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svn.exe 0.30.0 segmentation violation on NT during a merge operat ion [LONG because of NT crash dump]

From: Hensley, Richard <Richard.Hensley_at_McKesson.com>
Date: 2003-10-09 19:15:06 CEST

I'm attempting to figure out why svn is aborting abruptly during a merge

Here are some facts about the situation:

The repository is local.
The repository has had all transactions removed using svnadmin rmtxns .
`svnadmin lstxns .`
The working copy has been cleaned up using svn cleanup.
I loaded the 0.30.0 symbols into my svn executable directory.

I issue the command the following command from the root of my working
svn merge file:///repos/outreach/vendor/er7_1_1_n

Any direction that would help me figure out what is going on would help
a lot.

Here is the NT crash dump log:

Application exception occurred:
        App: c:\devtools\svn\svn.exe (pid=2044)
        When: 10/9/2003 @ 09:51:51.474
        Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

*----> System Information <----*
        Computer Name: aDGX6P21
        User Name: rhensle
        Terminal Session Id: 0
        Number of Processors: 1
        Processor Type: x86 Family 6 Model 9 Stepping 5
        Windows Version: 5.1
        Current Build: 2600
        Service Pack: 1
        Current Type: Uniprocessor Free
        Registered Organization: McKesson Corp
        Registered Owner: McKesson Corp

*----> Task List <----*
   0 System Process
   4 System
 360 smss.exe
 408 csrss.exe
 432 winlogon.exe
 476 services.exe
 488 lsass.exe
 660 svchost.exe
 724 svchost.exe
 872 svchost.exe
 900 svchost.exe
 944 spoolsv.exe
1060 CBRegCap.EXE
1080 dllhost.exe
1108 defwatch.exe
1160 mdm.exe
1188 rtvscan.exe
2004 Explorer.EXE
 700 vptray.exe
 772 ltmsg.exe
 840 s5credmgr.exe
 880 DialoutIPTray.exe
 992 atiptaxx.exe
1028 DSentry.exe
1012 carpserv.exe
1068 AGRSMMSG.exe
1216 jusched.exe
1224 ctfmon.exe
 348 bash.exe
1828 bash.exe
1500 iexplore.exe
1832 sapisvr.exe
 624 bash.exe
2044 svn.exe
 236 drwtsn32.exe

*----> Module List <----*
(0000000000320000 - 0000000000347000: c:\devtools\svn\SSLEAY32.dll
(0000000000400000 - 00000000004bc000: c:\devtools\svn\svn.exe
(0000000010000000 - 00000000100d1000: c:\devtools\svn\LIBEAY32.dll
(0000000013000000 - 000000001307a000: c:\devtools\svn\libdb40.dll
(0000000055900000 - 0000000055961000: C:\WINDOWS\System32\MSVCP60.dll
(0000000063180000 - 00000000631e5000: C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHLWAPI.dll
(000000006e060000 - 000000006e069000:
(000000006ed50000 - 000000006ed58000: c:\devtools\svn\iconv\utf-8.so
(000000006ee40000 - 000000006ee4d000:
(0000000071950000 - 0000000071a34000:

(0000000071a50000 - 0000000071a8b000: C:\WINDOWS\System32\MSWSOCK.dll
(0000000071aa0000 - 0000000071aa8000: C:\WINDOWS\System32\WS2HELP.dll
(0000000071ab0000 - 0000000071ac5000: C:\WINDOWS\System32\WS2_32.dll
(0000000071ad0000 - 0000000071ad8000: C:\WINDOWS\System32\WSOCK32.dll
(0000000076780000 - 0000000076788000: C:\WINDOWS\System32\SHFOLDER.dll
(0000000077340000 - 00000000773cb000: C:\WINDOWS\system32\comctl32.dll
(0000000077c00000 - 0000000077c07000: C:\WINDOWS\system32\VERSION.dll
(0000000077c10000 - 0000000077c63000: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll
(0000000077c70000 - 0000000077cb0000: C:\WINDOWS\system32\GDI32.dll
(0000000077d40000 - 0000000077dc6000: C:\WINDOWS\system32\USER32.dll
(0000000077dd0000 - 0000000077e5d000: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ADVAPI32.dll
(0000000077e60000 - 0000000077f46000: C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll
(0000000077f50000 - 0000000077ff7000: C:\WINDOWS\System32\ntdll.dll
(0000000078000000 - 0000000078086000: C:\WINDOWS\system32\RPCRT4.dll

*----> State Dump for Thread Id 0x1fc <----*

eax=00000000 ebx=00000005 ecx=00000005 edx=000001cc esi=00000000
eip=77c439d4 esp=0012f964 ebp=0012f970 iopl=0 nv up ei pl zr na
po nc
cs=001b ss=0023 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=0038 gs=0000

*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols
for C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll -
function: msvcrt!strncmp
        77c439c1 8bec mov ebp,esp
        77c439c3 57 push edi
        77c439c4 56 push esi
        77c439c5 53 push ebx
        77c439c6 8b4d10 mov ecx,[ebp+0x10]
        77c439c9 e326 jecxz msvcrt!strncmp+0x31 (77c439f1)

        77c439cb 8bd9 mov ebx,ecx
        77c439cd 8b7d08 mov edi,[ebp+0x8]
        77c439d0 8bf7 mov esi,edi
        77c439d2 33c0 xor eax,eax
FAULT ->77c439d4 f2ae repne scasb
        77c439d6 f7d9 neg ecx
        77c439d8 03cb add ecx,ebx
        77c439da 8bfe mov edi,esi
        77c439dc 8b750c mov esi,[ebp+0xc]
        77c439df f3a6 rep cmpsb
        77c439e1 8a46ff mov al,[esi-0x1]
        77c439e4 33c9 xor ecx,ecx
        77c439e6 3a47ff cmp al,[edi-0x1]
        77c439e9 7704 ja msvcrt!strncmp+0x2f (77c439ef)

        77c439eb 7404 jz msvcrt!strncmp+0x31 (77c439f1)

