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Re: SVN driving me nuts, cleanup? Obstructed? BS! (Windows => Unix SVN)

From: Stefan Küng <tortoisesvn_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 07:40:26 +0200

traderhut.com wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've spent the last 3 or so hours trying to get something trivial
> done... I've worked with the following Version control systems since
> 1984: RCS(unix), PVCS (DOS), RCS(DOS), PVCS (Windows), Source-Safe
> (Win), and Perforce (Win), CVS (just to do a sup), and now Subversion.
> I'm using the latest TortoiseSVN, as of 10 Pm Sunday. (Info at end
> of e-mail)
> I had someone else setup the port on FreeBSD because, MUCH to my
> amazement, it is the first port that I couldn't just do a 'make
> install' and have it work out of the box, without any issues.. In
> fact, it blew up and had to be manually configured (default was for
> Berkely database or something, and required some plug-in into Apache
> that wasn't the default, and wasn't obvious how to install. - I've
> installed maybe 50 other ports - one of the things I've loved about
> FreeBSD since the first release that I install - 13-15 years ago..

Please complain to those who made that "port". But definitely not here.
TSVN has absolutely *nothing* to do with FreeBSD or Linux or "make
install" or whatever.

> So, what horrible complex thing am I trying to do that keeps
> blowing up TortoiseSVN? Well, my brother created a repo. and checked

Not reading the docs and the warnings in it?

> in 5 projects into it.. However, he checked in the 'bin' and the 'obj'
> directory as well... I wanted to remove them... So, stupid me, I
> clicked on the directory and did a svn remove... and tried to comit
> those changes... Somehow, I got a obstructed directory... Not sure
> what exactly that is, but it wouldn't let me do anything with it.. I
> tried to clean it like it said, and the clean failed... (I hate to
> ask, why can't it clean up after itself? If the check-in fails, it
> seems like it should just roll the checkin back, and everything is now
> OK, EXACTLY like it was before the attempt, let the user handle it.)
> I finally fixed the obstruction, but doing 'rm -rf work' and
> starting over, then just going in and removing the directories and
> comitting the change after each removal. (I'm not exactly sure why,
> but the 3rd attempt at removing the directory actually blew away the
> directory locally, but the first two didn't...) I might have blown
> them away using the repo browser... Maybe that caused the obstruction?

'rm -rf work' is a Linux command. So I'm guessing: you're using TSVN
with a working copy on a network share (most likely SAMBA).
Search the mailing lists for "network share" and "SAMBA" and you will
know immediately why you have problems.

> Ok, now I have a fresh directory, I did a compile in it, and tried to
> check in the changes... It said there were a bunch of non-versioned
> files (all those in bin/obj directories) I did an ignore on those...
> also ignored a single file in one directory... And tried to commit...
> the directory that had the one ignored file now was showing as
> obstructed... Doing a clean failed as usual...

As long as your working copy is on a samba share, you won't get happy.
That's not the fault of Subversion or TSVN but SAMBA not having
implemented all that's necessary. Some people reported that this is
fixed in the latest SAMBA version, but I've never tested this and can't
confirm it (and I honestly don't care).

> Back to doing an 'rm -rf work' for the 3rd time.... And I'm to the
> point of ranking Subversion as "Pew!", right there below Source Safe
> as the new worst system I've ever used....

very useful information...

> But I'm really trying to figure out if it is just TortoiseSVN that
> sucks, or is it subversion? Up to this point, I was really impressed
> with TortoiseSVN...
> So, my questions would be:
> A. I've heard good things about SubVersion from multiple people,
> am I just having HUGE amounts of bad luck? Or does it really suck?

it sucks.

> B. TortoiseSVN / SVN seems to be as fragile as eggs, maybe more so
> as so far I've not gone 30 minutes without some sort of a obstruction
> that is causing the whole directory to need to be blown away. What
> is making it so? Surely, it can't be that bad and still be so
> popular...

not as fragile as eggs, but if you throw it on the floor, it will break

> C. I switched to cygwin's ssh because the one that shipped with it
> was worthless - I got prompted 15 times in a row for a password when
> opening up something, at least with cygwin's version I was able to
> just see 15 command windows popup.. Sometimes multiple ones active at
> one time.. This didn't impress me with the quality of the software to
> begin with... I was in a situation where I didn't mind keeping the
> password on my machine.. (or prompt for it and keep it only for the
> next 10 minutes or something..)

have you seen the extensive chapter about svn+ssh in our docs? And how
to set it up? And how it tells you how you can avoid those
authentication dialogs?


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