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TortoiseBlame reports wrong revison number and author

From: Michel Terrisse <mterrisse_at_index-education.fr>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 14:22:24 +0200



I am using TortoiseSVN 1.5.3 (Build 13783 - 32 Bit) on Windows XP SP2.

Running TortoiseBlame on a file EcrMenus.pas I get this :


In fact lines starting from 6091 are wrong.

Revision 386 is the revision where the file was created.


Here is what I get from a command line svn.exe (SlikSvn:tag/1.5.2_at_32800)
. The command line is

  svn blame EcrMenus.pas (or svn blame -g EcrMenus.pas, the result is
the same)

The output is


   33794 laurentespariat PROCEDURE TFicheMenus.CmdOptionsDebugClick
(Sender: TObject);

   33794 laurentespariat (*------------------------------*)

   33794 laurentespariat

   33794 laurentespariat BEGIN

   36833 florentvaudaine AfficherFicheParametreIndexNonModale
([TOptionsWrapperLibrairies.Create (),

   36833 florentvaudaine
TOptionsWrapperImpressionHP.Create ()],

   33794 laurentespariat
'Options dynamiques',

   33794 laurentespariat
GetApplicationHP.GetSkinData (TSD_BOITE),

   33794 laurentespariat TRUE);

   33794 laurentespariat END;

   33794 laurentespariat

   27163 thierryvalette

   27163 thierryvalette

     386 thierrytoupet PROCEDURE
TFicheMenus.CmdExtrairelescoursdujourClick (Sender: TObject);

     386 thierrytoupet

     386 thierrytoupet BEGIN

     386 thierrytoupet ExtraireLesCoursOuLesRessourcesDuJour (1);

     386 thierrytoupet END; (* CmdExtrairelescoursdujourClick *)

     386 thierrytoupet

     386 thierrytoupet

     386 thierrytoupet

   36789 christellegay PROCEDURE ModifierNbSeanceSelectionCours;

   36789 christellegay

   36789 christellegay VAR

   36789 christellegay I,

   36789 christellegay LNbCoursProteges : Integer;

   36789 christellegay LNombre : Integer;

   36789 christellegay LTableauCoursAModifier,

   36789 christellegay LTableauCours : TypeTableauIndices;

   36789 christellegay

   36789 christellegay BEGIN

   36789 christellegay SauverCours;

   36789 christellegay EnregistrerCoursSelectionnes (LTableauCours);

   36789 christellegay
TransformerTableauCoursEnTableauCoursAvecSimplesEtFils (LTableauCours,



This output is correct.


I could notice that wrong revision numbers / author are always in italic
and I could read this in the manual :

< If you are using Merge Tracking, where lines have changed as a result
of merging from another path, TortoiseBlame will show the revision and
author of the last change in the original file rather than the revision
where the merge took place. These lines are indicated by showing the
revision and author in italics. >

But unfortunally the latests changes in the file are not the result of
merging from another path (this file has not been merged since we moved
to version 1.5.0 and greater of SubVersion).


Just ask me if you need more information,



Michel Terrisse


Received on 2008-09-26 15:09:20 CEST

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