*----> Stack Back Trace <----*
*** WARNING: Unable to verify checksum for c:\devtools\svn\svn.exe
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be
ChildEBP RetAddr Args to Child
0012f970 0042cb15 00000000 004a5bfc 00000005 msvcrt!strncmp+0x14
0012f98c 0041d98c 00000000 00fa01c0 0012fc94
svn!svn_mime_type_is_binary+0x15 (FPO: [1,0,3])
0012f9b0 0041db80 009b8b40 0012fa2c 00fa01c0 svn!merge_file_changed+0xfc
(FPO: [EBP 0x009b8b40] [10,3,4])
0012f9f0 00440dfd 009b8b40 009b9158 00fa01c0 svn!merge_file_added+0xd0
(FPO: [EBP 0x00fa0170] [10,1,4])
0012fa38 0043b8b9 009b8b40 00fa1590 00fa00e8 svn!close_file+0xdd (FPO:
0012fa50 00470d89 00fa0168 00fa1590 00fa00e8 svn!close_file+0x29 (FPO:
0012fa7c 00471473 00fa0168 00f94bb0 00fa0120 svn!add_file_or_dir+0xe9
(FPO: [6,4,3])
0012facc 00470cef 00000001 00f94bb0 00000000 svn!delta_dirs+0x203 (FPO:
[EBP 0x00f94b50] [6,9,4])
0012fb04 00471473 00f94bb0 00f529a0 00f94b88 svn!add_file_or_dir+0x4f
(FPO: [6,4,3])
0012fb54 00470bc1 00000002 00f529a0 00f52920 svn!delta_dirs+0x203 (FPO:
[EBP 0x00f52920] [6,9,4])
0012fbb8 0044f0f3 00f5d098 00f528b8 00000000
svn!svn_repos_dir_delta+0x411 (FPO: [EBP 0x00359860] [12,14,4])
0012fbf4 0044217d 00f61170 0041fa87 00f528f8
svn!svn_repos_finish_report+0xe3 (FPO: [1,1,1])
0012fbfc 0041fa87 00f528f8 003580a0 00000000
svn!reporter_finish_report+0xd (FPO: [1,0,0])
0012fc38 0041f884 00359718 00000000 0012fd60 svn!do_merge+0x1e7 (FPO:
[EBP 0x0012fe08] [15,9,4])
0012fcb4 00403293 003599f0 0012fd60 003597b0 svn!svn_client_merge+0x214
(FPO: [EBP 0x0012fd60] [11,11,4])
0012fd00 00405fc6 00359568 00359860 003580a0 svn!svn_cl__merge+0x2b3
(FPO: [EBP 0x00358f20] [3,3,4])
0012ff4c 0048b539 00000005 003525f0 00352c70 svn!main+0xb06 (FPO: [EBP
0x00000001] [2,139,4])
00000001 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 svn!mainCRTStartup+0xe3

*----> Raw Stack Dump <----*
000000000012f964 40 8b 9b 00 50 86 fa 00 - 00 00 00 00 94 fc 12 00
000000000012f974 15 cb 42 00 00 00 00 00 - fc 5b 4a 00 05 00 00 00
000000000012f984 c0 01 fa 00 50 86 fa 00 - 40 8b 9b 00 8c d9 41 00
000000000012f994 00 00 00 00 c0 01 fa 00 - 94 fc 12 00 40 8b 9b 00
000000000012f9a4 2c fa 12 00 00 00 00 00 - 98 86 fa 00 88 86 fa 00
000000000012f9b4 80 db 41 00 40 8b 9b 00 - 2c fa 12 00 c0 01 fa 00
000000000012f9c4 d8 4b f5 00 00 04 fa 00 - 58 91 9b 00 01 00 00 00
000000000012f9d4 00 00 00 00 50 03 fa 00 - 94 fc 12 00 a0 4b f5 00
000000000012f9e4 70 01 fa 00 50 01 fa 00 - 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00
000000000012f9f4 fd 0d 44 00 40 8b 9b 00 - 58 91 9b 00 c0 01 fa 00
000000000012fa04 d8 4b f5 00 00 04 fa 00 - 00 00 00 00 9e 00 00 00
000000000012fa14 00 00 00 00 50 03 fa 00 - 28 42 fa 00 68 01 fa 00
000000000012fa24 00 28 f5 00 20 01 fa 00 - 01 00 00 00 01 00 00 00
.(.. ...........
000000000012fa34 50 03 fa 00 00 00 00 00 - b9 b8 43 00 40 8b 9b 00
000000000012fa44 90 15 fa 00 e8 00 fa 00 - c8 27 f5 00 e8 00 fa 00
000000000012fa54 89 0d 47 00 68 01 fa 00 - 90 15 fa 00 e8 00 fa 00
000000000012fa64 9c fb 12 00 e8 00 fa 00 - 40 9b f9 00 42 1a 54 5b
000000000012fa74 b3 49 c1 f4 2f c0 9d cf - a3 a9 60 cd 73 14 47 00
000000000012fa84 68 01 fa 00 b0 4b f9 00 - 20 01 fa 00 50 01 fa 00
h....K.. ...P...
000000000012fa94 01 00 00 00 e8 00 fa 00 - 50 4b f9 00 9c fb 12 00

