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RE: scary "file not found" failures

From: Jonathan Boutelle <jon_at_uzanto.com>
Date: 2004-06-23 07:27:55 CEST

The server and all clients are running Norton Antivirus with Autoprotect
enabled. So that is a potential explanation for my problem. Not about to
disable my virus scanning however: I get multiple copies of the netski
virus etc mailed to me every day!

At 06:32 AM 6/23/2004, jal0 wrote:

>Just a question...
>Are those of you experiencing this problem running any antivirus software?
>I've seen a similar thing happening in Microsoft Visual Studios. When
>initiating a build, I get an "unable to access file. File may be missing
>or in use". If I immediately initiate another build it goes through with
>no problems.
>The last time I saw this error message I went to explorer and the file in
>question had been renamed to some random file name with a .tmp extension
>.I opened it up in a txt editor as it _was_ the same file... only
>something had decided to rename it at exactly the same time msvc was
>trying to compile it.
>By hitting the 'build' button, msvc re-saves all files automatically
>before rebuilding so no damage was done. Although once I _didn't_ do an
>immediate rebuild, but closed the application. The next time I open the
>project, the file had disappeared. That really sucked. Lucking I had a
>backup in my subversion repository :)
>Anyway, I did some searching on google and found out that other had
>experienced the same issue and almost all of them had some form of 'Real
>Time Protection' or antivirus software installed. And the reason for the
>problems stemmed from the antivirus software trying to scan the file when
>a application first accesses it. If the timing is right the conflict arises.
>I've also seen this issue manifest itself when trying to delete a file.
>Windows aborts the operation with an error stating it cant delete the file
>due to it's being used by another process... the antivirus software.
>Anyway, maybe this is the problem some of you are seeing this happen
>sporadically. Try disabling the antivirus software for a while ( when you
>not surfing the net of course).
>Hope this helps. This has been a bugger of a problem for me and I haven't
>been able to find a solution yet.
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>From: Jonathan Boutelle [mailto:jon@uzanto.com]
>Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004 9:12 PM
>To: Branko Œibej
>Cc: users@subversion.tigris.org
>Subject: Re: scary "file not found" failures
>If all someone is doing is constantly updating a subsection of the tree,
>and occasionally individual files (via.Tortoise SVN), where would the
>potential confusion come from that would cause intermittent failure in this
>Is there some mistake you can make during setup that would cause
>intermittent failure at runtime? (Maybe something to do with the file
>system of the server being FAT32 instead of NTFS or something?). Because
>frankly I'm not doing anything complicated enough to mess up when the error
>occurs: I'm just right-clicking and selecting update.
>I will try to isolate when this bug occurs: it IS happening (sporadically)
>on multiple machines in my network.
>At 05:46 PM 6/18/2004, you wrote:
> >Jonathan Boutelle wrote:
> >
> > > Oh - boy. Well at least I'm not alone. Yeah, from the reading that
> > > sounds like exactly what I've got.
> > > Am I correct that efforts to isolate this bug have foundered (the bug
> > > is "closed" in the database)?
> >
> >Yes, I closed the bug because I am unable to reproduce it, and nobody
> >else has yet found a recipe that consistently produces this error. So I
> >suspect it's user confusion, compounded by a not-as-clear-as-could be
> >error message.
> >
> > > BTW, updating at a "higher" level (the root, instead of the "rumm"
> > > directory only) fixed the problem (which doesn't make any sense, but
> > > there you go).
> >
> >Well, _that_ sounds like it could be a bug. I've seen something similar
> >happen in other cases on Windows, but again never found a consistently
> >reproducible case. If you could figure out exactly what happened (in
> >your working copy and on the server), it would be a great help. If you
> >do find a recipe, just attach it to issue 1862, and I'll pick it up from
> >there.
> >
> >--
> >Brane Èibej <brane_at_xbc.nu> http://www.xbc.nu/brane/
>Jon Boutelle
>Principal, Uzanto Consulting
>San Francisco, CA
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>urls: www.uzanto.com
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Jon Boutelle
Principal, Uzanto Consulting
San Francisco, CA

Phone: 510-708-9825
urls: www.uzanto.com

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