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RE: Re: Log/View Differences does not work for some copied files

From: <SebastianUnger_at_eaton.com>
Date: 2006-07-06 01:45:20 CEST

Sorry, that I did not explain myself clearly enough. First of all, I do know of Merge, branch and tag commands etc. I use them almost daily.

What I am doing at the moment is the following: I have started a rather major refactoring/re-layout of our projects, because of an upgrade of the embedded OS we are using. Of course I want to do this work in a branch, so I set myself up a branch /branches/users/sunger/NewInt5. However, I didn't want to simply branch of /trunk and then start rearranging, for two reasons:
- By moving code into the new branch bit by bit, I get a chance
  to review each bit and refactor legacy complexities that are
  no longer required.
- If you do major rearrangements in a branch, the merge command
  tends to become rather unhelpful in that SVN does not (I'm
  still hoping 'yet') tracks rename-operations properly.

So what I did instead, is I set myself up another branch /branches/users/sunger/NewInt5_MergeTracker, and whenever I want to merge in things from /trunk, I merge them into the MergeTracker branch. Whenever I am bringing over another bit of code into my new branch, I move it from the MergeTracker branch into its new location. This way I (and everybody else) can always see, what parts of the code still need to be ported over (they are still present in the MergeTracker branch) and when I merge something into the MergeTracker branch, I know that I have to hand merge into the NewInt5 branch only the files that are marked Skipped in the merge log. This works even if somebody renamed a file in /trunk which would otherwise cause changes I made to the file to be lost without warning.

The way I'm doing the moves between the MergeTracker and NewInt5 branches is by having a working copy of each around and simply right-click-dragging and either moving or copy-renaming as appropriate. So far it has worked just fine.

I guess, I could in my case just check out a copy of /branches/users/sunger, but I'm still curious, as to what problems you would expect when moving between WC's.


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On 05/07/06, SebastianUnger@eaton.com <SebastianUnger@eaton.com> wrote:
> What problems can I expect with copying files between WC's, because I am
> using that very regularly! It's also the only convenient way I know for
> copying files between branches. Our repository is layed out as follows:
> /trunk/prj1
> prj2
> prj3
> /branches/users/user1/work-for-bug1/prj1
> prj2
> prj3
> /branches/oldVersion/prj1
> prj2
> prj3
> This means, that if I am to copy files between trunk and my branch
> (user1/work-for-bug1), and I can't copy between WCs, I'd have to check out
> our entire repository. Not very convenient. Is there any chance that TSVN
> can start officially supporting copying between WCs?

No, you don't have to check out the entire repository, you can even
have just one WC that is switched between trunk/prjX and

If you have to copy *between* working copies, you should really use
the Explorer plain copy for that (in which case the destination file
will be considered 'changed'). AFAIK the (T)SVN copy/rename commands
are meant for use within a single working copy.

What are you trying to achieve with your current copying of files?

If you are you trying to bring trunk up to date with work done on the
bug branches, you should really look into the merge command. Because
that way you keep a much better track of the changes done to the
entire repository.

If you are you setting up a new bug branche to start working on a fix,
you are better of using the 'create branch/tag' command and then use
switch on your working copy to make changes to the branch, test them
and commit. Then switch back to trunk and (using the repository
browser) merge the changes that were committed to the branch back into
trunk. (feel free to read the manual for a clear explanation of these

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