*----> Symbol Table <----*

77c113b0 msvcrt!exception__`vftable'
77c113d0 msvcrt!bad_cast__`vftable'
77c113dc msvcrt!bad_typeid__`vftable'
77c113e8 msvcrt!__non_rtti_object__`vftable'
77c12890 msvcrt!ctype
77c1ba90 msvcrt!isalpha
77c1bacf msvcrt!isupper
77c1bb09 msvcrt!islower
77c1bb43 msvcrt!isdigit
77c1bb7d msvcrt!isxdigit
77c1bbbc msvcrt!isspace
77c1bbf6 msvcrt!ispunct
77c1bc30 msvcrt!isalnum
77c1bc6f msvcrt!isprint
77c1bcae msvcrt!isgraph
77c1bced msvcrt!iscntrl
77c1bd27 msvcrt!_isascii
77c1bd34 msvcrt!_toascii
77c1bd3c msvcrt!_iscsymf
77c1bd56 msvcrt!_iscsym
77c1bd70 msvcrt!atol
77c1be00 msvcrt!atoi
77c1be05 msvcrt!atoi64
77c1bf13 msvcrt!fcvt
77c1bf44 msvcrt!ecvt
77c1bf7f msvcrt!gcvt
77c1c055 msvcrt!itoa
77c1c07f msvcrt!ltoa
77c1c0a6 msvcrt!ultoa
77c1c12d msvcrt!i64toa
77c1c15e msvcrt!ui64toa
77c1c179 msvcrt!itow
77c1c1a4 msvcrt!ltow
77c1c1cf msvcrt!ultow
77c1c1fa msvcrt!i64tow
77c1c228 msvcrt!ui64tow
77c1c2cd msvcrt!isctype
77c1c2f4 msvcrt!mbstrlen
77c1c5ca msvcrt!strtoi64
77c1c5e1 msvcrt!strtoui64
77c1c5f8 msvcrt!swab
77c1c623 msvcrt!tolower
77c1c6f3 msvcrt!tolower
77c1c715 msvcrt!toupper
77c1c7e6 msvcrt!toupper
77c1ca5b msvcrt!wcstoi64
77c1ca72 msvcrt!wcstoui64
77c1ca89 msvcrt!wtof
77c1cb60 msvcrt!wtol
77c1cbc5 msvcrt!wtoi
77c1cbca msvcrt!wtoi64
77c1cc60 msvcrt!atof
77c1ccf8 msvcrt!iswctype
77c1cd4a msvcrt!is_wctype
77c1cd4f msvcrt!isleadbyte
77c1cd64 msvcrt!iswalpha
77c1cd75 msvcrt!iswupper
77c1cd83 msvcrt!iswlower
77c1cd91 msvcrt!iswdigit
77c1cd9f msvcrt!iswxdigit
77c1cdb0 msvcrt!iswspace
77c1cdbe msvcrt!iswpunct
77c1cdcc msvcrt!iswalnum
77c1cddd msvcrt!iswprint
77c1cdee msvcrt!iswgraph
77c1cdff msvcrt!iswcntrl
77c1ce0d msvcrt!iswascii
77c1ce19 msvcrt!mblen
77c1cf9e msvcrt!mbstowcs
77c1d089 msvcrt!mbtowc
77c1d0b4 msvcrt!strtod
77c1d30a msvcrt!strtol
77c1d321 msvcrt!strtoul
77c1d399 msvcrt!towlower
77c1d445 msvcrt!towupper
77c1d488 msvcrt!wcstod
77c1d7e2 msvcrt!wcstol
77c1d7f9 msvcrt!wcstoul
77c1d9b1 msvcrt!wcstombs
77c1da3c msvcrt!wctomb
77c1dc58 msvcrt!sleep
77c1dc69 msvcrt!beep
77c1dc78 msvcrt!findclose
77c1dcfc msvcrt!findfirst
77c1ddd7 msvcrt!findnext
77c1df13 msvcrt!findfirst64
77c1e013 msvcrt!findnext64
77c1e10e msvcrt!findfirsti64
77c1e205 msvcrt!findnexti64
77c1e2f7 msvcrt!getdiskfree
77c1e349 msvcrt!getdrives
77c1e34f msvcrt!seterrormode
77c1e35a msvcrt!wfindfirst
77c1e427 msvcrt!wfindnext
77c1e4ef msvcrt!wfindfirst64
77c1e5e6 msvcrt!wfindnext64
77c1e6d8 msvcrt!wfindfirsti64
77c1e7c6 msvcrt!wfindnexti64
77c1e8af msvcrt!_wgetmainargs
77c1e909 msvcrt!_getmainargs
77c1eaf3 msvcrt!amsg_exit
77c1eb26 msvcrt!_p__acmdln
77c1eb2c msvcrt!_p__wcmdln
77c1eb32 msvcrt!_p__amblksiz
77c1eb38 msvcrt!_p___argc
77c1eb3e msvcrt!_p___argv
77c1eb44 msvcrt!_p___wargv
77c1eb4a msvcrt!_p__commode
77c1eb50 msvcrt!_p__daylight
77c1eb56 msvcrt!_p__dstbias
77c1eb5c msvcrt!_p__environ
77c1eb62 msvcrt!_p__wenviron
77c1eb68 msvcrt!_p__fmode
77c1eb6e msvcrt!_p__fileinfo
77c1eb74 msvcrt!_p___initenv
77c1eb7a msvcrt!_p___winitenv
77c1eb80 msvcrt!_p__iob
77c1eb80 msvcrt!_iob_func
77c1eb86 msvcrt!_p__mbctype
77c1eb8c msvcrt!_p__mbcasemap
77c1eb92 msvcrt!_p___mb_cur_max
77c1eb98 msvcrt!_p__osver
77c1eb9e msvcrt!_p__pctype
77c1eba4 msvcrt!_p__pwctype
77c1ebaa msvcrt!_p__pgmptr
77c1ebb0 msvcrt!_p__wpgmptr
77c1ebb6 msvcrt!_p__timezone
77c1ebbc msvcrt!_p__tzname
77c1ebc2 msvcrt!_p__winmajor
77c1ebc8 msvcrt!_p__winminor
77c1ebce msvcrt!_p__winver
77c1ebd4 msvcrt!errno
77c1ebdd msvcrt!_doserrno
77c1ec59 msvcrt!access
77c1ec9f msvcrt!chdir
77c1ed25 msvcrt!getdrive
77c1ed68 msvcrt!chdrive
77c1edf6 msvcrt!chmod
77c1ee37 msvcrt!fullpath
77c1effd msvcrt!getcwd
