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Re: Neon and non-ascii error messages

From: Alexander Klenin <klenin_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 06:29:56 +1000

On Jan 23, 2008 4:44 AM, Stefan Küng <tortoisesvn_at_gmail.com> wrote:
> What operation ar you trying to do? Commit? Update?
I think the operation itself does not matter.
At least both Commit and Update fail in the same way.

> What's the filename where neon is choking on?
Sorry, it seems I cut too call stack too much.
See the end of mail for a full call stack.
Anyway it does not choke on a filename, but rather at
'exchange_capabilities' stage.

> Maybe I can get a reproduction recipe together...
It is trivial:
1) Get the Russian Windows (This is the hard part.
  I think this should affect various other locales as well, but I can
not test at the moment).
2) Checkout TortoiseSVN repository (or any other -- does not matter).
3) Disconnect from Internet.
4) Run "svn update".

> And since neon is involved: what authentication method are you using?
HTTP Auth, on TortoiseSVN repository. But I think it does not matter too.

For the record, below is mangled message as displayed by release build
of TortoiseSVN. Some characters in Russian part are erroneously
replaced by spaces.

Error: Commit failed (details follow):
Error: OPTIONS of
Error: 'http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/svn/tortoisesvn/trunk/src/TortoiseMerge':
Error: not resolve hostname `tortoisesvn.tigris.org': Затребованное им
 допустимо и
Error: оно найдено в базе данных,  но дл  имени отсутствуют св занные
с ним данные,
Error: которые были разрешены дл  него.   (http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org)
Call stack:
 	msvcr90d.dll!_chvalidator_l(localeinfo_struct * plocinfo=0x024af46c,
int c=-57, int mask=32)  Line 68 + 0x2b bytes	C++
 	msvcr90d.dll!_iscntrl_l(int c=-57, localeinfo_struct *
plocinfo=0x00000000)  Line 300 + 0x4f bytes	C++
 	msvcr90d.dll!iscntrl(int c=-57)  Line 313 + 0xb bytes	C++
 	TortoiseProc.exe!ne_strclean(char * str=0x020128a4)  Line 354 + 0xd bytes	C
 	TortoiseProc.exe!ne_get_error(ne_session_s * sess=0x020127e0)  Line
280 + 0xe bytes	C
 	TortoiseProc.exe!generate_error(svn_ra_neon__request_t *
req=0x022c1538, apr_pool_t * pool=0x022b6400)  Line 582 + 0x10 bytes	C
 	TortoiseProc.exe!svn_ra_neon__request_dispatch(int *
code_p=0x024af530, svn_ra_neon__request_t * req=0x022c1538, apr_hash_t
* extra_headers=0x00000000, const char * body=0x00000000, int
okay_1=200, int okay_2=0, apr_pool_t * pool=0x022b6400)  Line 1448 +
0xd bytes	C
>	TortoiseProc.exe!exchange_capabilities(svn_ra_neon__session_t *
ras=0x02622878, apr_pool_t * pool=0x022b6400)  Line 719 + 0x1c bytes	C
 	TortoiseProc.exe!svn_ra_neon__open(svn_ra_session_t *
session=0x026227b8, const char * repos_URL=0x022b6710, const
svn_ra_callbacks2_t * callbacks=0x02622728, void *
callback_baton=0x02622750, apr_hash_t * config=0x02290960, apr_pool_t
* pool=0x022b6400)  Line 1056 + 0xd bytes	C
 	TortoiseProc.exe!svn_ra_open2(svn_ra_session_t * *
session_p=0x024af714, const char * repos_URL=0x022b6710, const
svn_ra_callbacks2_t * callbacks=0x02622728, void *
callback_baton=0x02622750, apr_hash_t * config=0x02290960, apr_pool_t
* pool=0x022b6400)  Line 469 + 0x20 bytes	C
* * ra_session=0x024af714, const char * base_url=0x022b6710, const
char * base_dir=0x022b65e8, svn_wc_adm_access_t *
base_access=0x022b65c0, apr_array_header_t * commit_items=0x00000000,
int use_admin=1, int read_only_wc=1, svn_client_ctx_t *
ctx=0x022900b8, apr_pool_t * pool=0x022b6400)  Line 314 + 0x20 bytes	C
 	TortoiseProc.exe!svn_client__update_internal(long *
result_rev=0x024af794, const char * path=0x01fe1840, const
svn_opt_revision_t * revision=0x024af848, svn_depth_t depth=-2, int
depth_is_sticky=0, int ignore_externals=0, int
allow_unver_obstructions=1, int * timestamp_sleep=0x024af78c, int
send_copyfrom_args=1, svn_client_ctx_t * ctx=0x022900b8, apr_pool_t *
pool=0x022b6400)  Line 185 + 0x26 bytes	C
 	TortoiseProc.exe!svn_client_update3(apr_array_header_t * *
result_revs=0x00000000, const apr_array_header_t * paths=0x02292150,
const svn_opt_revision_t * revision=0x024af848, svn_depth_t depth=-2,
int depth_is_sticky=1, int ignore_externals=0, int
allow_unver_obstructions=1, svn_client_ctx_t * ctx=0x022900b8,
apr_pool_t * pool=0x022d2680)  Line 322 + 0x2f bytes	C
 	TortoiseProc.exe!SVN::Update(const CTSVNPathList & pathList={...},
SVNRev revision={...}, svn_depth_t depth=-2, int depthIsSticky=1, int
ignoreexternals=0, int bAllow_unver_obstructions=1)  Line 509 + 0x40
bytes	C++
> > & sWindowTitle="W:\Prg\tsvn\TortoiseSVN - Update - TortoiseSVN",
bool & __formal=false)  Line 2390 + 0x54 bytes	C++
 	TortoiseProc.exe!CSVNProgressDlg::ProgressThread()  Line 806 + 0x10 bytes	C++
 	TortoiseProc.exe!CSVNProgressDlg::ProgressThreadEntry(void *
pVoid=0x0012e608)  Line 739	C++
Alexander S. Klenin
Insight Experts Ltd.
Received on 2008-01-22 21:30:10 CET

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