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Re: [TSVN] A few i18n bugs in 1.2.2 (since before 1.2.0)

From: Kalin KOZHUHAROV <kalin_at_thinrope.net>
Date: 2005-09-06 10:47:40 CEST

Stefan Küng wrote:
> Kalin KOZHUHAROV wrote:
>> I have found a couple of i18n bugs in TSVN, but as I usually use linux
>> command line svn, and the bugs are not so often manifested, I have
>> ignored them till now. However, other people in the team (I am admin)
>> are getting more and more at me :-) Reporting them together as they are
>> closely related, I think.
>> At the moment we are using version 1.2.2 on updated Windows2000 Japanese
>> version, but these bugs are present since 1.2.0 and before. I have
>> tested en, jp and bg language packs so far.
>> 1. Improper display/font of non-ASCII filenames in revision graph window
>> This is manifested when we have Japanese filenames under TSVN and
>> decide to make a revision graph. non-ASCII symbols are displayed as
>> squares.
>> The interesting part is that if I export the file as WMF (couldn't
>> export png!) and open it in Word, it is displayed correctly (in
>> Japanese). No idea what is inside a WMF, but...
> I've now changed the font name to the empty string. That way GDI will
> use the first font that matches the specs instead of fix Times New
> Roman. Can't really check if that will fix this issue or not though...

"now" refers to what revision/release? I can test that.
It might work, although I have no idea how fonts are sorted in that OS.

> About not being able to save as png/gif/jpeg: just found out why!
> You must install gdiplus.dll in either the TSVN installation folder or
> somewhere in your path (e.g. windows\system32). You can get gdiplus.dll
> from here:
> http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=6a63ab9c-df12-4d41-933c-be590feaa05a&DisplayLang=en

Is this a know issue/bug? If not, might be time to fix it :-)

After some fights with the Microsoft site and their (almost) DOS installer, I finally extraceted the needed dll and put it into the bin/ derctory of TSVN. And now I can save png files (haven't tried others, but I suppose they work).
As expected, the png files have "squares" for Japanese file names (same as screen). WMF still works OK.

>> 2. Improper display/font in blame window
>> This is more like wrong/default encoding set to the displayed file, but
>> might be just wrong font. (log msg popups show correctly in Japanese)
>> No workaround at this time (cannot set the font directly).
> TortoiseBlame uses the default system locale to show the files.

What about TortoiseMerge? ... Well, you can change the font there. Forget it.

>> 3. Problem with double-with Cyrillic with bg langpack
>> This is often met problem on Japanese (and other CJK?) OSes (even linux
>> :-( All dialogs and TSVN menus are displayed with double width Cyrillic
>> font, no matter what font I use.
>> No idea how to fix that in Windows.
>> 4. Problem with font/encoding in dialogs during the install of bg
>> langpack on Japanese Windows
>> I know that is tough, just don't say I am not supposed to do that (bg
>> on ja OS). I guess the OS vendor thinks so, anyway (otherwise there
>> would be no Japanese OS, just ja_JP locale :-D ).
>> This is the least priority anyway, but the normal way to fix it seems
>> to have multi-lingual install program (with MSGs in all available
>> languages). Or move the installation from inside TSVN (overkill and too
>> Microsoftish).
>> Some thoughts about fonts...
>> I understand TSVN and TM are two relatively separate programs, but to
>> have to change the font display in two very different menus, at
>> different times is PITA and an overkill probably. (A usual usability
>> problem with any GUI). And if you plan to fix 1 and 2 by adding another
>> two sets of font/language, please consider again. Or at least group all
>> the preferences in one dialog, "i18n".

What about an INI file for settings?
Or a registry entry for the default font? (empty by default).

>> Another idea is to set the default font (in all places) on installing a
>> new langpack (please provide checkbox to manually overrule that).
>> Still another future idea is some kind of profiles (say language
>> profiles) where one defines the related properties for every language.
>> So far this is about i18n, I'd say pretty well done compared to other
>> products. I have use 3-5 (human) languages in development on a few
>> platforms, so i18n problems keep staying on the top of my TODO list :-|
> Since I don't have a japanese OS, I can't test TSVN there. And even if I
> had such an OS, it wouldn't really help because I can'r read that
> language - when I first saw Word on a japanese XP I thought that it had
> crashed ;)
> So I stopped trying to fix problems with fonts/chars/... on such OSes.
> All I end up doing is trying something, commit it and wait for "works"
> or "still doesn't work". I just don't have the time or motivation to do
> that anymore.
> Since this is an Opensource project, I'd like to have someone who's
> working on such an OS and has these problem to fix it - maybe one day
> someone will volunteer to do that.

Well, at the moment I can only test precompiled stuff, as the last time I jiggled with
Visual Studio was 10 years ago...

I can assure you I am a very good (almost profession) tester/debugger, so if you
or anybody else is has some time I can commit to cleaning these bugs. Later (month+?),
I might even try to look at the code after installing VS...


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