77c1f043 msvcrt!getdcwd
77c1f08a msvcrt!getpid
77c1f090 msvcrt!mkdir
77c1f0bc msvcrt!rmdir
77c1f1a3 msvcrt!stat
77c1f4f5 msvcrt!stat64
77c1f7f9 msvcrt!stati64
77c1faee msvcrt!remove
77c1fb18 msvcrt!unlink
77c1fb1d msvcrt!waccess
77c1fb63 msvcrt!wchdir
77c1fbf1 msvcrt!wchmod
77c1fc32 msvcrt!wfullpath
77c1fdbf msvcrt!wgetcwd
77c1fe05 msvcrt!wgetdcwd
77c1fe4c msvcrt!wmkdir
77c1fe78 msvcrt!wremove
77c1fea2 msvcrt!wunlink
77c1fea7 msvcrt!wrename
77c1fed5 msvcrt!wrmdir
77c1ffc2 msvcrt!wstat
77c20320 msvcrt!wstat64
77c2063a msvcrt!wstati64
77c20929 msvcrt!rename
77c20957 msvcrt!exception__exception
77c20968 msvcrt!exception__exception
77c209ad msvcrt!exception__exception
77c209fc msvcrt!exception__~exception
77c20a12 msvcrt!exception__what
77c20a1f msvcrt!bad_cast__bad_cast
77c20a38 msvcrt!bad_cast__bad_cast
77c20a50 msvcrt!bad_cast__~bad_cast
77c20a5b msvcrt!bad_cast__bad_cast
77c20a5b msvcrt!bad_cast__bad_cast
77c20a73 msvcrt!bad_typeid__bad_typeid
77c20a8c msvcrt!bad_typeid__bad_typeid
77c20aa4 msvcrt!__non_rtti_object____non_rtti_object
77c20abc msvcrt!__non_rtti_object____non_rtti_object
77c20ad4 msvcrt!__non_rtti_object__~__non_rtti_object
77c20ad4 msvcrt!bad_typeid__~bad_typeid
77c20adf msvcrt!exception__`scalar deleting destructor'
77c20afb msvcrt!exception__`vector deleting destructor'
77c20b46 msvcrt!bad_cast__`default constructor closure'
77c20b51 msvcrt!bad_cast__`scalar deleting destructor'
77c20b6d msvcrt!bad_cast__`vector deleting destructor'
77c20bb8 msvcrt!bad_typeid__`default constructor closure'
77c20bc3 msvcrt!__non_rtti_object__`scalar deleting destructor'
77c20bc3 msvcrt!bad_typeid__`scalar deleting destructor'
77c20bdf msvcrt!__non_rtti_object__`vector deleting destructor'
77c20bdf msvcrt!bad_typeid__`vector deleting destructor'
77c20c2a msvcrt!exception__operator=
77c20c49 msvcrt!bad_typeid__operator=
77c20c49 msvcrt!bad_cast__operator=
77c20c49 msvcrt!__non_rtti_object__operator=
77c20c5b msvcrt!type_info__~type_info
77c20c84 msvcrt!type_info__operator==
77c20cc3 msvcrt!type_info__operator!=
77c20d02 msvcrt!type_info__before
77c20d41 msvcrt!type_info__raw_name
77c20eee msvcrt!_DestructExceptionObject
77c20f50 msvcrt!_uncaught_exception
77c20f63 msvcrt!_CxxRegisterExceptionObject
77c20fc4 msvcrt!_CxxDetectRethrow
77c21012 msvcrt!_CxxUnregisterExceptionObject
77c21092 msvcrt!_CxxQueryExceptionSize
77c21096 msvcrt!_CxxCallUnwindDtor
77c213e2 msvcrt!_CxxExceptionFilter
77c2189a msvcrt!set_terminate
77c218b3 msvcrt!set_unexpected
77c218cc msvcrt!_set_se_translator
77c218e5 msvcrt!type_info__name
77c2197b msvcrt!terminate
77c219b0 msvcrt!unexpected
77c219f5 msvcrt!CxxThrowException
77c21a30 msvcrt!EH_prolog
77c21ad8 msvcrt!_CxxFrameHandler
77c21b0e msvcrt!_CxxLongjmpUnwind
77c21dd9 msvcrt!_RTtypeid
77c21f1d msvcrt!_RTCastToVoid
77c2226a msvcrt!_RTDynamicCast
77c266ae msvcrt!_unDName
77c26754 msvcrt!_unDNameEx
77c26f7c msvcrt!cwait
77c2700b msvcrt!execl
77c2701f msvcrt!execle
77c27040 msvcrt!execlp
77c27051 msvcrt!execlpe
77c27072 msvcrt!execv
77c270d7 msvcrt!execve
77c2725e msvcrt!execvp
77c27271 msvcrt!execvpe
77c27421 msvcrt!getdllprocaddr
77c27450 msvcrt!loaddll
77c2745b msvcrt!unloaddll
77c27472 msvcrt!spawnl
77c2748a msvcrt!spawnle
77c274af msvcrt!spawnlp
77c274c5 msvcrt!spawnlpe
77c274ea msvcrt!spawnv
77c27554 msvcrt!spawnve
77c276e4 msvcrt!spawnvp
77c276fb msvcrt!spawnvpe
77c278b8 msvcrt!wexecl
77c278cc msvcrt!wexecle
77c278ed msvcrt!wexeclp
77c278fe msvcrt!wexeclpe
77c2791f msvcrt!wexecv
77c27984 msvcrt!wexecve
77c27ac1 msvcrt!wexecvp
77c27ad4 msvcrt!wexecvpe
77c27c25 msvcrt!wspawnl
