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Re: Hacking the Checkout dialog

From: Oleg Alexander <olegalexander_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 17:25:49 -0700


 This new feature is *almost* exactly what we need. The only problem with it
is that it only appends the last subfolder of the path to the "Default
checkout path". We would actually want it to append the entire path, like

 URL: file:///D:/SVN/MayaTest/AnotherFolder/AndAnother
Checkout path: Z:\MayaTest\AnotherFolder\AndAnother

Not like this:

 URL: file:///D:/SVN/MayaTest/AnotherFolder/AndAnother
Checkout path: Z:\AndAnother

To really make this work from the settings dialog, we would need to tell
tsvn not only the "Default checkout path", but also the "default URL to
replace". This essentially becomes a simple search and replace operation:

Search for URL: "file:///D:/SVN/"
Replace with Checkout Path: "Z:\"

(And don't forget to replace forward slashes with back slashes, of course.)

You may also need a checkbox turning this whole search and replace feature
off. Or just have tsvn ignore the feature when the search and replace fields
are empty.

I apologize if I was not completely clear in my first post. What do you
think? Can this search and replace feature be added in the next release? For
our studio, this one feature would make the difference between adopting SVN
as our digital asset management solution or not. I know lots of visual
effects studios that have a very similar pipeline to ours, so adding this
simple feature to tsvn can't hurt!

Thank you,


   On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 12:53 AM, Stefan KŁng <tortoisesvn_at_gmail.com>
> Oleg Alexander wrote:
> > I am investigating the possibility of using SVN as a digital asset
> > management tool at our visual effects company. We are currently using
> > AlienBrain.
> >
> > I am trying to replicate a feature of AlienBrain in tsvn. By default,
> > the AlienBrain repository is synced with a local drive letter on the
> > artist's machine. In our case, it's the Z drive. For example, if an
> > artist wants to check out the following directory from the AlienBrain
> > repository:
> >
> > PathTo/AlienBrain/Repository/OurCoolAnimationProject/MayaScenes
> >
> > AlienBrain will automatically check out this folder as:
> >
> > Z:/OurCoolAnimationProject/MayaScenes
> >
> > SVN allows you to specify any path to be the local working copy. But we
> > need all our digital asset paths to stay consistent between
> > artists. Path consistency is essential because of how programs like Maya

> > reference scenes and textures.
> >
> > The solution is simple in principle: hack the tsvn checkout dialog. Here

> > is the functionality I want in tsvn:
> >
> > 1. The artist opens the tsvn checkout dialog.
> > 2. He browses for the folder he wants to checkout using the browse
> > button next to "URL of repository".
> > 3. As soon as the artist clicks OK in the repo-browser, the "checkout
> > directory" of the checkout dialog should update automatically with a
> > "consistent". For example, if the artist chose the following path in the

> > repo-browser:
> >
> > file:///D:/SVN/MayaTest
> >
> > Then the "checkout directory" should now read:
> >
> > Z:\MayaTest
> >
> > My question is: is there a way to do this already in the current version

> > of tsvn? I am aware of the tsnv :commit command, but it requires that
> > you already know both the source repository folder and the destination
> > local copy folder before using the command. In other words, you lose the

> > repo-browser functionality.
> >
> > Maybe there's a way to create a script to open the repo-browser first
> > using the :repobrowser command. If the repo-browser returns the path of
> > the selected folder on OK (does it?), then I can plug in that path into
> > the :checkout command and generate the "consistent" path as well. Is
> > this possible?
> In TSVN 1.5 there's a new setting (Settings->Dialogs 1) called "Default
> checkout path". If you set that to "Z:\", then the checkout dialog will
> automatically generate the checkout path from the URL you selected in
> the browser like this:
> URL: file:///D:/SVN/MayaTest
> Checkout path: Z:\MayaTest
> (the checkout path is generated by using the default checkout path (Z:\)
> and then appending the last part of the URL (MayaTest)).
> Stefan
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