroot (your httpd owner might be different)
 (This ensures that the httpd daemon/process can
  read/write/access the repository)

The subversion.conf file was modified to be:
LoadModule dav_svn_module modules/mod_dav_svn.so
LoadModule authz_svn_module modules/mod_authz_svn.so

<Location /svn>
   DAV svn
   #SVNParentPath /svnroot
   SVNPath /svnroot/test

to access the repository through http/apache
 svn list http://192.168.x.x/svn

which successfully generated a blank dir listing!!

The primary issues that seemed to occur had to do with correctly pointing
apps to the correct libs. Until you have sufficient skill at configuring
apps, using non default/standard file locations, it's probably less problems
to stick with the defaults.

feel free to add/comment on this process...

at some time, it would probably be a good thing to put together a doc, that
describes how to accomplish this from using the source files for



-----Original Message-----
From: Eetu Huisman [mailto:eh@iki.fi]
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 7:34 AM
To: users@subversion.tigris.org
Subject: More info

Ok, I've managed to locate the root of my problems. From the Apache
error log:

[Wed Sep 08 16:14:55 2004] [error] [client] (20014)Error
string not specified yet: Bad database version: compiled with 4.1.25,
running against 4.0.14

So it is a Berkeley DB problem. It seems that for some reason or the
other, Apache is linked against the old version of db4. What exactly are
my options here? I wouldn't want to recompile Apache (and by looking at
Apache spec-file and ./configure, I doubt that it would even help, they
don't provide a way to change the db4 version to link against) and there
isn't a db-compat-devel -package available anywhere.

If anyone has any idea a) why Apache is linked againt db4.0 and b) how
to fix this mess while trying to keep everything under the control of
RPM, I'd appreciate it.

Has anyone had any luck with the RPM's provided @
http://people.redhat.com/jorton/Taroon-svn/? I'd imagine that there is
simply no way to get them working with Apache without (somehow, not sure
how) recompiling Apache with db-4.1.

Eetu Huisman

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