77c27c3d msvcrt!wspawnle
77c27c62 msvcrt!wspawnlp
77c27c78 msvcrt!wspawnlpe
77c27c9d msvcrt!wspawnv
77c27d07 msvcrt!wspawnve
77c27e4a msvcrt!wspawnvp
77c27e61 msvcrt!wspawnvpe
77c27fa2 msvcrt!wsystem
77c28044 msvcrt!system
77c28925 msvcrt!operator new
77c28933 msvcrt!operator delete
77c28938 msvcrt!operator new[]
77c2893d msvcrt!operator delete[]
77c28942 msvcrt!_set_new_handler
77c28966 msvcrt!_query_new_handler
77c2896c msvcrt!callnewh
77c28987 msvcrt!_set_new_mode
77c289a4 msvcrt!_query_new_mode
77c289aa msvcrt!set_new_handler
77c289b5 msvcrt!aligned_offset_malloc
77c28a30 msvcrt!aligned_free
77c28a45 msvcrt!aligned_malloc
77c28a58 msvcrt!aligned_offset_realloc
77c28b9a msvcrt!aligned_realloc
77c28bb1 msvcrt!expand
77c28cf6 msvcrt!get_sbh_threshold
77c29f4d msvcrt!set_sbh_threshold
77c2a4f7 msvcrt!heapadd
77c2a506 msvcrt!heapchk
77c2a5d0 msvcrt!heapset
77c2a5d5 msvcrt!heapmin
77c2a67e msvcrt!heapused
77c2a68c msvcrt!heapwalk
77c2a7a6 msvcrt!msize
77c2a874 msvcrt!resetstkoflw
77c2a945 msvcrt!calloc
77c2aa6b msvcrt!free
77c2ac46 msvcrt!malloc
77c2ac58 msvcrt!realloc
77c2b55f msvcrt!cgets
77c2b639 msvcrt!cgetws
77c2ba48 msvcrt!chsize
77c2bb62 msvcrt!close
77c2bbfd msvcrt!commit
77c2bcb9 msvcrt!cputs
77c2bdc0 msvcrt!cputws
77c2be28 msvcrt!putwch
77c2be68 msvcrt!creat
77c2bf3d msvcrt!dup
77c2c13a msvcrt!dup2
77c2c203 msvcrt!eof
77c2c303 msvcrt!filelength
77c2c3d7 msvcrt!filelengthi64
77c2c4cb msvcrt!fstat
77c2c787 msvcrt!fstat64
77c2ca87 msvcrt!fstati64
77c2ce5d msvcrt!get_osfhandle
77c2d080 msvcrt!open_osfhandle
77c2d417 msvcrt!ungetch
77c2d438 msvcrt!getch
77c2d454 msvcrt!getche
77c2d470 msvcrt!kbhit
77c2d661 msvcrt!getwch
77c2d67e msvcrt!getwche
77c2d69b msvcrt!ungetwch
77c2d6c0 msvcrt!inp
77c2d6c9 msvcrt!inpw
77c2d6d1 msvcrt!inpd
77c2d6d8 msvcrt!isatty
77c2d7bd msvcrt!locking
77c2d8dc msvcrt!lseek
77c2da0a msvcrt!lseeki64
77c2dac8 msvcrt!mktemp
77c2de73 msvcrt!open
77c2dec8 msvcrt!sopen
77c2df20 msvcrt!outp
77c2df2d msvcrt!outpw
77c2df3a msvcrt!outpd
77c2df45 msvcrt!pipe
77c2e183 msvcrt!putch
77c2e371 msvcrt!read
77c2e47e msvcrt!setmode
77c2e515 msvcrt!tell
77c2e526 msvcrt!telli64
77c2e539 msvcrt!wcreat
77c2e54f msvcrt!wmktemp
77c2e8db msvcrt!wopen
77c2e930 msvcrt!wsopen
77c2eb14 msvcrt!write
77c2efed msvcrt!getmbcp
77c2effd msvcrt!setmbcp
77c2f189 msvcrt!ismbbkalnum
77c2f19a msvcrt!ismbbkprint
77c2f1ab msvcrt!ismbbkpunct
77c2f1bc msvcrt!ismbbalnum
77c2f1d0 msvcrt!ismbbalpha
77c2f1e4 msvcrt!ismbbgraph
77c2f1f8 msvcrt!ismbbprint
77c2f20c msvcrt!ismbbpunct
77c2f21d msvcrt!ismbblead
77c2f22e msvcrt!ismbbtrail
77c2f23f msvcrt!ismbbkana
77c2f266 msvcrt!ismbcalnum
77c2f2f9 msvcrt!ismbcalpha
77c2f38c msvcrt!ismbcdigit
77c2f410 msvcrt!ismbcgraph
77c2f4a3 msvcrt!ismbchira
77c2f4ca msvcrt!ismbckata
77c2f4f6 msvcrt!ismbcsymbol
77c2f522 msvcrt!ismbcl0
77c2f56c msvcrt!ismbcl1
77c2f5be msvcrt!ismbcl2
77c2f610 msvcrt!ismbclegal
77c2f649 msvcrt!ismbclower
77c2f6d3 msvcrt!ismbcprint
77c2f766 msvcrt!ismbcpunct
77c2f7f5 msvcrt!ismbcspace
77c2f879 msvcrt!ismbcupper
77c2f940 msvcrt!ismbslead
77c2f967 msvcrt!ismbstrail
77c2f9b2 msvcrt!mbbtombc
77c2fa17 msvcrt!mbctombb
77c2fad6 msvcrt!mbbtype
77c2fafd msvcrt!mbccpy
77c2fb1c msvcrt!mbcjistojms
77c2fb7e msvcrt!mbcjmstojis
77c2fc28 msvcrt!mbclen
77c2fc3e msvcrt!mbctohira
77c2fc70 msvcrt!mbctokata
77c2fc93 msvcrt!mbctolower
77c2fd18 msvcrt!mbctoupper
77c2fddc msvcrt!mbsbtype
77c2fe03 msvcrt!mbschr
77c2fe7e msvcrt!mbscmp
77c2ff3a msvcrt!mbscoll
77c2fff0 msvcrt!mbscspn
77c30017 msvcrt!mbsdec
77c30075 msvcrt!mbsicmp
77c301c0 msvcrt!mbsicoll
77c301ff msvcrt!mbsinc
77c30216 msvcrt!mbslen
77c30267 msvcrt!mbslwr
