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Re: "REPORT request failed" while merging

From: Stefanus Du Toit <sjdutoit_at_cgl.uwaterloo.ca>
Date: 2004-06-16 02:56:54 CEST

On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 06:29:51PM -0400, Stefanus Du Toit wrote:
> I have a subversion repo, accessed over WebDAV using svn 1.0.3 and
> apache2 2.0.48.
> I made a branch earlier today, and was just trying to merge it into the
> trunk. There have been no changes to the trunk since the branch was
> made.

I should mention that I used

 "svn cp . https://XXX/svn/sh/branches/progwrap"

to make the branch. I suppose it would probably have been wiser to svn
cp URL URL, then svn switch and svn commit.

Note that I tried to "svn switch https://XXX/svn/sh/branches/progwrap"
after that and this failed, although I forgot why, and stupidly assumed
I just screwed something up (which is probably true) and checked out a
new version.

But I still have that WC lying around, so I'll paste the "svn st" here,
after noting:

sjdutoit@inigo:~/svn/sh-borked$ svn up
svn: REPORT request failed on '/svn/sh/!svn/vcc/default'
svn: REPORT of '/svn/sh/!svn/vcc/default': Could not read chunk size: Secure connection truncated (https://XXX)

Here's svn st for that repo:

sjdutoit@inigo:~/svn/sh-borked$ svn st 
!      .
    S  test
    S  test/regress/Makefile.am
    S  test/old
    S  ChangeLog
!   S  src
    S  src/ShStatement.hpp
    S  src/scripts/common.py
    S  src/scripts/ShTexCoordImpl.hpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShColor.cpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShNormalImpl.hpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShPointImpl.hpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShColor.hpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShAttrib.cpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShTexCoord.cpp.py
    S  src/scripts/semantic.py
    S  src/scripts/ShNormal.cpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShPoint.cpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShVectorImpl.hpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShAttrib.hpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShPositionImpl.hpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShTexCoord.hpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShNormal.hpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShPoint.hpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShVector.cpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShPosition.cpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShColorImpl.hpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShVector.hpp.py
    S  src/scripts/ShPosition.hpp.py
    S  src/ShMemory.hpp
A  +S  src/ShProgramNode.cpp
    S  src/ShChannelNode.cpp
    S  src/ShNormalImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShGeneric.hpp
    S  src/ShLibMatrixImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShLibTrigImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShLibPoint.hpp
M   S  src/ShSyntax.cpp
    S  src/ShBackend.cpp
    S  src/ShImage.hpp
    S  src/ShLibBooleanImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShVariableNode.hpp
    S  src/ShParser.hpp
    S  src/ShPosition.cpp
    S  src/ShDomTree.hpp
M   S  src/ShTransformer.hpp
M   S  src/ShEnvironment.hpp
M   S  src/ShFixedManipulator.cpp
    S  src/ShLib.hpp
    S  src/ShMeta.cpp
    S  src/ShLibMisc.hpp
    S  src/ShBasicBlock.cpp
    S  src/ShBlock.hpp
    S  src/ShLibPosition.hpp
    S  src/ShGenericImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShTextureNode.cpp
    S  src/ShMetaForwarder.hpp
    S  src/ShMatrix.hpp
    S  src/ShLinearAllocator.cpp
    S  src/ShChannel.hpp
M   S  src/ShManipulatorImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShOptimizer.cpp
A  +S  src/ShProgramNode.hpp
