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Re: BUG: Delete svn:special property on symlink; hilarity ensues.

From: Daniel Shahaf <d.s_at_daniel.shahaf.name>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2018 21:18:03 +0000

Karl Fogel wrote on Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 00:22:16 -0500:
> echo "### 'new-foo' is still a symlink, by the way:"
> echo ""
> ls -l new-foo

> echo "### Okay, ready for the *real* weirdness? Good. Let's first do"
> echo "### an 'svn status -q' just to see things are:"
> echo ""
> svn status -q
> echo ""
> echo "### Now try manually replacing 'new-foo' with its non-special"
> echo "### content. I tried this thinking it might achieve my goal"
> echo "### of having a regular file containing the text 'link foo'."
> echo "### In other words, I did 'svn cat new-foo > new-foo', and..."
> svn cat new-foo > new-foo
> echo ""
> echo "### ...now the original regular 'foo' has the non-special content!"
> echo "### Yes, you read that right. Here's an 'svn status -q' now:"

> echo "### So now not only can I not commit 'new-foo', 'foo' is"
> echo "### affected as well. Here's the output of 'svn diff':"
> echo ""
> svn diff
> echo ""
> echo "### That's just messed up."
> echo ""

Karl, this part is entirely normal.

When you do «echo bar > qux», your shell calls open(O_TRUNC), not
unlink(). In your case, since new-foo is a symlink on disk, when you do
«/some/command > new-foo», your shell calls open(O_TRUNC) on new-foo and
writes the command's output to it… and, according to the semantics of
symlinks, calling open(O_TRUNC) and write() on the symlink 'new-foo' is
equivalent to calling those syscalls on the symlink's target, ./foo.
This has nothing to do with svn and everything to do with shell syntax
(the use of 'svn cat' is a red herring).

> echo "### You can run 'svn rm --force new-foo foo; svn commit' if you"
> echo "### want to clean up the working copy to re-run this script."

> There are possibly two bugs here, one of them supremely weird. The attached script shows the recipe, with commentary.
> (This is all with svn version 1.10.2 (r1835932) as packaged in Debian GNU/Linux for x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.)
> The rest of this mail will assume you've run, or at least examined, the reproduction script.
> I looked in the bug tracker and https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SVN-2622
> shows another way to reach the first (and less serious) of the two bugs demonstrated in the attached script. No other tickets seem to be related.

That's "SVN-4622: Sym links can only be replaced in 2 steps", already fixed.

> I'll tentatively propose the following new behavior:
> When someone does
> $ svn propdel svn:special some_version_controlled_symlink
> maybe Subversion should not only delete the property, but also replace the symlink with a regular file containing "link <destination_text>" (i.e., the file-content portion of the repository's representation of a symlink). The user should be able to commit at this point and everything would Just Work.
> If the person doesn't commit, and instead does
> $ svn propset svn:special '*' some_version_controlled_symlink
> then it would go back to being a symlink as before (and would appear unmodified).

> This implies that if one creates a regular file containing just the text "link <destination_text>", commits it, and then does
> $ svn propset svn:special '*' that_file
> then the working file should transform into the appropriate symlink automagically, which could then be committed as a symlink (whether a broken link or not doesn't matter).

This is exactly how one adds or edits a symlink on !HAVE_SYMLINK
platforms, including Windows. (You can get this behaviour on Unix if
you get configure to lie about the HAVE_SYMLINK test result.) I suppose
it's a public API therefore, although it's a bit odd that our
serialization format _is_ our public API; I'd have expected some sort of
layering decoupling the two.

> You may agree or disagree with the above-proposed new behavior -- I'm still a bit tentative about it myself! But I think the current behavior, as demonstrated in the attached script, cannot be right. I haven't filed an issue, though, because I wanted to discuss here first and make sure.


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