77c302ec msvcrt!mbsnbcat
77c303bc msvcrt!mbsnbcmp
77c304c9 msvcrt!mbsnbcnt
77c304f0 msvcrt!mbsnbcoll
77c3053e msvcrt!mbsnbcpy
77c305d1 msvcrt!mbsnbicmp
77c30740 msvcrt!mbsnbicoll
77c3078e msvcrt!mbsnbset
77c30802 msvcrt!mbsncat
77c308be msvcrt!mbsnccnt
77c3090c msvcrt!mbsncmp
77c309b1 msvcrt!mbsncoll
77c30a1b msvcrt!mbsncpy
77c30aa3 msvcrt!mbsnextc
77c30ac1 msvcrt!mbsnicmp
77c30c07 msvcrt!mbsnicoll
77c30c71 msvcrt!mbsninc
77c30c8f msvcrt!mbsnset
77c30de5 msvcrt!mbspbrk
77c30e0c msvcrt!mbsrchr
77c30e77 msvcrt!mbsrev
77c30ee0 msvcrt!mbsset
77c30fad msvcrt!mbsspn
77c31059 msvcrt!mbsspnp
77c31080 msvcrt!mbsstr
77c31139 msvcrt!mbstok
77c311e4 msvcrt!mbsupr
77c31269 msvcrt!XcptFilter
77c31586 msvcrt!__mb_cur_max_func
77c3158c msvcrt!__lc_codepage_func
77c315a5 msvcrt!__lc_handle_func
77c315be msvcrt!__setlc_active_func
77c315c4 msvcrt!__unguarded_readlc_active_add_func
77c31f83 msvcrt!setlocale
77c320e8 msvcrt!_crtCompareStringA
77c3247a msvcrt!_crtCompareStringW
77c326cc msvcrt!_crtGetLocaleInfoW
77c327fc msvcrt!_crtGetStringTypeW
77c32a29 msvcrt!_crtLCMapStringA
77c32df5 msvcrt!_crtLCMapStringW
77c330f6 msvcrt!onexit
77c3312e msvcrt!atexit
77c33140 msvcrt!_dllonexit
77c33298 msvcrt!_fpecode
77c332a1 msvcrt!_pxcptinfoptrs
77c332aa msvcrt!signal
77c3345e msvcrt!raise
77c335d7 msvcrt!_lconv_init
77c33604 msvcrt!_pctype_func
77c3360a msvcrt!set_error_mode
77c33632 msvcrt!_set_app_type
77c3363c msvcrt!_wcserror
77c336ec msvcrt!global_unwind2
77c3372e msvcrt!local_unwind2
77c33796 msvcrt!abnormal_termination
77c337da msvcrt!assert
77c33dd6 msvcrt!chkesp
77c33df8 msvcrt!except_handler2
77c33eb0 msvcrt!except_handler3
77c33f6d msvcrt!seh_longjmp_unwind
77c33f88 msvcrt!lfind
77c33fbc msvcrt!longjmpex
77c33fc1 msvcrt!rotl
77c33fc1 msvcrt!lrotl
77c33fde msvcrt!lrotr
77c33fde msvcrt!rotr
77c33ffb msvcrt!lsearch
77c34044 msvcrt!makepath
77c340d4 msvcrt!purecall
77c34187 msvcrt!putenv
77c341c6 msvcrt!searchenv
77c342f0 msvcrt!setjmp
77c34328 msvcrt!setjmp3
77c343a3 msvcrt!splitpath
77c344f2 msvcrt!strerror
77c345cf msvcrt!umask
77c345e5 msvcrt!wcserror
77c346b0 msvcrt!wgetenv
77c346ef msvcrt!wmakepath
77c347a0 msvcrt!wperror
77c34944 msvcrt!wputenv
77c34983 msvcrt!wsearchenv
77c34a9b msvcrt!wsetlocale
77c34b55 msvcrt!wsplitpath
77c34cb0 msvcrt!abort
77c34cc8 msvcrt!labs
77c34cc8 msvcrt!abs
77c34cd3 msvcrt!bsearch
77c34d5f msvcrt!ldiv
77c34d5f msvcrt!div
77c34dfa msvcrt!getenv
77c34e39 msvcrt!localeconv
77c34e40 msvcrt!longjmp
77c34eb9 msvcrt!perror
77c34ff0 msvcrt!qsort
77c35280 msvcrt!srand
77c3528d msvcrt!rand
77c352af msvcrt!strerror
77c379db msvcrt!initterm
77c37adc msvcrt!exit
77c37aee msvcrt!exit
77c37b00 msvcrt!cexit
77c37b11 msvcrt!c_exit
77c37d2e msvcrt!_threadid
77c37d34 msvcrt!_threadhandle
77c37da9 msvcrt!endthread
77c37e87 msvcrt!beginthread
77c37f18 msvcrt!endthreadex
77c37fed msvcrt!beginthreadex
77c38115 msvcrt!unlock
77c381a3 msvcrt!lock
77c39c67 msvcrt!cprintf
77c3a683 msvcrt!cscanf
77c3aeac msvcrt!cwprintf
77c3b954 msvcrt!cwscanf
77c3b965 msvcrt!fcloseall
77c3ba00 msvcrt!fdopen
77c3bb20 msvcrt!fgetchar
77c3bb2c msvcrt!getchar
77c3bb31 msvcrt!fgetwchar
77c3bb3d msvcrt!getwchar
77c3bb42 msvcrt!filbuf
77c3bc23 msvcrt!fileno
77c3bc2b msvcrt!flsbuf
77c3bea4 msvcrt!fflush
77c3bef4 msvcrt!flushall
77c3befd msvcrt!fputchar
77c3bf0e msvcrt!putchar
77c3bf13 msvcrt!fputwchar
77c3bf24 msvcrt!putwchar
77c3bf29 msvcrt!fsopen
77c3bf85 msvcrt!fopen
77c3bf98 msvcrt!setmaxstdio
77c3c093 msvcrt!getmaxstdio
77c3c099 msvcrt!getw
77c3c116 msvcrt!getws
77c3c1e3 msvcrt!popen
77c3c652 msvcrt!pclose
77c3c6e1 msvcrt!putw
77c3c761 msvcrt!putws
