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RE: Subversion Python bindings

From: Barry Scott <barry_at_barrys-emacs.org>
Date: 2003-11-07 12:05:05 CET

At 07-11-2003 07:38, John C Barstow wrote:
>Sorry about the delay; very busy week at work. I'll be getting you
>updates over the weekend.

You may want to wait till I get 0.2 out, hopefully tonight.

>On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 05:14, Barry Scott wrote:
> > What is "A, M,"?
> >
>The status codes shown when you do "svn st" at the command line ('A' for
>added, 'D' for removed, etc...)

The A and M is not the domain of the extension. That's a UI issue. The
svn_cmd.py implements this as a mapping of the status codes.

BTW I have done a lot of work on svn_cmd.py. It is evolving from a example
into a full replacement for svn.exe. I have command line options parsing
implemented and a lot of the commands. It's also proving a good way to
find out what is missing from the svncpp API that we will need. I think
svn_cmd makes an interest alternative Python API to SVN. Since you can
leverage knowledge of the command line utility to issues commands out
of native python:

import svn_cmd
svn_cmd.main( [sys.argv[0], 'co', 'http://blah/repo/trunc/x', 'workspace-x'] )

> > O.K. I'll try the enum in a python type and we can see how that works out.
>I was thinking about this. What if we left the C++ as it is, and simply
>wrapped another class around it with more pythonic names?

I have added an enum_value object that is working well and shorted all the
names. I don't think we should add a wrapped when I can make the extension
do what the wrapper adds.

>I seem to recall that there were a couple of commands that were
>non-recursive by default at the command line. If that's still the case,
>we'll also want those particular commands to default the same way.

Yes, I'm reviewing each command to see if its needs a true or false default.

> > >Lastly, I would expect to pass either a revision number or a revision kind
> > >to the client api. So:
> > >
> > >client.update("foo.c", 1579)
> > >client.update("foo.c", revision.HEAD)
> >
> > The goal of the API is to be obvious to use, extensible and error free
> to use.
> > I'm not convinced that adding this sort of short hand is good.
>Well, you're always passing either a number or one of the keywords as a
>revision. I think this is the obvious way to do it, but it's definitely
>not a big deal to do it the current way.

The problem is that its either a enum, number as revnum or number as date,
the last two are ambiguous. Where as requiring an enum with optional
revnum or date is not ambiguous.

> > I like the way the keywords make it clear which booleans you are setting.
> >
> > >As an example, here's the snippet I would like to write:
> > >import pysvn
> > >client = pysvn.client()
> > >wc = "/project/subversion"
> > >client.update(wc)
> > ># make some changes
> > >client.add("foo.c")
> > >client.remove("bar.c")
> > >#add all unversioned files
> > >changedfiles = client.status(wc)
> > >client.add([s.file for s in changedfiles if s.status ==
> > >pysvn.status.UNVERSIONED])
> > >client.revert("tmp/", True)
> > >client.commit(wc)
> >
> > This requires:
> > * change the client function names. See above for import problem
>We will have come up with another name for import.

I'm using import_ for the next version, someone else suggested that name
while arguing at length to have me lose the svn_ prefixes.

> > * remove keyword recurse from revert. That would be inconsistent.
>I meant the True to be the recurse argument.
> > * support path and lists_of_paths everywhere. Should be reasonable to do.
> > * find short name for svn enums. removing the svn_ prefix is easy
> > but I'm not sure I should remove much more. Over time we may need to
> > expose other enums that will conflict with contraction to just status.
> > the _t suffix can go as well.
>A wrapper class could allow us to leave the C++ as is.

There are commands like mkdir that take a list in svncpp because all
the dirs are added to the repo in one transaction with one log message.
Others that do not modify the repo do not need to take a list. I can,
with no problem, allow most not repo commands to take a list of a string
as the path. Commands like diff would be harder to make intuitive.
I need to make sure that all the repo affecting commands allow lists.

> > * upper case all enum values. Why did you want the names upper cased?
>That's my coding style; holdover from my C++ days, I guess, when all
>constants were uppercased. We should do whatever the Python style guide

I'll stick with lower then.

>John C Barstow


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