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Subclipse 0.9.28 Released

From: Mark Phippard <MarkP_at_softlanding.com>
Date: 2005-03-02 16:32:06 CET

Changelog for 0.9.28

NOTE to JavaSVN Users: If you want to continue to use JavaSVN
you should wait until a corresponding update to JavaSVN has
been made available. Then install this update first, followed by the
update to JavaSVN.

* Issue# 227 - Added the open and annotate actions to Resource History

* Issue #165 - Improve performance of Compare with Base Revision

* Issue# 232 - Sort repositories alphabetically

* Issue #222 - Fixed error when parsing file:// URL's
* Issue #234 - Fixed problem when only the last character of repository
   names varied. Only one repository would show in view.
* Issue #224 - Added support for relative paths in the project set
   import mechanism.

* Synchronize View - Incoming deletes are now refreshed correctly.
   Outgoing deletes is now the only problem with refresh.
* Removed logging of command line to console for command like propget and
   status that are used a lot and have no value in the log.
* When update or merge either produce a conflict, or even when they do a
   local merge ('G' in the console), the message is now logged as an error
   so that it gets a different color in the console and also brings the
   console to the front view.

* Added support in JavaHL Adapter for prompting the user to supply
   a username/password as well as prompting to accept digital certificate.
   If using the JavaHL Adapter, the best way to configure a repository
   connection now, is to not supply any username and password. You will
   then be prompted to supply the password if it is needed, with an option
   to let Subversion cache it. If server password changes, you just get
   prompted again and can update the cache.
* Commit Dialog Enhancements
    A new preference for SVN now exists under Workbench -> Colors and
    Fonts to specify the font to use for the commit comments. It defaults
    to Text Font, which should be a monospaced font (which is what we
    ideally want).

    Added support for the following SVN properties that can be set on the
    Project folder:

    (These all come from the same feature in TortoiseSVN)


    If specified, a line will be drawn in the commit comments dialog to
    show that line number. Many projects like Subversion itself, do not
    want you to go past 80 lines in a single line of comment. This is an
    aid to do that properly. You must have a monospaced font for this to
    be 100% accurate.


    If specified, the OK button will not be enabled until the log comment
    contains at least this many characters.


    If specified, the commit comment will be initially filled in with the
    contents of this property.

* Merge Dialog Enhancements

   Our dialog was modelled on the dialog used in TortoiseSVN. There were
   some discussions on their mailing lists about improving the UI of this
   dialog. We are mirroring the changes that they made to their dialog in
   ours, and added some new options in the process.

   1) Layout and terminology was tweaked to reinforce the idea that you a
       merge is taking the diff between 2 URL/revisions and applying that
       diff to your WC.

   2) A new Show Log button was added that lets you browse the history of
       the URL and select revisions from that dialog. The "select
       revision" process tries to figure out what kind of merge you might
       be doing and act accordingly to help you.

       a) If you take Show Log from the WC button, and select a revision,
           it will apply that revision to the From revision field,
           provided that it is empty. The idea here is that you are
           finding the revision for the last time you did a merge and want
           to use that as the starting point for this merge. This is the
           "repeated" merge scenario of keeping a branch up to date with
           trunk or another branch.

       b) If the "Use From URL" button is checked and you take the Show
           Log option from either the From or To revision fields, then the
           "revision range" you selected will be filled into the two
           fields. The from revision will be the lowest revision number
           selected minus one (N -1) and the highest revision will be
           filled in the To revision. So if you selected just revision
           100, then 99 would be the From revision and 100 would be the To
           revision. This scenario is the "port" revisions from one
           branch to another scenario.

       c) Finally, if the Use From URL button is not checked, then the
           revision you select is what is filled in to the field, and only
           that field.

    In addition to these changes, buttons were added to a Dry run merge
    and also to produce a Unified Diff file. These two options allow you
    to "test the merge" settings. As such, both options leave the dialog
    open so that you can then just press Merge with the same settings.

    The Dry run option currently only works for the Command Line adapter,
    but support for this option should make it into JavaHL in svn 1.2

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