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From: Brad Cox <bcox_at_virtualschool.edu>
Date: 2004-03-08 00:23:34 CET

First time user. Downloaded/installed svn latest only today on Fedora
Linux. Importing several projects went fine (see history below), so
decided to check in the website too

        cd /var/www
        svn import html file:///opt/svn/html

Seemed to go fine, so
        mv html html.bak
        svn checkout html

and kaboom:
        svn checkout file:///opt/svn/var/www/html svn: Berkeley
DB error while committing Berkeley DB transaction for
                filesystem /opt/svn/db: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error,
run database recovery Aborted

Plenty of RAM and disk. Nothing unusual going on.

The trail stops cold there. Nothing in the book or the faq. The mailing list
http://subversion.tigris.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=users&msgNo=85 suggests
        db_recover -h /home/doug/svn_client_work/db

but there's no svn_client_work/db in my home directory (this was an
rpm install).

Not confidence inspiring for this first-time user. How do I dig out of this?

Here's the actual history. I suspect the
        svn import html file:///opt/svn/var/www/html

line caused this but I've really no idea. Can someone here help?

PS: Why can't svn provide precise instructions? "run database
recovery" is absolutely no help.

  1407 svnadmin create /opt/svn 1425 svn import ale
file:///opt/svn/ale 1427 svn import fed2xml file:///opt/svn/fed2xml
1429 svn import java+ file:///opt/svn/java+ 1431 svn import jco
file:///opt/svn/jco 1433 svn import jwaa file:///opt/svn/jwaa 1435
svn import mybank file:///opt/svn/mybank 1444 svn checkout
file:///opt/svn/ale 1446 svn checkout file:///opt/svn/fed2xml 1447
svn checkout file:///opt/svn/java+ 1449 svn checkout
file:///opt/svn/jco 1451 svn checkout file:///opt/svn/mybank 1452
svn status 1455 svn checkout file:///opt/svn/jwaa 1457 svn status
1459 svn delete tmp logs 1461 svn delete bin 1463 svn status 1464
svn commit 1468 svn delete bin tmp logs/ 1469 svn commit 1472 svn
delete 1 bin logs/ tmp/ 1473 svn commit 1476 svn delete bin 1478
svn commit 1481 svn -version 1482 svn -v 1485 svn version 1509
svn remove pages 1510 svn add *.xml 1511 svn status 1512 svn
commit 1520 svn import html file:///opt/svn/html 1523 svn import
html file:///opt/svn/var/www/html 1524 sudo svn import html
file:///opt/svn/var/www/html 1535 svn checkout html 1537 svn
checkout file:///opt/svn/var/www/html 1538 sudo svn checkout
file:///opt/svn/var/www/html 1539 ls /opt/svn 1540 sudo svn
checkout file:///opt/svn/html 1541 cd /opt/svn 1546 v
conf/svnserve.conf 1552 svnadmin recover 1553 svnadmin recover
file:///opt/svn 1554 svnadmin recover /opt/svn

Brad J. Cox, PhD, 703 361 4751, http://virtualschool.edu
        http://virtualschool/ale Action Learning Environment
http://virtualschool.edu/mybank Digital Rights Management System
    http://virtualschool.edu/jco Java Cryptographic Objects (JCO)
   http://virtualschool.edu/jwaa Java Web Application Architecture (JWAA)
  http://virtualschool.edu/java+ Java Preprocessor (Java+)
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