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RE: RE: RE: RE: Checking out projects multiple times, problems importing a large project

From: Charles Nutter <cnutter_at_ventera.com>
Date: 2005-04-26 08:04:37 CEST

Ideally, the SVN "Check out as..." functionality would work exactly like
Eclipse CVS's version does...just ask for a name. It does not ask for a
name and a type of project and path information and so-on. All that's
already in the .project file...so all it really should need to do is use
that to determine what to check it out as locally.
This is, in my opinion, key to allowing support for using branches
efficiently in a single workspace. I very frequently need to check out
different branches or tags, and having to go through this possible is at
least cumbersome.
This is the only major complaint I've had about subclipse/svn...nice
work so far guys.
- Charlie

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        From: Stephen Kestle [mailto:Stephen.Kestle@orionhealth.com]
        Sent: Monday, April 25, 2005 8:02 PM
        To: users@subclipse.tigris.org
        Subject: RE: RE: RE: Checking out projects multiple times,
problems importing a large project

        Eclipse probably cheats with cvs. When you say "check out
as...", it can lookup the .project file in the repository, as it knows
what to do. With svn, it's obviously not looking for / finding it, and
so has to ask before it checks out the whole tree.


        However, it is possible that subversion does not supply
information asked by eclipse. Still, it's not so hard to say that it's
a java project, especially when it's not your first check out for the
project. You're only doing this because "one's not enough".


        The other consideration is that this could be nicer - you are
not able to change a project once it's be checked out (I don't know why
you'd want that though).






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        From: Charles Nutter [mailto:cnutter@ventera.com]
        Sent: Tuesday, 26 April 2005 9:42 a.m.
        To: users@subclipse.tigris.org
        Subject: RE: RE: Checking out projects multiple times, problems
importing a large project


        But why ask what type of project? I'm not going to change the
type of project...but with Subclipse I'll have to remember it.


        I've got novices entering my projects every day, and it would be
much clearer if it checked it out as the same type of project in both
cases. Do I really want to check out a Java project as something else?


        - Charlie



        From: Stephen Kestle [mailto:Stephen.Kestle@orionhealth.com]
        Sent: Monday, April 25, 2005 4:40 PM
        To: users@subclipse.tigris.org
        Subject: RE: Checking out projects multiple times, problems
importing a large project



        Well, I tried this for the first time on Saturday, and it worked
perfectly. Sure, it asked me what type of project, but it found the
.project and .classpath files and organized the project as it should.


        I'm on Eclipse 3.1M5 I think.






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        From: Charles Nutter [mailto:cnutter@ventera.com]
        Sent: Tuesday, 19 April 2005 4:44 a.m.
        To: users@subclipse.tigris.org
        Subject: Checking out projects multiple times, problems
importing a large project




        Issue 1:


        I fully appreciate the ability of Subclipse to check out
projects into an appropriate dir/project within Eclipse based on the
.project files (I assume this is how it works). However, I very often
need to check out the same project multiple times within a given
workspace (for branch management or temporarily working on a branch, for
example). It seems that the "Check out as..." functionality does not do
what I would expect...where the CVS module allows me to check out the
same module with a different name (and no prompting to specify what type
of project, etc) the Subclipse module requires me to specify it as a
Java project, set build paths, etc.


        The intelligence to automatically check out /myproject/trunk and
/myproject/branch1 both as "myproject" without further intervention is
very cool...but it seems an additional option is needed for me to
specify a project name. Is this possible in the current code?


        Issue 2:


        I have had some trouble with Subclipse importing projects.
Yesterday, the first operation I tried with Subclipse was to import a
large project (4000+ files) into Subversion. After initially giving me
an error, my second attempt caused the Eclipse java process to just chug
and chug and chug at 100% CPU. The same CPU metric on the server was
nominal. An import using command-line CVS did not have any problems, and
imported all 4000 files fairly quickly.


        I am running the most recent subclipse with JavaSVN under
Eclipse 3.0 and subversion 1.1-ish on Gentoo Linux. I have been
evaluating Subversion as a possible successor to CVS at our
organization, but things like this prevent us from adopting it. We
really must have seamless Eclipse integration on par with the built-in
CVS module, or it's a no-go.





        Charles Oliver Nutter, Senior Specialist, System Architect

        Ventera Corporation

        Office: 612-370-3061 Mobile: 612-710-1274

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