Hi Joe,
Using a UNIX (=Cygwin)  SVN client alongside with a Windows (=TortoiseSVN/SVN) client on the same working copy is an absoulute no-no. You just found out why.
Never share working copies between different OS. Use the windows svn client along with TortoiseSVN for your updates.

From: Josef Karthauser [mailto:joe.karthauser@geomerics.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 1:09 PM
To: users@tortoisesvn.tigris.org
Subject: problems using tortoise svn alongside cygwin svn

Does anyone use the cygwin svn client alongside tortoise?  We do, and periodically we get failures to update from the command line tool, for example:


U    Distributions/EnlightenSDK/Docs/Enlighten_SDK_Overview.doc

U    Distributions/EnlightenSDK/Docs/Asset_Precompute_Pipeline.doc

U    Distributions/EnlightenSDK/Docs/Technical_Notes_and_Integration.doc

U    Distributions/EnlightenSDK/Contents.cmake

D    Distributions/EnlightenSDK/EnlightenSDK/Samples/Assets/Coffeeshop_Night

svn: In directory 'Distributions/EnlightenSDK/EnlightenSDK/Samples/Assets'

svn: Error processing command 'delete-entry' in 'Distributions/EnlightenSDK/EnlightenSDK/Samples/Assets'

svn: Can't move 'Distributions/EnlightenSDK/EnlightenSDK/Samples/Assets/Coffeeshop_Sunlight/Objects/Girl_long_idle_geoexport/Girl_long_idle_precompute/TextureConverter/.svn/tmp/entries' to 'Distributions/EnlightenSDK/EnlightenSDK/Samples/Assets/Coffeeshop_Sunlight/Objects/Girl_long_idle_geoexport/Girl_long_idle_precompute/TextureConverter/.svn/entries': Permission denied


I’ve no idea why we’re suddently getting permission denied, when we don’t from the windows interface.  These failures appear to happen at random times, and I generally can’t reproduce them.  Generally following this failure up with an update to the same place from tortoise fixes the problem, and then the command line problems go away.


Is this a problem with cygwin?  Would switching to the collab command line tools resolve the problem do you know?