77c3c7f0 msvcrt!rmtmp
77c3c892 msvcrt!sprintf
77c3c8ea msvcrt!scprintf
77c3c91b msvcrt!swprintf
77c3c98a msvcrt!scwprintf
77c3c9bb msvcrt!snprintf
77c3ca12 msvcrt!snscanf
77c3ca43 msvcrt!snwprintf
77c3cab3 msvcrt!snwscanf
77c3cb35 msvcrt!tempnam
77c3cd66 msvcrt!vsprintf
77c3cdbd msvcrt!vscprintf
77c3cded msvcrt!vswprintf
77c3ce5b msvcrt!vscwprintf
77c3ce8b msvcrt!vsnprintf
77c3cee1 msvcrt!vsnwprintf
77c3cf50 msvcrt!wfdopen
77c3d077 msvcrt!wfsopen
77c3d0d3 msvcrt!wfopen
77c3d0e6 msvcrt!wfreopen
77c3d14c msvcrt!wpopen
77c3d595 msvcrt!wtempnam
77c3d809 msvcrt!wtmpnam
77c3d8c4 msvcrt!clearerr
77c3d975 msvcrt!fclose
77c3d9c6 msvcrt!feof
77c3d9d1 msvcrt!ferror
77c3d9dc msvcrt!fgetc
77c3d9dc msvcrt!getc
77c3da2c msvcrt!fgetpos
77c3da4e msvcrt!fgets
77c3dbc8 msvcrt!fgetwc
77c3dc0a msvcrt!getwc
77c3dc0f msvcrt!fgetws
77c3dc8f msvcrt!fprintf
77c3dced msvcrt!fputc
77c3dced msvcrt!putc
77c3dd45 msvcrt!fputs
77c3de81 msvcrt!fputwc
77c3dec9 msvcrt!putwc
77c3dece msvcrt!fputws
77c3e034 msvcrt!fread
77c3e080 msvcrt!freopen
77c3e0e6 msvcrt!fscanf
77c3e1bf msvcrt!fseek
77c3e208 msvcrt!fsetpos
77c3e382 msvcrt!ftell
77c3e3c3 msvcrt!fwprintf
77c3e538 msvcrt!fwrite
77c3e584 msvcrt!fwscanf
77c3e5ce msvcrt!gets
77c3e658 msvcrt!printf
77c3e6be msvcrt!puts
77c3e767 msvcrt!rewind
77c3e7f0 msvcrt!scanf
77c3e844 msvcrt!setbuf
77c3e869 msvcrt!setvbuf
77c3e93f msvcrt!sscanf
77c3e979 msvcrt!swscanf
77c3ea5c msvcrt!tmpnam
77c3eb27 msvcrt!tmpfile
77c3ecad msvcrt!ungetc
77c3eded msvcrt!ungetwc
77c3ee33 msvcrt!vfprintf
77c3ee90 msvcrt!vfwprintf
77c3eeed msvcrt!vprintf
77c3ef4c msvcrt!vwprintf
77c3efab msvcrt!wprintf
77c3f011 msvcrt!wscanf
77c420a0 msvcrt!strcpy
77c420a0 msvcrt!mbscpy
77c420b0 msvcrt!mbscat
77c420b0 msvcrt!strcat
77c42190 msvcrt!mbsdup
77c42190 msvcrt!strdup
77c421d0 msvcrt!memccpy
77c42223 msvcrt!memicmp
77c422a2 msvcrt!strcmpi
77c422a2 msvcrt!stricmp
77c4230b msvcrt!stricoll
77c42362 msvcrt!strlwr
77c4247c msvcrt!strncoll
77c424f5 msvcrt!strnicmp
77c42574 msvcrt!strnicoll
77c425f0 msvcrt!strnset
77c42620 msvcrt!strrev
77c42650 msvcrt!strset
77c42670 msvcrt!strupr
77c4278a msvcrt!wcsdup
77c427b8 msvcrt!wcsicmp
77c42865 msvcrt!wcsicoll
77c42902 msvcrt!wcslwr
77c42a21 msvcrt!wcsncoll
77c42a9a msvcrt!wcsnicmp
77c42b5a msvcrt!wcsnicoll
77c42c17 msvcrt!wcsnset
77c42c40 msvcrt!wcsrev
77c42c72 msvcrt!wcsset
77c42c8b msvcrt!wcsupr
77c42db0 msvcrt!memchr
77c42e60 msvcrt!memcmp
77c42f10 msvcrt!memcpy
77c43250 msvcrt!memmove
77c43590 msvcrt!memset
77c43600 msvcrt!strchr
77c436c0 msvcrt!strcmp
77c43744 msvcrt!strcoll
77c437d0 msvcrt!strcspn
77c43810 msvcrt!strlen
77c43890 msvcrt!strncat
77c439c0 msvcrt!strncmp
77c43a00 msvcrt!strncpy
77c43b00 msvcrt!strpbrk
77c43b40 msvcrt!strrchr
77c43b70 msvcrt!strspn
77c43bb0 msvcrt!strstr
77c43c30 msvcrt!strtok
77c43cd5 msvcrt!strxfrm
77c43d88 msvcrt!wcscat
77c43db2 msvcrt!wcscpy
77c43dce msvcrt!wcschr
77c43df0 msvcrt!wcscmp
77c43e22 msvcrt!wcscoll
77c43e79 msvcrt!wcscspn
77c43ebc msvcrt!wcslen
77c43ed2 msvcrt!wcsncat
77c43f0f msvcrt!wcsncmp
77c43f44 msvcrt!wcsncpy
77c43f81 msvcrt!wcspbrk
77c43fc1 msvcrt!wcsrchr
77c43ff1 msvcrt!wcsspn
77c44037 msvcrt!wcsstr
77c44095 msvcrt!wcstok
77c4413a msvcrt!wcsxfrm
77c442eb msvcrt!Getdays
77c4439d msvcrt!Getmonths
77c44454 msvcrt!Gettnames
77c44efb msvcrt!Strftime
77c44f2d msvcrt!strftime
77c44f48 msvcrt!ctime64
77c44f61 msvcrt!ftime
77c45048 msvcrt!ftime64
77c45145 msvcrt!futime
77c4528b msvcrt!utime
77c452c2 msvcrt!futime64
77c4540e msvcrt!utime64
77c45445 msvcrt!getsystime
77c454a0 msvcrt!setsystime
77c45509 msvcrt!gmtime64
77c4572e msvcrt!localtime64
77c45b7f msvcrt!mktime64
