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Roll Subversion 1.9.2?

From: Evgeny Kotkov <evgeny.kotkov_at_visualsvn.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 14:13:57 +0300

We've recently merged around 20 fixes into /branches/1.9.x, and most of them
address different sorts of crashes and segfaults. I think that it would be
nice to roll Subversion 1.9.2 with these fixes.

I could add the respective changelog entries and participate in rolling the
tarball. Are we good to go?

Below is the changelog based on the 1.9.x STATUS file:
 * r1700740, r1700951
   Fix registration of kwallet to avoid double free on close
     Fixes segfault on kwallet close. User reported problem.

 * r1701633, r1701792, r1701797
   Disable mark, seek and non-default skip for stdin, stdout and stderr
   stream wrappers
     Reduce surprises on using these apis.

 * r1701064, r1701206, r1701298, r1701736
   Fix Access Denied errors on checkout/update with working copies stored on
   SMBv1 network shares [1], [2]. This also should fix potential spurious
   'access denied' errors with local working copies and background
   [1] http://svn.haxx.se/dev/archive-2015-09/0054.shtml
   [2] http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4061&dsMessageId=3134203
     Regression from Subversion 1.8.x.

 * r1702198, r1702200
   Resolve segfault while updating already conflicted tree
     Segfault. User reported.

 * r1702231
   Fix potential access to uninitialized memory during 'svn commit'.
   I don't know exact reproduction script, but it's obvious bug and
   crash reported via TortoiseSVN crash dump service multiple times.
     Segfault. User reported.

 * r1702288
   Return error if get unexpected 'X-SVN-VR-Base' HTTP header value instead of
     Segfault. User reported.

 * r1702299, r1702300, r1702397, r1702407, r1702565
   Handle merging to local add as error instead of segfault.
     Segfault. User reported.

 * r1678755, r1679240, r1702467, r1702472, r1702549, r1702553
   Unbreak propset followed by put on the same svnmucc target
     Assuming that the target exists, this should just work without
     an error... It produced an error.

 * r1701838, r1702203
   Fix attempt to use uninitialized svn_wc__db_install_data_t pointer on
   error in working copy update editor. Reproduction script:
   $ svn co URL wc --depth=empty
   $ rm -rf wc/.svn/tmp
   $ svn up wc --set-depth=infinity
     Crash. Reported multiple times using TortoiseSVN crash reporter tool.

 * r1701638
   Remove unneeded io operation on pristine install
     Every IO operation counts in checkout performance. Doing something
     that is never necessary just slows things down. (The rename handling
     would handle read-only just fine... And matching SHA-1 is handled at
     a higher level)

 * r1701997
   Fix crash due access to uninitialized pointer.
     Access to uninitialized pointer is some unknown conditions. Reported
     multiple times using TortoiseSVN crash reporter tool.

 * r1702247
   Resolve segfault incoming delete of tree containing switched paths
     Segfault. User reported.

 * r1702218, r1702474, r1702478
   Fix segfault in 'svn upgrade' of pre-Subversion 1.3 working copies with
     Segfault. User reported.

 * r1702237, r1702238, r1702239
   Resolve using uninitialized conflict when non-recursive reverting move
     Segfault. User reported.

 * r1698312, r1702310
   Correctly report empty representations in 'svnfsfs stats'.
     The current code displays the "0" bracket in histograms as
     "-2147483648 .. < 1" instead of "0 .. < 1". Technically correct
     but annoying. UI change only.

 * r1702974, r1702991
   Improve error reporting on certain specific database corruptions.
     BH: Although I really don't like adding code for these insane corner
     cases that should not be triggerable without memory or disk corruptions
     the number of exception reports from TortoiseSVN (Thousands!) requests
     some action to help investigating.
     I'm surprised that we didn't get a single report from any of our other
     clients though.

 * r1702533, r1702891
   Expose utf8proc version information via 'svn --version --verbose'
     There is no way to retrieve this from the binaries.

Evgeny Kotkov
Received on 2015-09-17 13:14:34 CEST

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