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layout change for CHANGES

From: Stefan <luke1410_at_gmx.de>
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2015 11:59:13 +0200


I'm wondering whether it'd be a good idea if entries in the changelog
were sorted by its category. This mostly applies to the "Client-side
bugfixes" but I think it would slightly improve the readability by users
a) it's easier to check the sorted list to see if there were some fixes
in between different versions on a certain part of SVN (for instance
when a user reports a problem with the update process in an older
version, you can more easily check the following versions to see if
there's a likely candidate for an existing bugfix)
b) When you read the list from top to bottom you are not jumping between
multiple areas of SVN to get what was changed/fixed in that release.

Here's how a differently sorted changelog for 1.9.2 could look like:

Version 1.9.2
(30 Sep 2015, from /branches/1.9.x)

  User-visible changes:
   - Client-side bugfixes:
     * checkout: remove unnecessary I/O operation (r1701638)
     * checkout/update: fix "access denied" error on Windows (r1701064
et al)
     * commit: fix possible crash (r1702231)
     * merge: fix crash when merging to a local add (r1702299 et al)
     * merge: fix possible crash (r1701997)
     * ra_serf: do not crash on unexpected 'X-SVN-VR-Base' headers
     * revert: fix crash when reverting the root of a move (r1702237 et al)
     * svn: fix crash when saving credentials in kwallet (r1700740,
     * svn: do not crash upon specific database corruptions (r1702974,
     * svn: show utf8proc version in svn --version --verbose (r1702533,
     * svnmucc: fix error during propset+put for existing file (r1702467
et al)
     * update: fix crash when updating a conflicted tree (r1702198,
     * update: fix crash without .svn/tmp folder (r1701838, r1702203)
     * update: fix crash with some of the incoming deletes (r1702247)
     * upgrade: fix crash for pre-1.3 wc with externals (r1702218 et al)

   - Server-side bugfixes:
     * fix reporting for empty representations in svnfsfs stats
(r1698312 et al)

  Developer-visible changes:
   - General:
     * fix svnfsfs_tests.py in fsfs-v4 and fsfs-v6 modes (r1700215 et al)

   - API changes:
     * disable unsupported operations for standard streams (r1701633 et al)

If you determine that'd be a good idea, I'd offer to update the CHANGES
for all 1.9.x release notes accordingly.

Received on 2015-09-19 11:59:36 CEST

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