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Subclipse 0.9.32 Released

From: Mark Phippard <MarkP_at_softlanding.com>
Date: 2005-07-25 17:06:17 CEST

Subclipse 0.9.32 has been released. Details can be found in the change
log at: http://subclipse.tigris.org/subclipse/changes.html#0.9.32

Reproduced here:

Version 0.9.32
25 July 2005

from: /trunk/subclipse

****** IMPORTANT NOTE ******
This release of Subclipse requires Subversion 1.2 (JavaHL or CLI) on the
client. It will not work with Subversion 1.1 on the client. As always, the
JavaHL binaries for Windows are included. On other platforms, you should
obtain the correct binaries before you install this release.

NOTE to JavaSVN Users: If you want to continue to use JavaSVN you should
wait until a corresponding update to JavaSVN has been made available. Then
install this update first, followed by the update to JavaSVN.

    * Eclipse 3.1 GA supported
    * Added an HTML changelog to the project and link to it in the online
    * Major changes to how the status cache is managed. This effects
overall performance of the decorators and Eclipse itself. The impetus of
the change however was to correct some problems in the Synchronize
functionality. There should be some big improvements in this feature now.
Remaining bugs should be minor.
    * Added decorator for deleted folders (previously showed modified
    * Make the Checkout progress info more verbose so that you can see
stuff is happening even if you do not show the console view.
    * Log message and author can now be edited from the Show in Resource
History view.
    * Enable drag and drop from the Repositories view to the History view.
    * Added a new variable "label" to the project decorators. This will
use the label you assigned to the repository as the decorator. (309)
    * New icon for SVN Repositories view to distinguish it from the icon
that CVS uses. (290)
    * More help updates
    * Modified the Repository Properties dialog so that the repository URL
is always shown. It is now shown just above where you set the root URL.
    * When the case of Eclipse workspace path does not match the case of
the actual filesystem path, we will now issue a warning dialog alerting
the user to the problem so they can fix it. There is also a bug filed with
Eclipse.org to fix this problem in Eclipse so that it cannot happen. (285)
    * Error in Eclipse 3.1 in the Choose Root Url Dialog (307)
    * isManaged was not checking that the resource is actually managed by
Subclipse. (301)
    * Fixed a NPE in the Pending Operations view (302)
    * Removed dependency on commons-logging from svnClientAdapter. This
could prevent the Subclipse plugin from loading on systems where another
copy of the JAR file was located in the JDK extensions folder.
svnClientAdapter now use the logging facilities provided in Java 1.4.
    * Removed almost all usage of Eclipse "internal" classes. This should
make it easier to support future versions of Eclipse since we no longer
have to worry about changes to internal classes.
    * Fixed bug retrieving property value with cmdline client adapter
    * Fixed bug in cmdline client adapter introduced when the "Fetch paths
on demand feature was added.
    * If no root URL is specified for a repository, we will use the
repository URL as entered, instead of returning a null.
    * Fixed problem in code that identifies bug ID's in log messages to
handle bug ID's that have embedded spaces in them.
    * TortoiseMerge changed one of its parameter names. Fixed sample
parameters as shown in preference dialog.
    * Fixed encoding of command line output when using the cmdline client
adapter. This specifically applies to commands where we use outputted XML,
such as svn log. (326)
    * Commented out some seemingly unnecessary but very performance
damaging code at the end of the commit process.
    * Fixed spelling error. (330)
    * Modified Show Annotations action to supply a peg revision of @HEAD.
This allows the command to work properly when you perform it on a file
that has never been modified in its current location, such as when working
in a new branch or when a file has been moved.
    * Show Annotations should now work with the Command Line Adapter
    * Handle an exception that can occur when discarding a repository
location and checking for projects that might still be attached to that
    * Fixed the way stats are reported in the console where svn:externals
are used
    * Status cache was not saving/restoring lock information correctly.
    * Added workaround in svnClientAdapter for a JavaHL problem in
retrieving the BASE revision for a newly added file. (339)
    * Added workaround for an apparent Eclipse bug in validateEdit().
Sometimes we are passed resources that are not read-only. So we simply
added our own filter on the array of resources that Eclipse passes us.
    * Improved the message that is displayed when using Checkout As ...
and creating a project that creates more local files than just the
.project file, such as a Java project. (237)
    * You can now drop folders and projects into the history view.
    * SVN Quick diff will now reload reference document after commits.

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