77c45b8c msvcrt!strdate
77c45bfc msvcrt!strtime
77c45c63 msvcrt!time64
77c462b5 msvcrt!tzset
77c46305 msvcrt!wasctime
77c463e1 msvcrt!wctime
77c463fa msvcrt!wctime64
77c46413 msvcrt!wstrdate
77c46490 msvcrt!wstrtime
77c46507 msvcrt!wutime
77c4653e msvcrt!wutime64
77c46575 msvcrt!asctime
77c46680 msvcrt!clock
77c466fa msvcrt!ctime
77c46713 msvcrt!difftime
77c46724 msvcrt!gmtime
77c4682b msvcrt!localtime
77c46b6c msvcrt!mktime
77c46b79 msvcrt!time
77c46bb2 msvcrt!wcsftime
77c46fa9 msvcrt!$I10_OUTPUT
77c4764b msvcrt!_STRINGTOLD
77c47a6d msvcrt!atodbl
77c47a9a msvcrt!atoldbl
77c484b0 msvcrt!CIacos
77c484c4 msvcrt!acos
77c48580 msvcrt!CIasin
77c48594 msvcrt!asin
77c48650 msvcrt!atan
77c48690 msvcrt!CIatan
77c48770 msvcrt!atan2
77c4877a msvcrt!CIatan2
77c48790 msvcrt!CIcos
77c487a4 msvcrt!cos
77c48840 msvcrt!sinh
77c4884a msvcrt!cosh
77c48851 msvcrt!tanh
77c48858 msvcrt!CIsinh
77c48862 msvcrt!CIcosh
77c48869 msvcrt!CItanh
77c48870 msvcrt!exp
77c488ac msvcrt!CIexp
77c48900 msvcrt!fmod
77c4890a msvcrt!CIfmod
77c48930 msvcrt!log
77c48970 msvcrt!CIlog
77c48a80 msvcrt!log10
77c48ac0 msvcrt!CIlog10
77c48bd0 msvcrt!pow
77c48c10 msvcrt!CIpow
77c48e60 msvcrt!CIsin
77c48e74 msvcrt!sin
77c48f10 msvcrt!CIsqrt
77c48f24 msvcrt!sqrt
77c48fd0 msvcrt!CItan
77c48fe4 msvcrt!tan
77c49090 msvcrt!_setusermatherr
77c491c7 msvcrt!adj_fdiv_r
77c4968c msvcrt!adj_fdiv_m32
77c496d8 msvcrt!adj_fdiv_m64
77c49724 msvcrt!adj_fdiv_m16i
77c49758 msvcrt!adj_fdiv_m32i
77c4978c msvcrt!adj_fdivr_m32
77c497d8 msvcrt!adj_fdivr_m64
77c49824 msvcrt!adj_fdivr_m16i
77c49858 msvcrt!adj_fdivr_m32i
77c4988c msvcrt!safe_fdiv
77c498a1 msvcrt!safe_fdivr
77c49abc msvcrt!adj_fprem
77c49d74 msvcrt!adj_fprem1
77c49e29 msvcrt!safe_fprem
77c49e2f msvcrt!safe_fprem1
77c49e35 msvcrt!adj_fpatan
77c49e38 msvcrt!adj_fptan
77c4a0b2 msvcrt!hypot
77c4a0cf msvcrt!cabs
77c4a0ec msvcrt!copysign
77c4a10d msvcrt!chgsign
77c4a133 msvcrt!scalb
77c4a149 msvcrt!logb
77c4a22f msvcrt!nextafter
77c4a4d0 msvcrt!finite
77c4a4e5 msvcrt!isnan
77c4a513 msvcrt!fpclass
77c4a5ad msvcrt!fpreset
77c4a731 msvcrt!statusfp
77c4a743 msvcrt!clearfp
77c4a756 msvcrt!control87
77c4a788 msvcrt!controlfp
77c4ac74 msvcrt!fpieee_flt
77c4b250 msvcrt!ftol
77c4b2c4 msvcrt!j0
77c4b3b7 msvcrt!j1
77c4b4ca msvcrt!jn
77c4b67e msvcrt!y0
77c4b7aa msvcrt!y1
77c4b8e6 msvcrt!yn
77c4ba59 msvcrt!set_SSE2_enable
77c4ba70 msvcrt!ceil
77c4bb8d msvcrt!fabs
77c4bc40 msvcrt!floor
77c4bd61 msvcrt!frexp
77c4be0d msvcrt!ldexp
77c4c000 msvcrt!modf
77c58000 msvcrt!aexit_rtn
77c582a0 msvcrt!fileinfo
77c5a310 msvcrt!_badioinfo
77c5a97c msvcrt!_mb_cur_max
77c5a988 msvcrt!pctype
77c5a98c msvcrt!pwctype
77c5a9d8 msvcrt!sys_errlist
77c5aa88 msvcrt!sys_nerr
77c5ac80 msvcrt!iob
77c5afd0 msvcrt!timezone
77c5afd4 msvcrt!daylight
77c5afd8 msvcrt!dstbias
77c5b060 msvcrt!tzname
77c5b4f0 msvcrt!HUGE
77c5c7a4 msvcrt!wcmdln
77c5c7a8 msvcrt!acmdln
77c5c854 msvcrt!fmode
77c5c894 msvcrt!_lc_handle
77c5c8ac msvcrt!_lc_codepage
77c5c8b0 msvcrt!_lc_collate_cp
77c5c9c0 msvcrt!osplatform
77c5c9c4 msvcrt!osver
77c5c9c8 msvcrt!winver
77c5c9cc msvcrt!winmajor
77c5c9d0 msvcrt!winminor
77c5c9d4 msvcrt!_argc
77c5c9d8 msvcrt!_argv
77c5c9dc msvcrt!_wargv
77c5c9e0 msvcrt!environ
77c5c9e4 msvcrt!_initenv
77c5c9e8 msvcrt!wenviron
77c5c9ec msvcrt!_winitenv
77c5c9f0 msvcrt!pgmptr
77c5c9f4 msvcrt!wpgmptr
77c5d1ac msvcrt!commode
77c5d388 msvcrt!adjust_fdiv
77c5d3e0 msvcrt!_pioinfo
77c5d500 msvcrt!mbctype
77c5d620 msvcrt!mbcasemap
77c5d72c msvcrt!_setlc_active
77c5d730 msvcrt!_unguarded_readlc_active
Received on Thu Oct 9 19:16:32 2003

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