    S  src/ShChannelNode.hpp
    S  src/ShVariable.cpp
    S  src/ShLibGeometry.hpp
    S  src/ShSyntax.hpp
    S  src/ShManipulator.cpp
M   S  src/ShBackend.hpp
    S  src/ShLibMatrix.hpp
    S  src/ShLibArith.hpp
    S  src/ShPosition.hpp
    S  src/ShLibMiscImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShLibClampImpl.hpp
M   S  src/ShAttribImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShQuaternionImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShColor.cpp
    S  src/ShFixedManipulator.hpp
    S  src/ShToken.cpp
    S  src/sh.hpp
M   S  src/ShContext.cpp
    S  src/ShAttrib.cpp
M   S  src/ShCtrlGraph.cpp
    S  src/ShMatrixImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShMeta.hpp
    S  src/ShTable.hpp
M   S  src/Makefile.am
M   S  src/ShInternals.cpp
    S  src/ShChannelImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShBasicBlock.hpp
    S  src/ShVector.cpp
    S  src/ShTexture.hpp
D   S  src/ShProgram.cpp
    S  src/ShSwizzle.cpp
    S  src/ShLibGeometryImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShTextureNode.hpp
    S  src/ShRefCountImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShTexCoordImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShLinearAllocator.hpp
    S  src/ShPointImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShArray.hpp
    S  src/ShLibArithImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShTexCoord.cpp
    S  src/ShOptimizer.hpp
    S  src/ShNormal.cpp
    S  src/ShPoint.cpp
    S  src/ShError.cpp
    S  src/ShVariable.hpp
    S  src/ShPositionImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShDebug.hpp
    S  src/ShException.cpp
    S  src/ShManipulator.hpp
    S  src/ShUtility.cpp
M   S  src/ShInstructions.cpp
    S  src/ShImage3D.cpp
    S  src/ShTokenizer.cpp
    S  src/ShWrap.hpp
    S  src/ShStreamImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShBaseTextureImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShColor.hpp
    S  src/ShNibbles.hpp
    S  src/ShLibTexCoord.hpp
    S  src/ShToken.hpp
    S  src/ShLibClamp.hpp
M   S  src/ShContext.hpp
    S  src/ShAttrib.hpp
    S  src/ShBitSet.cpp
    S  src/ShQuaternion.hpp
    S  src/ShBaseTexture.cpp
M   S  src/ShStream.cpp
M   S  src/ShCtrlGraph.hpp
M   S  src/ShAlgebra.cpp
    S  src/ShClamping.hpp
M   S  src/ShInternals.hpp
    S  src/ShStatement.cpp
    S  src/ShVector.hpp
    S  src/ShMemory.cpp
D   S  src/ShProgram.hpp
    S  src/ShSwizzle.hpp
    S  src/ShGeneric.cpp
    S  src/ShLibAttrib.hpp
    S  src/ShImage.cpp
    S  src/ShRefCount.hpp
M   S  src/ShVariableNode.cpp
    S  src/ShParser.cpp
    S  src/ShTexCoord.hpp
    S  src/ShNormal.hpp
    S  src/ShLibVector.hpp
    S  src/ShError.hpp
    S  src/ShPoint.hpp
    S  src/ShDomTree.cpp
    S  src/ShLibTrig.hpp
M   S  src/ShTransformer.cpp
    S  src/ShException.hpp
M   S  src/ShEnvironment.cpp
    S  src/ShColorImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShNibblesImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShUtility.hpp
    S  src/ShInstructions.hpp
    S  src/ShLibColor.hpp
    S  src/ShLibBoolean.hpp
    S  src/header
    S  src/ShImage3D.hpp
    S  src/ShTokenizer.hpp
    S  src/ShLibNormal.hpp
    S  src/ShVectorImpl.hpp
    S  src/ShBlock.cpp
    S  src/ShBitSet.hpp
    S  src/ShStream.hpp
    S  src/ShBaseTexture.hpp
M   S  src/ShAlgebra.hpp
    S  src/ShMetaForwarder.cpp
    S  BUGS
    S  win32
    S  configure.ac
    S  doc
    S  TODO
    S  config
    S  Makefile.am
    S  backends
    S  NEWS
    S  bootstrap
    S  util
Thanks a lot for all the great work on this amazing piece of software.
Stefanus Du Toit <sjdutoit@cgl.uwaterloo.ca>
  Computer Graphics Lab
  School of Computer Science
  University of Waterloo
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Received on Wed Jun 16 02:58:17 2004

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