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Re: DESTDIR install broken

From: Ted Irons <ironst_at_nemesis.tucson.saic.com>
Date: 2003-08-07 03:32:54 CEST

Joe -

I apologize for taking so long to get back
to you. I got put on other high priority

See below.

Joe Orton wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 02:45:25PM -0700, Ted Irons wrote:
> ...
>>/swl/opt/ix86-linux/share/apache2/build/libtool --mode=install cp mod_dav_svn.la /swl/opt/ix86-linux/encap/subversion-0.26.0/swl/opt/ix86-linux/libexec/
>>libtool: install: warning: relinking `mod_dav_svn.la'
>>(cd /swl/opt/ix86-linux/tmp/subversion-0.26.0/subversion/mod_dav_svn; /bin/sh /swl/opt/ix86-linux/tmp/subversion-0.26.0/libtool --mode=relink gcc -g -O2 -pthread -DNEON_ZLIB -rpath /swl/opt/ix86-linux/libexec -avoid-version -module -o mod_dav_svn.la activity.lo deadprops.lo liveprops.lo log.lo merge.lo mod_dav_svn.lo repos.lo update.lo util.lo version.lo ../../subversion/libsvn_repos/libsvn_repos-1.la ../../subversion/libsvn_fs/libsvn_fs-1.la ../../subversion/libsvn_delta/libsvn_delta-1.la ../../subversion/libsvn_subr/libsvn_subr-1.la @inst_prefix_dir@)
>>mv: cannot stat `mod_dav_svn.so': No such file or directory
>>libtool: install: error: relink `mod_dav_svn.la' with the above command before installing it
>>libtool: install: warning: remember to run `libtool --finish /swl/opt/ix86-linux/libexec'
>>grep: /swl/opt/ix86-linux/encap/subversion-0.26.0/swl/opt/ix86-linux/libexec/mod_dav_svn.la: No such file or directory
>>grep: /swl/opt/ix86-linux/encap/subversion-0.26.0/swl/opt/ix86-linux/libexec/mod_dav_svn.la: No such file or directory
>>Warning! dlname not found in /swl/opt/ix86-linux/encap/subversion-0.26.0/swl/opt/ix86-linux/libexec/mod_dav_svn.la.
>>Assuming installing a .so rather than a libtool archive.
>>chmod 755 /swl/opt/ix86-linux/encap/subversion-0.26.0/swl/opt/ix86-linux/libexec/mod_dav_svn.so
>>chmod: getting attributes of `/swl/opt/ix86-linux/encap/subversion-0.26.0/swl/opt/ix86-linux/libexec/mod_dav_svn.so': No such file or directory
>>apxs:Error: Command failed with rc=65536
> Oh, this is actually a different error to the one you originally posted.
The first error was from subversion-0.25, this one, subversion-0.26.0.

> These problems could well be because two possibly different versions of
> libtool are getting involved: the libtool script installed at
> /swl/opt/ix86-linux/share/apache2/build/libtool and the libtool script
> built as part of the subversion tree.
> You could try re-installing httpd, but run ./buildconf before building
> it to make sure only the version of libtool on your system is used. (and
> do likewise in the subversion build)

I reinstalled http (2.0.47), running ./buildconf before ./configure.

Then I rebuilt subversion-0.26.0, as per my first email:
   For subversion-0.26.0, I did
     tar xvzf subversion-0.26.0.tar.gz
     cd subversion-0.26.0
     mv neon neon.1
     mv apr apr.1
     mv apr-util apr-util.1
     ./configure --prefix=/swl/opt/ix86-linux\
     make install DESTDIR=/swl/opt/ix86-linux/encap/subversion-0.26.0

This seems to have worked!
At least it built.
Early next week I'll get a chance to start
using subversion (just to make sure that
everything from the build works).

Thanks much,

> Regards,
> joe

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