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RE: [TSVN] TSVNCache.exe

From: Flanakin Michael C Ctr HQ OSSG/OMR <Michael.Flanakin_at_Gunter.AF.mil>
Date: 2005-09-06 14:20:26 CEST

My system's always on and I just upgraded to 1.2.2, hoping it'd fix the problem. It didn't, which is why I sent the email in the first place. My system was running the cache at about 35% constantly (for the past few weeks, that I've noticed). I rebooted over the weekend, so I'm hoping that might fix it. I noticed that TSvnCache is at 0% right now, so that's a good thing. I'm still waking up, tho, and it might be, too :-P

Once I get into my work I should be able to verify this. Hopefully, it stays at this level. If that's the case, then I suggest everyone who's having cache issues reboot at least once. I honestly can't remember if I rebooted after install, so that may be the root of the problem. Can anyone else verify that???


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Flanakin Michael C Ctr HQ OSSG/OMR wrote:
> I know that there have been issues with this in the past, but I never
> noticed a resolution or game plan for fixing the problem. I'm using
> TSvn

To have a plan, we first would need an idea on even *how* to fix/improve the cache.

> 1.2.2 on XP Pro and have been working with two different explorer
> windows open. I noticed my system running extremely slow while moving
> files around and developing my app, so I checked the running processes.
> TSvnCache.exe is eating 27-48% of my CPU power (it mostly hovers
> around 35%). I thought this might be because of the two windows, so I
> closed them. It popped down to 10% momentarily, but then jumped back
> up to the
> 30+ range. From what I've noticed, it only goes lower when something
> else is eating up more processor power.

If you have really big working copies, the CPU consumption of the cache
is around 30% until *all* your working copy files have been scanned at
least once and are in the cache. This can take some time (e.g. for the
checked out trunk folder of TSVN it will take around 3 minutes - now
calculate that up for your working copy).

But after that, the cache process should be almost idle. Of course, only
until you start modifying files in your working copy. Then the cache
crawls that folder again (but that won't take much time - you will only
see a short peak in the CPU usage of the cache).

> I read somewhere that the process was supposed to run with an "idle"
> priority, so I checked that and saw that it was set to "normal". I
> changed it to "low", which is why I'm guessing it bumps down when other
> apps are using the processor.

Depends on which thread you're looking at. Most threads in the cache
*are* set to idle, but others (like the one listening for explorer
status requests and the file system watcher) simply can't be made idle.

> I can deal with it using 35% of my processor when other apps aren't; but
> I wanted to find out if this is the intended usage. I feel like I'm
> running slower during some operations (i.e. compiling and replacing
> files); but that may just be me.
> Oh, and I'm using a 2 GHz machine with 1 GB RAM, if that helps any.

I just wrote a little stress test tool for the cache (specifically the
file system watcher). And yes, if I modify 3000 files in about 5 seconds
then the cache will use up to 70% CPU for about 5 minutes. But that's
not only because of the cache but also because then all files have their
last-write-time modified and Subversion then has to do a full binary
compare of the working copy files with their base to get the status.

If you have a build system which touches your sourcefiles, then I'm
afraid the cache really can slow your system down a little. You should
then do a 'cleanup' on your working copies more often to reset the
last-write-times of the working base.


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